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Val asks Steve to move in
The move in

I hummed nervously as I hiked up the steep stairs to Steve's place. I walked slowly and purposely with determination. I knew that men usually asked this from women, but he lived in a studio apartment and knew he couldn't just ask me, that would be too tight and, just wrong of him to ask me to uproot myself and move into a studio apartment, and I also knew that he would never ask to move in with me, that's just not his style.

I get to the top of the stairs and stood there fidgeting with my hair twirling it around in my fingers. 'What if he said no?' I thought to myself. 'What if he would say that this wasn't the right time?' He had given me his spare key so I could come and go as I pleased, also as a sign that I could check up on him at any time to make sure he wasn't cheating. 'He's a good man, he would never cheat.' I knew it. But now I anxiously paced in front of his door with my head down and my fingers still engaged heavily in twirling my curly red locks.

'Should I just come right out and ask him, or should I wait and ask him at the end of the night?' Then my brain started over thinking as it often does. 'What if we're together so much that we stop going out on dates or we stop going out period? That would be awful! I love going out on the town with him, so what if it all stops?' Then I had the thought, 'I'll never let that happen, I'll never let it get that drab. I can't and I won't I won't ever let it get to that. But what if that is just where it goes? Oh why am I so damn nervous I can do this just like I can do any damn thing!'

I thought I would try to look good for him, dressed in my black mini and, for some strange reason, my Def Leppard t-shirt. My hand rubbed the leather on my coat as I tried to steady myself to walk into his place and see what kind of mood he was in tonight. 'What if he's in a bad mood? What if I say something stupid? God Val! Just pull it together; you're an adult ready to make all the adult decisions. This is a good decision; I know he'll be thrilled with this.'

I decided to surprise him and knock this time, make him think I was someone else; well, at least until he looks through the peephole.
"Hey Val," He said suddenly smiling. "Why didn't you just come in?" He gave me a good kiss then directed me into the apartment. He purposely kissed me out in the hall. He knows I hate public affection, I guess that's just his way of slowly getting me comfortable with it. I suppose it was working.

"I was trying to surprise you this time," I told him rubbing my hands down the sides of my leather coat.

"Okay, what's wrong hun? Something's on your mind." I just looked at him and smiled with a look of insecurity on my face, I knew that's what it was.

'Damnet! Now he knows you're nervous about something! Let's see what his mood is first.'

"Nothing really, just work stuff is all." 'Good cover Val.' "there's this new girl at work and she is about as dumb as a box of socks." I told him.

"I hate to call you a liar Val, but I think there's something else, c'mon, you know you can talk to me about anything. How about this? Is it good or bad?"

'Okay, moods good. Just ask him now.' The thoughts in her head are all going in circles. How should she ask him? What should she say, should she tell him to move in? He loves it when she takes control. Maybe she could just ask him straight out.

"You know how you gave me your key to the apartment?" 'Good start. Take control of this conversation Val.' "How would you like mine?" He just looks at her in confusion.

"Don't I normally stay at your place anyway? I mean, I know it's not every day, but close enough." He says bringing up a good point. "I don't really need one but if you want me to have one, I'll take it."

"How about-" I paused unsure of how to proceed. Rubbing the back of my neck while looking to the floor he asks me with a very concerned look on his face.

"What is wrong? Go ahead and tell me, I'm right here, you know that."

"I think it's been long enough that you had to live in this tiny little studio apartment." I begin.

"Yesss?" He questions slowly looking bewildered.

My palms are as sweaty as they've ever been. He comes over to me, grabs my hand and leads me to the couch, the one piece of furniture he really has in his apartment. 'Just tell him.'

"I think it's about time you moved out of this tiny overstuffed apartment and into my place." 'There I just said it out loud and directly to him, that wasn't so bad. Why isn't he saying anything?' "Babe? Is everything alright? This would be a good thing, right? You could finally get some of your stuff a little more spread out. I'm sure we can find somewhere for most of your collectibles, and we can clear out that extra room to make an office that would be much more efficient than here. You'd have a place to grade papers and do all of your other school work. I wouldn't bother you." 'I think I'll just let him mull it over.'

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Of course babe, I've wanted you to move in with me for some time now," I tell him almost trying to convince him. 'It's too early. Damnet! Did I just screw-'

"Okay." He says interrupting my thoughts. "If I didn't live in this stupid studio I would've invited you a long time ago."

I wipe away the tear of relief from my eye as I try not to show him my relief.

"Let's celebrate!" I tell him. "Let's go downstairs and have a couple of drinks, then we can go back to my pla- our place." 'I'm going to have to get used to this.'

"Let me just clean up a little, go ahead and grab a beer out of the small fridge." He tells me pointing to his mini-fridge that sits across from his regular fridge.


'I can't believe that she just asked me to move in!' I thought to myself in the bathroom as I started washing my face. 'She was nervous as hell, she had to know I was going to say yes.' I finished washing my face and walked out into the living room.

"Why don't we go to that place near your house-"

"Our . . . house." She corrected me. She really wanted this. She really did.

"Sorry, it'll take me some time to get used to that hun. But if we go to the bar then even if we get too fucked up we can still walk back to . . . home." I smiled catching myself.

As soon as she parked I leaned over and slid my hand gently around the back of her neck behind her hair brushing my hand softly on her skin making her shiver just a bit. I brought her face to mine and let out a kiss that was like no other. We parted lips and our tongues danced the tango between us. When I finished kissing her she pulled away from me just a bit, though I still held onto her neck sensuously.

"That'll be all until tonight mister." She said and I could tell she was smiling even in the dark, I knew her that well.

"well can't we just go back to the house now?" I asked.

"No, I think I want to have a little fun with you first." She said to me squeezing my cheeks together then slapping my face slightly before turning to get out of the truck.

"I'll get us a pitcher, and what do you want? A Colorado bulldog? That's what I'm getting."

"Whatever, that's fine." She said as she bent down over the racked balls to show off some of her luscious cleavage. 'Yeah, she's going to go nuts on me tonight, I can see it now.'

When I got to the table she walked around me gently running her hand down my back, giving me the shiver and then she squeezed my ass and slapped it. She reached over and grabbed her drink like I knew she would. Her face came so close to mine as she teased with a soft lick on my ear. I tried to put my arm around her waist when she pulled herself away from me, I longed to be able to touch her, but she's not letting me. She puts her finger up and swayed it back and forth, then she did something that had me wanting her to the point that I was sweating. She gently put that same finger to my lips and she kissed her finger softly letting her breath gently caress my lips.

"Not yet sweetie." She said and then turned and walked seductively to get her cue stick from the wall.

My body was sweating at the thought of what was going to come tonight. I could feel my heart racing at the thoughts of what we could be doing tonight, and she was in no way making it easy for me. She was trying to get me wanting her more than I ever have, and to be honest, it was working. 'Why does it always feel better than the last time? Tonight's going to be the best; I'll make sure of it.'

We shot pool into the night and with all of her sexy moves and taunting teases she had me drooling like a dog. I couldn't help but grab her by the waist several times and try to kiss her. She just put her hands on my chest, pushed herself back and just laughed. This was not the same girl I had met a year ago. She has really come out of her shell. She now resembles a true redhead. That made me want her even more.

By the time the night was almost over I had been sore for over an hour waiting for this night to come to a close, but she just wanted to keep taunting me with her luscious body. She moved so rhythmically so smoothly that my mouth watered all night.

We walked through the front door and she immediately put her hands so gently on either cheek and brought her mouth crushing into mine. My hands were behind my back with my jacket locking my arms behind my back, up against the wall I go with her entire body pressing hard into mine. She grabbed me in such a way as to keep my arms locked behind my back and pushed me backwards into the bedroom and onto the bed. Lying helplessly like in those Rom-com movies, it was all so surreal. But that's a story for another assignment.

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