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Giantess Story About Mighty Magiswords. Giantess: Vambre
In Some Random Dungeon!

“Whaa!” Prohyas and Vambre yelled, running into the final room of the dungeon. To say its been a grind would be an understatement. Each room in here was filled with death traps, giant monsters and occasionally the really odd puzzle. But they are finally at the last room.

And ready to face the boss.

“Oh what fun dear brother, Danger. Threats. life ending disasters! This place has really impressed me so far” Vambre said, walking through the hallway. Her brother Prohyas by her side.

“Yeah, not to mention its got a legendary Magsisword at the end of it. What do you think it is, Explosion Magisword! Disintegrate Magisword! Taco Maker Magisword!” Prohyas getting the goofy smile on his face his older sister knows far to well.

“I don't know, but i do know one thing. Its mine!” Said Vambre sprinting away into the final room. It usually came down to this between the siblings, first touch first serve. Prohyas knowing this causing him to run into the room after his sister.

Vambre reaching into her pouch, ready to confront the boss as soon as she enters. Which isn’t really necessary as she would soon find out.

Arriving in it, it was a massive circular area. “Dreaded beast, prepare to be conquered!” She screamed putting her foot down hard. She didn't see any terrifying boss like she expected, but she did see a little blue body under her boot. “What?” She said stepping off and seeing what she would only describe as a blue, but small enemy. It looked destroyed.

“Wow, what’s that sis?” Prohyas said finally catching up.

“I don't know, maybe a minion or something. It cant possibly be the boss. Its far too small”

Almost on cue the monster got up, shaking around and looking at Vambre “Watch your step you big klutz!”

“Oh you sound so cute” Prohyas chimed in without thinking

“You zip your mouth Beauty Queen.” He yelled.

“Not to come off hostile, but can you tell as where the boss to this room is?” Vambre asked.

“Well your looking at him. Sizecles. At your service”

Prohyas couldn't help but giggle “Your the boss, but your so little”

“Hey, what did i say about zipping it Beauty Queen. Another remark about that and ill show you” Sizecles yelled at Prohyas

“My brother does have a point, after how difficult this dungeon was, lets just say we were disappointed” Truth be told. She loved the challenge as much as the reward.

“Ill have you know! I can change my size at will!”

“Really, well can you do that!” Vambre said, imaging the fight that would bring.

“Not really in the mood.” Sizecles said.

“What, then how do you plan on defending the Magisword?” Prohyas asked, curious.

“I don't really care. Just take it, it always come back anyway”

“Really, well thanks little guy!” Prohyas said walking to the middle with the chest waiting. Only for Sizecles to be fed up.

“Thats it Beauty Queen! You asked for it” Sizecles jumped on Prohyas face and started to tear at Prohyas’s face. Now Vambre really should be there pulling the small enemy off her brother’s face. But really she's more concerned about the Magisword. Running over to the chest, she opened it up. Her eyes gaze in wonder seeing the Magisword inside. It was huge, probably the biggest one she's seen. grabbing it she couldn't help but admire the shape. Shaped like a pine tree, but being grey with brown streaks. with only a couple of blues arrows on it. All of them pointing up.

“Its... its so amazing” Vambre said in complete wonder “What does it do?”

Sizecles who has been smashing Prohyas’s face into the dirt finally left the brother alone. “Its the Massive Magisword! It lets you... just like me, grow bigger and grow stronger”

“Thats so cool” She said pretty much already in love with the Magisword. “Ok then, Lets try it out”

“Not here!” Sizecles interrupted going to her foot. “If your gonna use it, leave! And take your Beauty Queen with you”

Vambre seeing how nice he was being (To her) Saw no reason to say no. Grabbing her brother by the foot she dragged him all the way back to the start of the dungeon.


“Seriously Vambre, you've been staring at that Magisword the entire time” Prohyas asked, almost back at the Warriors For Hire HQ its been quite true, “Oh and now your hugging it. Yeah that not... thats not weird at all”

“Prohyas, i finally understand your connection with Dolphin Magisword” Vambre said smiling from ear to ear. “Pure love”

“Come on, you haven't even used it yet” Prohyas said rolling his eyes. He's glad his sister is more caring to her Magiswords, but the fact that she didn't help him when he was getting attacked by Sizecles certainly made him a bit salty.

“Well, ill use it when the right time comes around”

“Haha! You Fools!” The warriors got interrupted, as they saw a small man swing in from the trees. Dressed in pure purple, the man was called Phil. And he was a thief.

Not a good thief... but a thief

“Phil, what are you doing here?” Prohyas asked. “Normally your more sneaky”

“Phil Has Realised That Doesn't Work! So Phil Will Steal Your Stuff From Right In Front Of Your Face!” Phil said as Prohyas sighed. Seeing many ways wrong with that logic.

“Whatever, we’ll send you flying. Right Vambre. Vambre?” Prohyas looked at his sister, seeing her gripping the Magisword and smirking at him “You cant be serious. Its just Phil! No need to go overboard”

“Hey, Phil Can Hear You” Phil shouted in the third person.

“Im helping you buddy” Prohyas yelled back “Look i know you want to use it, but we can handle this no problem the two of us”

Vambre saw his point, and counted it with a kick to his shins.

“Wow” Prohyas whined and rightfully so. he got kicked in the shins.

“Phil! You are such a worthy opponent. You have forced me to use my most powerful Magisword” Vambre said putting up an act

“What?” Phil asked.

Vambre smiled as she pulled it out. And activated it. Vambre could feel it vibrate in her body as the sword took into effect. Looking around she saw the trees, the path and even Phil himself grow smaller and smaller. But Vambre knew that wasn't the case. No she was growing bigger, much bigger. She kept growing bigger and bigger, until finally felt the effect ware off. Luckily the Magisword grew with her, in fact it fitted her much better. Not to mention the new size fitted her well too.

Looking around she could see the smaller Phil staring up at her in fear as well as her brother backing up. Most likely so she wouldn't step on him. She could see over the trees easily and her steps covered the entire path. She had to be Fifty Feet Tall, at least.

“Well, this is quite exciting. Im so big!” Vambre said as she didn't even bother to hide her excitement. Looking down she smirked at Phil. She knows he wasn't a trouble before, but now he's not even a bother.

‘Ha!” Phil yelled not understanding the trouble he has “You Think Because You've Grown Size That You Can Beat Phil, But Phil Isn't Easily Beaten” Phil was proud, knowing he won't be beat. That all went away when Vambre smashed her foot down in front of Phil. Smirking down she reached down, grabbing him and pulling him up to her face. Holding him between her gloved fingers she couldn't help but giggle at the size of him. She could probably eat him and he could do nothing about it.

“Ha You Fool! You Brought Phil Closer, Now Phil Will Unl-”

“Be quiet Phil.” Vambre said “As much as i want to just play with you, id rather just toss you away. Id ask if you had a problem with that but i don't really care”

“So You Admit Defeat!” Phil said “Hah! Even When Phil Loses, Phil Still -”

Phil didn't finishes his sentence as Vambre tossed him far away. Over the trees and out of her sight. And thats impressive considering she could see very far due to her size. Now done, she turned to her younger and littler brother. He was still staring up at his bigger sister. “Well dear Brother, that went better then expected”

“Yeah well its only Phil. We never have any trouble with him anyway” Prohyas said as he didn't like looking up at Vambre. Vambre didn't care very much, as she started jumping around giddy. leaving the ground with footprints as well as shaking the ground around a little.

“Oh this is so amazing! Im so big, imagine what i could do at this size! Im at least three sizes of our home. And even more... i think i can go bigger” Vambre yelled happily

“Uh Vambre” Prohyas said “how about you come back down. We dealt with Phil”

“Actually i think I'm gonna stay this size for a while” She says as she smiled

“What!” He yelled back, suddenly she started walking away. Prohyas started running to keep up with his sisters massive steps. “Vambre! Wait up!”

Vambre saw her little brother running after her, stopping she moved her hand down to grab her brother. Prohyas couldn't fathom what happened until it was too late, he found himself grabbed and dropped onto Vambre’s shoulder.

“There, now lets going” Vambre said.

“Look Sis, i know your having fun at this size. But maybe you should come back down, your gonna be scaring a lot of people if they see you”

“I don't think I'm gonna do that” She answered simply “This size is great, but i do wish i didnt have to hold the Magisword. It occupies one hand and its very unfortunate”

“Vambre” Prohyas whined.

“Don't whine, Im only big right now to make the distance shorter, thats all” Vambre explained, she doesn't plan to stay big. Arriving at her house in a mere minute, needless to say she was impressed “See, normally that walk would take us minutes upon minutes at least. But now its barely took one”

Vambre walked up to her house and smiled down, seeing it more of a Dollhouse then her home. “Okay, let your big sister help you down Prohyas”

“Hey!” Vambre reached her hand to her shoulder and grabbed Prohyas, she then dropped the smaller warrior onto the ground in front of the house. She stood back up.

“Okay, now come back down” Prohyas said.

“In a tic, get Grup. I want him to see me at this size”

“Vambre, cant you just come down. You've been up there too long”

Vambre just rolled her eyes, he's making it sound like she was obsessed. She's just having a little fun with her Magisword, nothing more nothing less. Before she can object to her brother, his Magimobile starts going off. Reaching down he saw it was coming from Princess Zange herself, which means he cant ignore it. “Hey Princess, this isn't the best time. Someone’s being stubborn!” He yelled as he answered.

“Warriors” Zange said from the other end. The orange haired beauty princess wasn't very happy “Some Troblins have started attacking the markets! You two need to go down there and like take care of them”

“Look, i know you want our help but your not helping the situation.” Prohyas said deadpanned “Whatever, Vambre did you hear! Were going to the-” Prohyas stopped speaking as he saw his giant sister running away. Planning to deal with the Trobins “Oh.... this won't end well”

Vambre who was excited beyond belief was getting closer and closer. Troblins have been very annoying to deal with due to their size. At least they were. Vambre cant wait to see the big bad Troblins so small. It was getting her excited.


While it was getting Prohyas worried. Wasting no time he busted out his Hoverboard Magisword and rode his top speed over to the markets. Unfortunately his top speed on the
board wasn't even close to Vambre’s running speed. It took a while, but he did manage to get to the markets. Passing a few running Troblins on the way there. Prohyas may not be the smartest warrior out there, but even he can tell that it was a bad sign.

Arriving at the Market place, the place looked barren. Most likely with every one who was once here running away from the Troblins.... and then her sister.

“Your trying to run, how cute” He heard his sister’s voice not to far away. Riding there he could see his giant sister, and a poor Troblin.

Vambre, who was sitting down on a booth which was on the verge of breaking had a wicked smile on her face. Looking at the Troblin who was laid out on to her knee. And even worse-


She was giving him a spanking.

“Now that will teach you to come here again. Cause if you do you'll have to answer to me” Vambre said, not waiting for a response as she set him down onto the ground. As soon as the Troblin touched the ground it started running.

“Vambre!” Prohyas said riding his Hoverboard up to her face.

“Why hello Prohyas what took you so long” She said to her brother. “As you can see i took care of this by myself. Quite quickly as well”

“Yeah i can tell, i actually kind of felt bad for him. You were spanking his touche” Prohyas said.

“To think, with this i can make a full grown Troblin run away.” Vambre said raising her Massive Magisword “I dont even think i need other Magiswords at this point. Well lets go home brother, or do you want to have fu-”

“Gateaux!!! Where are the Trobins!!!!” Vambre heard the familiar voice say. It was Morbedia. Which means Witch Way (The warriors for hire rivals) are here. Vambre got a wicked smile. One that Prohyas couldn't help but worry about.

“Vambre, no! We need to go home! Just walk away and be the bigger woman..... and that was a very poor choice of words wasn't it”

“It was” Was all Vambre said, standing over and walking over to the source of her rivals. She tried to sneak up as she looked over a row of Booths. They're she could see the backside of Morbedia, and she was scolding her feline ally.

“Gateaux! This is a waste of time! Theres no one here! Its a waste of my time and this is your fault!”

“How is it my fault?” He replied

“It Just Is!!!” She yelled back, in her regular mannerisms. Vambre kept watching the two just waiting. When she was normal size Morbedia was annoying, but seeing her that size she was more adorable then anything.

Gateaux was the first to notice Vambre. Freezing like a mouse at the sight of her, that was of course until he started shaking.

“Gateaux! Stop Shaking! Its not even that Cold!”

“I believe, he's shaking because of me” Vambre added, getting Morbedia’s attention. The witch turned around, seeing her rival as big as the largest tree. Standing behind one of the stands and smirking at her. Now most people would realise that they were in a bad situation.

Most people...

“Ha!!! You stupid warrior! Growing yourself like that, your as fat as a Trobin!”

Vamper just chuckled to herself “Speaking of the Trobins, i took care of them myself. They were quite easy to defeat honestly. Sorry i didn't leave any for you, but since your here i do think theres something you can help me with”

“What do you mean!” Morbedia barked back. Vambre smiled as she stepped flawlessly over the booth, standing right in front of the two small members of Witch Way. Well one since Gateaux has brains and realised to run.

“He was as frightened as a mouse” Vambre said chuckling to herself. “But i don't really want him, no i want you”

“Back off Warrior, I've got magic and I'm not afraid to use it!” Morbedia answered back getting into a stance which Vambre thought was just adorable. With a big stomp of her boot she crashed it down next to Mordebia, scaring the Witch.

“Morbedia you have no idea what trouble your in” Vambre said with the most wickered of smiles. She reached down with her free hand and wrapped it around Morbedia, holding her in her hand and tightly. So tight that Morbedia was struggling to breath. Vambre pulled her up to her face and smiled wickedly “Remember what you always said about me and my brother, that our Might was no match for your Magic. Well it would seem you were quite wrong weren't you” If she had the air to do so, Morbedia would answered back rudely.

Vambre was smiling so much, sure she and Prohyas was always better then Witch Way and usually when they fought they would win, but never this easily. Its laughable really. While looking at the struggling witch Vambre got a delightfully awful idea “You know after all the adventuring we've done, I think theres something wrong with one of my boots. Its off balance, would you mind helping me with it?”

Morbedia of course would of said no, but Vambre didn't give her the chance. Straight away she started kicking off her boot with her other leg, standing still holding the witch in one hand, and the Magisword in the other. It took some struggling but she managed to get her boot off. Her pale foot coming out and landing next to it. Its gonna see the air for a little while though, that was the plan.

Loosening her grip, Vambre wanted to hear what the Pale Witch would speak.

“Your Feet Stink! I can smell it up here!” Morbedia said.

“Well then, i suppose you'll just have to manage won't you.”


“No waiting, have a nice drop” Vambre said obviously loving what she's doing. Opening her palm she saw the shrunken woman fall down. Gravity taking her down into her smelly giant boot. Morbedia screamed and complained which did little to stop her from falling in. She fell right into the boot and hit the sole. Vambre squatted over the the boot, looking at the small witch in her boot. She loved seeing her rival in the place where she honestly belongs. Among her feet. She loved the sight even more when Morbedia turned around and shrieked at the sight of giant Vambre being so close.

That was until she started screaming “You Stupid Girl! Get me out of here or ill turn you into a Frog!!!”

Vambre just laughed off the threat, not thinking much about it as she seriously doubt she could do that. “No... No no no. Im gonna keep you in there, and not only that darling I'm gonna give you some company. Company I'm sure you hate, but I'm sure ill love” Vambre then raised up to a standing position. Towering over the small woman. She then raised her foot over the opening of the boot as Vambre wiggled her toes excitedly. Morbedia had so much fear in her as she tries to go and run away. Granted she had nowhere to go though as Vambre’s foot came in. Moving along the surface of the ground Vambre brought her foot further. She couldn't see in there obviously but she could feel it when her foot rammed into the witch. Vambre drives up and pushes her to the front. She then brought her toes up and stomped them down onto Morbedia. Her toes over her as she tries to get away, but her foot was over her and holding her down. Vambre above loved the feeling, thinking that she needs to keep her in there for a long while. Maybe even a week.

Well she's gotta make sure she doesn't die, but she's pretty sure toe jam can be eaten. Inside Vambre’s boot her foot started sweating, getting all over her rival as Morbedia struggled. Screaming and crying in pain and displeasure. She was just suppose to deal with Troblins! Not be in a giant shoe!

Outside Vambre was satisfied, taking a step as she felt Mordeia in her boot. Literally one of the greatest feelings she's ever had.

“Vambre....” She heard, turning around to see Prohyas once again. He had his arms crossed and looked disappointed, and she knows why. And she doesn't care.

“Oh dear little brother, relax will you. I've dealt with Troblins and I've just gotten rid of our main rivals in the adventuring business. Frankly this is a great day for us. I say we go celebrate.”

“Vambre.” Prohyas said starting his rant on his sister “Look i get your having fun, but what your doing is dangerous and getting to your head! You need to stop before anything bad happens”

“Bad? What could possibly happen. I'm the strongest and most powerful thing with this Magisword. I could literally take down any threat we have” Vambre said.

“Your the bad, and your being a giant bully! Now you need to stop or else I'm gonna have to hurt my sister and i don't want to do that”

“Hurt me?” Vambre said getting a good laugh. “What on earth could you do that could possibly hurt me?”

Prohyas didn't respond, pulling out his Acorn Arsenal Magisword. Wasting no time he unleashed on his sister, launching giant sized Acorn’s right at his sister....’s shin. Vambre just standing there taking the barrage. Frankly not amused. “Brother stop, or else I'm gonna have to hurt you with my Magisword.”

“Okay thats not working, gotta switch to the big hitters” Prohyas said as he pulled his Big Boot Magisword out of his pouch. Prohyas used it and created a giant boot to kick Vambre right in the target, the shin.

And this time she felt it. Taking a step back and rubbing her shin with her free hand, she looked a bit pained, until she looked at her brother very angry. This caused him to start fearing his sister “You know little brother, your being quite annoying and i just realised. Ive got a second boot which is lacking of small people right now”

Prohyas pretty much screamed as Vambre reached for him. Reaching for himself he pulled out the One Big Hole Magisword. Using and and creating a pit for him to fall in. Prohyas fell down and dodged his sister. Falling into the hole as he felt safe. Vambre disagreed as she reached her hand and arm in. Reaching into the hole as Prohyas screamed. Seeing the giant hand coming down. Thankfully he was further then her reach and she couldn't get to him, no matter how much she tried. Looking up at the fingers reaching for him. If he jumped he would get caught. Sitting down he tried to figure what he could do. He's stuck right now and well. Looking at his Magisword he thought about something that seemed quite weird.

“We never use these things as actual swords do we?” Then with a smile he poked Vambre’s finger with his Magisword. Vambre felt it and backed up a bit. Sitting back as she frowned at Prohyas. Looking at the hole, she watches her little brother fly out. Riding his Hoverboard Magisword. getting out of reach of Vambre as he flew up and up. Far out of her reach as he knew she couldn't do anything.

“These might be the size of raindrops to you, but i have feeling their gonna leave a bigger mark!” Prohyas yelled to her. Vambre stood up and wondered what he was doing. She really wanted to get him but couldn't right now. Prohyas then grabbed his Boulder Magisword. Being the fifth Magisword he's used against his sister. Smiling he put his plan into action. He then with his Magisword started raining boulders onto his sister.

Vambre watched as the boulders came down like hail, hundreds and hundreds raining down. Vambre not happy at the small pellets as she was frankly annoyed. Raising her Magisword over her head. Blocking all of them from hitting her.

“Is this your plan! Annoy me until i grow small!” Vambre screamed, letting everyone in the vicinity hear her.

“If thats what it takes!” Prohyas screamed back. “Your too small to get me up here, so i can rain it down all day!”

This is terrible. Funny how although she is very tall, a true giantess, she's far too small to actually reach her brother right now. He's just gonna keep going and raining boulders. And thanks to the fact Magiswords don't take a battery, he could do this literally all day.

If only she was bigger! Bigger! Bigger! Vambre said closing her eyes and gripping her Magisword even harder. Then suddenly the worse thing possible happened. She grew again! Prohyas stopped his rain as he saw that his sister grew even bigger! She kept growing and growing until she was not only on his level, but far past him. Growing until he was hovering right next to her stomach. Vambre literally towered over castles at this size. Vambre lowered her mountain size Magisword before looking around. This was actually when she realised she grew again. Looking around and laughing to herself. Loving how big she was. She was like a goddess at this size. Looking around she also spotted her brother standing there on his Hoverboard Magisword.

“Oh little brother!” She boomed, her voice hurting Prohyas’s eardrums “Or should i say minuscule brother! Didn't expect your big sister to grow this big did you! Well lets compare sizes shall we!?” Vambre then reached down her hand, planning on engulfing her brother. Prohyas acted quickly and flew away, not sure what to do right now. Vambre gave chase, her giant hand falling right behind him. Even at its faster speed, the Hoverboard Magisword couldn't get away from her simple swing of a hand. Prohyas saw it reach for him as it gained distance. he tried to get away, he really tried. Although there was nothing he could really do as the hand came onto him. The fingers stretching pass him on either side. Her fingers caved on him as him and his Magisword got swallowed by her grip. Holding Prohyas in a firmly grabbed situation. Vambre brought her hand close to her face, excited to see her minuscule brother. Opening her fist into a palm, she spotted her smallest of small brothers. Vambre couldn't believe, he was a speck to her. Nothing but a bug on her body. Prohyas was also shocked, seeing the mountain sized face of his sister.

“Prohyas, how are you. Tell me did you get shorter!” Vambre said teasingly

“Vambre, don't you see what your doing! Your letting it get to your head! Please fight it!”

“You know what i do see!” Vambre said “I see my brother being a pain! Im sick of your scolding! And frankly I'm done with you!!” Vambre screamed as she had a plan in her mind. Prohyas then watches as his sister opened her mouth wide open. Bringing her hand closer he became very scared as he pleaded with his sister. Getting closer to her mouth. “Vambre!! Vambre!! Realise what your doing! Your eating your brother! Your better then this! Don't let the Magisword win!”

Vambre brought her hand closer as Prohyas was almost about to accept his fate. When suddenly her hand stopped moving. Prohyas looked up to his sister’s face. Seeing that for the first time since she got big, she was shocked.

“I... I was going to eat you Prohyas!” She boomed, almost like she realised what she was going to do “No this Magisword was making me eat you! It was changing me!” Vambre glared at the Magisword. This thing did bring out the worse in her, and almost caused her to eat Prohyas! Vambre leaned down and dropped her brother onto the ground. Standing back up at Prohyas heard Vambre’s voice started “You were turning me into a monster! Not anymore! Shrink me back down now or else!” Prohyas happy to get what he wants

Vambre’s threatening of the Magisword seemed to have worked as Prohyas saw his colossal sister shrink down. Shrinking and shrinking until finally she was the giantess she first was. Shrinking again she became an Amazon to her brother. Until finally she was the right height.

Dropping the Magisword instantly she felt so bad for what she did “Im sorry Prohyas, you told me not to let that thing get to my head and i didn't listen. I was going to eat you, i feel terrible”

Seeing that his sister was back to her old self, he moved closer hugging his sister. “Don't worry about it, i can get obsessed with some of my Magiswords too. They just aren't... you know totally evil and corrupts your mind. And hey no one got hurt really. Everything is fine now.”

Vambre hugged her brother back before pulling away, looking at the Magisword that started this. “But what are we gonna do about that? Im to afraid to even touch it if I'm being honest”

“Don't worry Sis, I've got just the plan for it”


“Hey Jerk! Heres your Junk back” Sizecles heard, only to get the Massive Magisword thrown right on top of him


“That takes care of that” Prohyas said walking back into the Warriors for Hire HQ. Looking at his sister resting on the couch. Her boots up on the table. “Hey sis, i was gonna ask if you want to go adventuring but you probably just want to take a break huh?”

“Yeah, after the hectic day we've had that might be best. It is a shame about that Magisword though. Could of been one of our most powerful Magiswords”

“More powerful then Zombie Pumpkin Magisword? Nuh Uh?” Prohayas said not even debating the idea.

“Yes i suppose not” Vambre said appreciating her brothers antic. Something she sure she would miss if she ate him.

“Anyway since were not adventuring, I'm going to Slug Burger. Want me to get you anything?” She asked.

“No thanks brother, I've got everything i need right here” She said. With a final smile Prohyas left his sister by herself. Resting and contemplating the day she had. It was a disaster of a day. For her and her brother. So much unneeded trouble and so much chance for real damage to be done. Still she doesn't know if she would call it a complete disaster though. She had fun while she was up there, and most importunely. She has a little sovienier.

Grabbing her boot off she peaked her eyeball inside “Oh Morbedia, time to come out my little witch”
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