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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2191142
Sequel to Unknown Love. Ones Journey to follow ones heart despite of all old beliefs.
I never knew how much could happen in one day until my whole universe was changed at 1 second. Today I was trapped without any hope of finding a way out. You may ask how I got trapped or why. It was one little second that changed my mind, my life and my everything. For this second made me believe that I've had total control. Why can one person change every belief in your heart?

Two days ago, I found myself searching through old photos. A memory had popped in my mind. A memory I had thought I would never possess again. The picture of one man. I had let go came into my mind. The man with no photo. This is not a superficial dream. The reality actually killed many.

People thought I ran away for many years. It was until this moment they would understand. I wasn't running. I was just fighting for what I believe. And never had loved anyone this much.

3 days ago I had gotten an unaddressed letter underneath my door. This was very strange, no one did this anymore. I open the note and found my body weak with fear. I closed the letter and passed out by the entrance of the door. I found myself awake and by the sound of a knock and I open the door slowly defined no one was there. I knew this day would come. I looked at my watch and realized it was time I knew I could not be a second late.

This brings us to yesterday, I grabbed my wallet and started to prepare for nights on end. I have been staying at the apartment until 3 a.m. . The apartment was my Hideout I had to protect him, I had to protect her.

I got in my car and adjusted some wires as I waited for Anthony. Anthony snuck up from behind me while he asked if I had gotten everything set. From this moment I knew nothing would be the same. This was Sink or Swim time and I knew that any promise broken would be a promise never forgotten. I knew that the day and time was everything. I knew what we were about to do was very dangerous and would change the fate of everything.

It is about 2:30 a.m. a half hour before the plan is in fact. I cannot back out now. Anthony, Chris and I have been searching for all flaws. Everything seems to be a go. I hope this plan works. I have many reasons why I have to do this but right now all I can see is her, my future. My mind racing with thoughts as I search for her picture. Her picture is gone I have to go back and get it. My office is locked I cannot believe I didn't grab the picture. I looked at the clock and realized it was time 3 AM.

' come on! Step on it!' Kris van assche my thoughts as I backed the car into the streets. I looked back at Anthony then it Chris As I push the accelerator slowly to the floorboard. I've been through cruise control when I hit a hundred twenty miles per hour. ' What are you doing?' Chris shouted as the sharp curve was taken at the full speed of the vehicle. 'Stop the vehicle!' Chris through his seatbelt off

I pushed on the brakes to kick the cruise control off. The car did not slow I reach the emergency brake with only fear as my emotion. 'She's not worth it! Stop this vehicle! This is not funny!'

'I'm not laughing Chris, put your seatbelt on! I can't...' then it happened. Not as planned but it happened. Everything shifted forward full impact nothing less. I couldn't stop shrieking. I pulled my body away from the steering wheel. Anthony pushing his hands tightly against the top of the car. Chris hitting the windshield. My body in the dash as the wheel went forward. My heart stopped. The airbags deployed. My body black there was nothing. No sound, no sight just complete blackness.

My ears woke to the sound of slow beats and people talking. A shock wave went through my veins. 'I think we are losing him.' Come on put it to three hundred, let's go!' The beep long. The shock again. The beep slow again then long. 'Brandon, he's going.'

'No he isn't. Not on my watch. 360 now!' Are filling my lungs, a shock through my body. The beep slow and steady. ' Heart rate is steady. Keep pumping air.'

Then the vehicle stopped I was pulled from the vehicle and taken to a cold room. I heard the sound of heels running. 'Doctor, is he okay?' And then unconsciousness fell upon me.

I was prepared on what to do but I'm prepared for my findings. My eyes finally felt light enough to open them but barely. The sun shining in my eyes the white jacket on my right. "Oh, you are awake."
I managed to moan out a sigh. My body weak and my head very light. "Is Chris and Anthony okay?" The doctor sat in the chair close to me. With a soft voice he stated "about that" then he cleared his throat. I knew this was terrible.

" Anthony is in critical condition."
"Is he going to be alright?"
"Well if he makes it through his surgeries he has a 25% chance of living." I felt my eyes filling up with hot tears but I could not cry out one tear.
"What about Chris?" Then a long silence filled my ears.
"He didn't make it."

Then my eyes seen pure black.
"Wake up!" my eyes opened barely once again. " how to talk about your conditions, you're going to need to have surgery. If you're afraid of surgery you will not live another day. So we'll night have you sign these papers." I barely had enough energy and all of my muscles for weak but I managed to sign. I had a hard time remembering my own name. Then my eyes went black again.
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