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Persuasive Dialogue for the Spring Writing Jamboree
Sally slammed the empty glass down on the bar.

"Come on, Jerry. I'm not even drunk. Just one more. Please?"

Jerry paused in his work of washing glasses and studied Sally with a smirk. A typical Friday night for the town drunk.

"I'm sorry, Sal. You know the drill. We agreed that four drinks were your limit. Of course, you've had six drinks tonight because it's your birthday. But that's it." He pointed a half-dry glass in his towel laden hand at her. "And I ain't letting you drive home either."

He tried to keep a stern look, though he couldn't hold back a smile. Jerry had been like an older brother to Sally after her father died. She'd had too many DUIs in the past couple of years for Jerry to trust her to take care of herself.

"Well, what if I have one more, and I have Rachel drive me home?"

"Nope. Sorry, Hon. I'm not going to budge here." Jerry reached over and tweaked her nose. "Happy birthday. Now sit here and sober up, and I'll give you a ride home after my shift." He returned to work serving the other patrons.

Jerry hoped that Sally would forget about the drink and find a friend to chat with, but she was still there at the bar when he returned.

"If you give me one more, I won't bother you again all night. Plus, you're giving me a ride, so what's the harm?"

Jerry put his hands on his hips and gave a sly smile. "Well...okay, but that's it. I don't want to hear any more about it. I still have two hours left."

Sally squealed, victorious and boastful over her win.

Jerry mixed a Shirley Temple and set it in front of her. He was ready with an argument ready for why he'd deceived her and given her a non-alcoholic drink.

Sally sipped her beverage and closed her eyes in drunken bliss. "Mmmm, thanks, Buddy. This is just what I needed." She carried her drink to the other end of the bar and struck up a conversation with a couple of her friends.

Jerry chuckled as he restocked the beer cooler.

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