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A world spared the horror by space debris but what if there was more than what was seen.
         In another universe in a small space station with a vast interior three very powerful and humble beings were working on their latest project. A new earth where lost creatures could co-exist with man. Lord Adam of the Life, Lady Naomi of Water, and Lord Even of Earth were manning the station. Sorcerers, necromancers, witches, warlocks, and, to their shame and irritation, gods in human eyes back on their earth roughly 700 years ago, but now renowned scientists among their own people had finally found some peace in the serenity of their Creator's new Universe that He had put them in charge of preparing for the new set of mankind. An experiment and a command, high honor for all three, sadly the earth below was already corrupted by evil as things could die, but it was for the best because if it were pure they would not have been welcome, carrying some of the corruption in them.

         On the new Earth miles and miles beneath them Dinosaurs, as their scientific Greek name or Dragons in the Ancient forgotten tongue, with the Creator's essence to give them sentience had been given shape and form. The Twins, a rare thing among their race, and pure bloods, also rare and not thought of highly or low, Naomi and Even kept watch for any anomalies that could threaten the project. While Adam in the back was working on genetic creations for other planets that would be Terra-formed once Earth was ready for humans.

         Screeches from various beasts that were amalgamations of various animals of Earth and extra-terrestrial from other realities could be heard and Naomi was losing her patience.

         snarl "Uuurgh" her frustration had reached its boiling point, "Adam! Could you please keep those beasts quiet!?"

         "Protocol Sister Naomi." Adam answered snidely, "You should refer to me as Brother Adam, it is professional and tradition."

         "That's enough both of you!" Even commanded, "You two are over 8 centuries, can't you act older than you are?" Adam scoffed, "Well that may be fine for pure Lords like you, but I was human before you two were born."

         Like a teenager Naomi rolled her eyes. "Still if you want my experiments to be quiet dear sister, then why don't we skip ahead a few millennia and begin the process on other planets so that they can have some breathing room?"

         Even decided to answer before his twin could retort, "Because Adam, and don't give lip on protocol, we have to make sure nothing wrecks the project, including your experiments. Can't allow for any more contamination."

         Adam's eye twitched, "As if I would allow my specimens on Earth!" he shouted swinging his arms, "A snake with this many visible legs would be near impossible to catch as well as ruin the environment."

         Even's eyes narrowed, "See to it that it doesn't happen."

         Meanwhile in the Asteroid Belt one rock collided with another then another until a large asteroid began to drift to earth, its course was direct. The new world would die in a matter of days.

         Space station 10 days later. An animal moans. Then so does Naomi, "Adam! The next beast that makes a noise will be meat I swear it!."

         Lord Adam's eyes widened as he swiftly turned around, "You wouldn't dare!" He raised his hands fingers up in frantic frustration. "Do you have any idea how long it takes to progenerate a new species even once!"

         "Stow it both of you!" Even taking command again, "If you two can't stop arguing I will lock you both in an isolation chamber until you both learn to get along, got it?!"

         "Yes sir," Adam cowed. "Aye aye brother." Naomi reluctantly said.

         "Good, now we may have some peace for a while." At that very second, the long range Alarm went off. "OH, WHAT NOW?!"

         Both he and his sister returned to their consoles. The screen revealed an incoming asteroid 20 minutes out at a speed of 500 miles per minute. It was already being torn apart by solar radiation but not enough for it to be safe, and it was on a direct course for Earth. "Incoming asteroid, we must alter its course!" Naomi announced as she began typing in commands to the computer calculating multiple means to divert its trajectory. Even reached out his sense of earth to the rock to determine its makeup in case the computer missed anything. "Main elements Iron and granite with a cobalt core. Increase strength of magnetosphere to repulse its direction." She followed his command, didn't seem to effect it. Adam began to panic, for pathetic reasons. "IT'S NOT WORKING. IT'LL HIT THE EARTH! THE CLEAN UP WILL BE ENORMOUS!" The twins turned back to glare at him, then they returned to their work.

         The giant rock was getting closer and closer, nothing seemed to happen, "Come on, come on!" Even growled as it was getting too close. Naomi said a prayer, "Creator please let this work."

         The asteroid began to shift its course until it flew past the Earth completely and to the Sun. They all breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank the Father, Son, and Spirit, He gave us the path to save the world." Then Even turned to Adam, "Now do you see the importance in maintaining our presence in this course of time. Begrudgingly Adam answered, "Crystal Brother Even."

         "Now we must keep this until the world is ready for humans, even if it has to be 100 million years, though I doubt it'll be that long, I'd go mad in half that time." Naomi said in her relief and humor.

         "The Creator won't let us down, now let's get back to work." Even commanded and got back to the controls.

         In time there would be more problems and threats to the Earth and unfortunately some of Adam's creatures ended up on earth thanks to teleportation malfunctions. Adam was sent to earth to collect them all.

         The enemies of their people sent in human like creatures on earth to upset the project but they in time would be gathered, but that's another tale.
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