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Giantess Story About Street Fighter. Giantess: Rose, Menat, Falke
“This is taken too long” Ed said, frowning and leaning against a wall. It was suppose to be a simple mission. Find a woman who's had relationships with Shadoloo. Too bad this woman refuses to be found, and that doesn't sit well with him at all. They've traveled up and down this Italian town and found nothing.

“Seriously, we’ve searched this entire place! Im sick of it”

“Keep your cool Ed, your too quick to lose your temper” A woman next to him said.


Ed and Falke were dressed very similar, not to mention looked the same. Blonde hair, a blue colours scheme. Amazingly muscular.

“Im not losing my temper, I'm losing my patience” Ed said throwing his hands in the air “Im done, i think we should just leave”

Falke just simply sighed, Ed’s always been like this. “Tell you what, I'm gonna take one more look around this place, if we cant find her then we can leave”

“Yeah, have fun finding nothin” Ed said with a pout. Falke looking at her partner turned away.

“Im gonna check the markets again” Falke said walking away leaving Ed to himself and his thoughts.

This never happened before, then again he’s never really had a purpose before. Before he traveled with Falke and Neo Shadaloo, he traveled the world with Balrog. A boxer who's as rough as he is heartless. Traveling with him Ed didn't have to worry about anything, cause any problem they came across had a simple answer. And that was a swift hook.

But those days are behind hide him, and he knows that. Balrog was in his past. Right now he needs to Focus on Falke and the other members of Neo Shadoloo. For some reason they elected him their leader, Ed of course took the position but he didn't know why they even wanted him. He's a thug, a punk. He's good in a fight and pretty much nothing else. Guess that's what happened when you grow up a freak.

“Wow, you've gotten big!” A voice said, Ed quickly stopped thinking and turned raisinghis fist up. There he could see a girl. A very small girl next to him. She had medium purple hair, dark tanned skin and green glowing eyes. She looked Egyptian. Ed lowered her hand as he knew she wasn't a threat, but something about her did seem familiar.

“Get lost little girl” Ed said as the girl tilted her head.

“You... you don't remember me.... How rude!” She screamed “I recognised you and you grew like a foot since the last time. I haven't changed at all and you don't recognise me at all!”

Ed looked at her again, this time something did come up, trying to think back. “Wait, your that fortune teller brat”

“Brat. Thats mean” She pouted

Ed has met her before, when he was with Balrog. She came up to him and started sprouting some random cryptic stuff. Then they fought and she left.

“Ah... What the hell do you want! Gonna sprout some more crap on me”

The girl pouted further “Your being kind of rude right now. But whatever, I'm here because my master sent for you. She wants to talk to you personally”

“Buzz off” Ed said without hesitation “Im busy right now”

“Busy... kind of looks like your just sitting on a wall” The girl said.

Ed didn't respond to that, cause she was right and he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of being right.

“Look Ed, you can just with me for a couple of minutes and-”

“How do you know my name?” Ed spat at her.

“Im a fortune teller, its kind of my thing.”

“Yeah... whatever”

“My names Menat by the way” The girl added “Anyway, ready to go”

“Im not going, now go away” Ed said.

“Look i cant do that, if i don't walk back with you my master will scold me” Menat said trying to reason with him

“Too freaking bad”

“Look, either you come back with me willingly or I'm gonna have to pull you back”

“Yeah, good luck with that. If you think I'm above hitting a little girl then your dead wrong” Ed threatened, expecting her too leave after that.

Instead she just smiled, something that shocked him “Little, well right now i am. Not in a minute”

“What are you-”

Ed couldn't continue as the girl closed her eyes, and brought her palms together. Ed looked on in shocks she formed what looked like a purple ball. It was erratic and hard to distinguish, but Ed knew what it was.

It was Psycho Power

“How the hell did you do that!” Ed said wanting to know

“A gift for my master, she told me to use it if you were too much trouble” Menat answered as Ed knew the danger she was now “Anyway... catch” Menat then threw the ball to Ed. Ed who was now on alert went to do the only thing he could think of doing, he punched it. Although that didn't do much as it blinded his eyes.

The world turned into light as he was blinded “You stupid brat, you better start running!”

“Oh, i don't think i have to worry about that” Menat said. Ed heard the voice and wasted no time swinging for her. Menat being light on her feet jumped back just in time “Hey watch it! You almost hit me!”

“Thats the idea” Ed said following the voice, he kept swinging blindly hoping that she would be in the way. Menat on the other hand was able to keep dodging, she kept dodging until it kicked in.

Menat watched with amazement, seeing the tall blonde who was trying to hurt her.... slowly shrinking down. She kept quiet planning not to get hit by the blind boxer. Covering her mouth she saw him shrink down. In seconds he was her height, then down further until he was up to her waist, down some more till he was the size of a toddler. Finally down to her feet where he was the size of a little doll. Smiling to herself she waited, wanting to see Ed’s reaction

Ed who was now feeling the blinding effect finally leaving was getting ready, ready to lunge at the girl who just blinded him. But when he look he didn't see the girl, no he saw a giant black object in the way. He was confused as before hand he didn't see anything like that around before.

“Still cant believe she did it. Your so... your so small” A voice said from above, the same voice. Ed didn't know why she's loud but it doesn't matter. Looking up to find the girl then try tohurt her, Ed was shocked at what he saw.

Menat was now an absolute giant! No he was small! She smiled down at him from above. With a friendly smile and hands on her hips. Needless to say Ed was surprised.

“What.... what the hell did you do to me!” Ed said looking around, seeing the area from a very different look. “Your as big as a freaking skyscraper”

The girl just smiled “You... you sound so cute! Its all high pitched and cutesy”

“Hey, answer the damn question” Ed yelled, Menat frowned. Seeing that he had the same personality at any size.

“Well you were being difficult, i did what i had to make sure you come with me” Menat explained “The ball i hit you with manipulated the Psycho power in your body, making it pull in which in turn affected your body”

“Look i don't care!” Ed interrupted “Turn me back!”

“I will, once you talk to my master” Menat argued back.

“That wasn't a request! Turn me back or else!” Ed threatened, getting laugh from Menat.

“Your the size of a doll!” She said trying to hide her smirk “What exactly are you going to do?”

Ed knew what she was getting at, but he didn't let that stop him. Running forward her proceeded to lay hit after hit into Menat.....’s Shoe. Not even being able to reach that high he tried to punch with all his got. Hook after hook, Jab after jab, Ed held nothing back.

But Menat didn't get hurt, in fact she could barely feel it. He was so weak compared to her that she couldn't feel him past her shoe. Crouching down so she was closer she decided to taunt him “You know, your gonna tire yourself up if you keeping doing that”

“I don't care! Change me back now!” He yelled as Menat rolled her eyes. So arrogant, so proud. Deciding that having a little fun with him and pushing that ego was needed, she brought her finger close. Ready to push him around.

But Ed was still a master boxer, and seeing the finger coming he smacked it with a hard jab. So hard that Menat actually felt this. Pulling her hand back she wasn't happy.

“Hey! That hurt you jerk!” Menat said as she swatted at him. her hand being too fast this time and knocked Ed over. Hitting him like a car crash. Ed fell onto his back as Menat smiled, getting up to her full height she smiled at the small boy on the ground. Ed got back onto his feet, visibly snarling to Menat. he didn't have much time do anything as Menat’s giant shoe made contact with him. Not hard but it sent him back, luckily he was able to catch himself. He turned around to see the shoe coming once again. Ducking down he glared up to her

“What are you doing?!”

“Just having a little fun before we go” Menat said as she brought her shoe back, This time Ed couldn't dodge as he fell to the ground. “I cant hurt you too bad, since my Master would probably scold me over that too. So I'm just gonna have a little fun”

Ed annoyed beyond belief, got up on his feet ready to run away. Only for Menat to slam her shoe down in front of him, blocking his exit “Nuh uh. Your not going anyway” Menat said as she continued to bat him with her shoe.

Some passbyers would probably think she was just playing with a bug, but she didn't care, She had very much fun just batting Ed around. After a lot more hits Menat decided to move down. Crouching down again, she placed her hand on her cheek with a big smile “Well, i think we've had our fun. Ready to go, her place isn't very far?”

Ed didn't respond, instead was getting his breath back. Menat didn't care to be honest as she reached down for him. Her gloved hand grabbing him and dropping him in her palm. Menat stands up to her full height as she looked at the little boxer in her hand.

“I wouldn't look over the edge if i was you, if you fall from here you might get hurt” Menat said “Now i cant have anyone seeing you, hmm.... where should i put you? Eh, I'm sure doing this will be fine.” Menat said covering her hands into a cup, hiding Ed from the world from in between her hands. “There, no one can see you and bonus. You Cant fall off, Aren't i nice”

Ed inside finally got his bearings back, not sure where he was anymore since he couldn't follow the path he took, Ed decided to punch his way out. Hitting her hands. Menat above felt this and wasn't very happy, closing her hands together she smashed the small boxer in between. Putting pressure on both her hands as she could feel Ed’s small body stuck in between. Menat opened her hands into the position she was before, this time no longer squishing Ed.

“There, now another outburst like that and I'm gonna have to keep you squished between my hands. Now stay still when we go to see my master” Menat ordered as she just started walking

Ed inside her hand didn't try to hit his way out again, knowing what it will lead to. Being stuck inside her hands, he could do nothing but frown and patiently wait. Menat outside didn't take long to reach her Master’s home, just like she promised the tiny boy. Menat kept walking until she was in front of the front door.

“Master, I've come back with Ed. Can you please let me in” Menat yelled to the door, waiting for a second until the door opened. Menat smiled as she walked in, keeping her eyes out and trying to remember the path. Her master always kept the place dark, meaning Menat has several times in the past tripped over things she didn't see. Menat knew that if she tripped here, Ed might end up right under her.

Taking a left and a right she went the her Master’s private room. She's not allowed in here by herself, but luckily she wasn't by herself. Because her Master was right in the middle of the room. Sitting in the middle, with a wooden circular table right over her. The Crystal ball in front of her as it looks like its been recently used.

*Clap* *Clap*

Two claps was all it needed, to turn all the candlelights on, burning with purple tips that emanated a filter over the now bright room. Menat was able to see her Master clearer now. Her purple hair with one streak forward, Her beautiful almost alluring face, her draped clothes covering her body, and a kind smile, a warm smile, seeing her apprentice.

This woman was called Rose and she's been wanting to meet Ed for quite some time

“Hello Menat, you have him don't you?” Rose asked as Menat straightened up, wanting to show respect to her master. Ed in Menat’s hands heard her voice and assumed it was Menat’s master.

“Uh yeah, i had to... you know shrink him. I cant believe it master! It actually worked” Menat said amazed at how skilled Rose was.

“Hm... Of course it did, i worked quite hard perfecting it. I would be quite disappointed if it didn't, now can you please drop him on the table for me” Rose asked. Menat followed orders as she walked closer to the table. Moving the top hand off, Ed could finally see Rose and Rose could finally see Ed.

Menat tilted her hand, dropping Ed onto the table as he landed. Menat took a step back as Ed didn't take his eyes off Rose. This was the woman who found a way to shrink him and ordered the Egyptian girl to kidnap him.

What did she want?

“Menat, can you please leave? I wish to talk to Edward in private” Rose asked, not taking her eyes off of Ed, something he tried to send back but no to the same degree.

“Uh Master, can i please stay?” Asked Menat “I think i should.... should be back up just in case he tries something” The reason Menat wanted to be there was because of Ed, liking seeing the guy so small to her.

Rose knew her attention and just laughed “Don't need to worry Menat, he is far too small. Please leave us be?” Rose said the last part, almost threatening Menat. Knowing her Master wants to be alone Menat frowned and pouted

“Fine, ill be out here if you need me” Menat said with down shoulders, walking out of the room as Rose smiled.

“Listen!” Ed shouted up to the giant Italian woman “Whatever your planning Lady, I'm gonna make you-”

“Relax Edward” Rose interrupted “I don't plan to do anything to you, i just wish to talk?”

“Are you kidding me! First off my names Ed, not Edward! Secondly you didn't have to freaking kidnap me!” Ed yelled.

Rose just giggled at the smaller mans outburst “Edward, your painfully unaware of how stubborn you are, regardless i just wish to talk. Talk.... about a man named M Bison”

That name.... that name caught Ed off guard “What... how the hell do you know about him!”

“we have a history of sorts, i believe thats the reason your here”

“Your the woman we were trying to find, aren't you?” Ed said as it seemed like he was ready to finally listen.

“My name is Rose, i am a fortune teller born in Genoa Italy. Ever since i was little i have been learning to control something called Soul Power, a powerful weapon much to your own Psycho Power, I grew more powerful with this every day”

“Yeah, and what does that have to do with Bison?”

“A few years ago, i learnt that my soul was mysteriously Bounded with M Bisons. He'ssoul is within me. Ever since then, me and that monster have had several confrontations. One would lead to me getting the other hand, another led to him possessing my body as he got built a new body.”

“Yeah...” Ed said, wanting to learn more. This was actually interesting to him.

“Recently, I've learned more about the Psycho Power he, and in turn you possess. Corrupted Soul Power, much like the people from my tribe had, but tainted by evil. The power feeds on fear, anger, hatred towards other. M Bison took this power and let it lead him to his doom.” Rose paused, thinking about what unfortunate life that man has had. “Sadly i wasn't there for his end, and despite everything he has done i do wish his soul may rest in piece.”

There was a moment of silence, until Rose raised her head again “Edward, you possess this same power. The same power that twisted and distorted M Bison, the same power that led him down a life of power craving and wickedness. You do know what that means, don't you?”

Ed knew exactly what he means “I was.... i was nothing but a placeholder, a body in the making when his gave out. I wasn't suppose to live.... But i did. Not only that i learned to thrive. Me and Balrog, we tore down every street we worked through. When he wanted to join Bison again, i was against it but i followed him. He was the only guy iknew who gave any sort of damn about me.” Ed stopped as he did a little laugh “I remember right when we walked into Shadoloo’s base. The first time Bison saw me, he didn't see me as another hand, he didn't see me as a fellow fighter. he still saw a body. He requested for Balrog to hand me over”

“And then what happened?” Rose asked, her turn being curious

“Balrog did what he does best, get in over his head. He got right into Bison’s ugly mug. Like right in front of him, and he said a few words ill never forget.

“I respect you, but that doesn't mean i won't knock you flat!” Ed smiled, Balrog was far from perfect, but Ed cant lie that he was closer to him then anyone else “He was willing to fight Bison, cause he knew. He knew how much i hated Bison. He knew how much ihated the idea of being Bison. if you think I'm gonna do the crap he did, don't worry. I don't want to be anything like him”

Rose smiled, it seems all her worries went away that second. She could actually trust him now, she has an actually ally in him “That is all i wanted to hear. Edward, you can be better then Bison, better then the Power that you wield, you can be better then anyone would expect for someone like you”

“Thanks” Ed said as he actually needed this talk, learning more then he ever could. Maybe he will visit her after this whole fiasco. Moving away he walked to her hand. “So can you grow me big now, i don't really like being small”

“Yes i can tell that quite clear, although I'm afraid its not that simple. This technique was created to deal with Bison, and since he was so powerful i couldn't have just made it simply reversible.”

“Wait! Are you saying I'm stuck like this!” Ed Yelled.

“I didn't say that, it should wear off but not for a couple of hours.”

“Great, Thats just perfect” Ed said crossing his arms. Rose just smiled at the little boy, moving her finger she patted him on the head quite patronisingly

“Don't worry, ill be able to make sure no one will see you until then. After all your so small that you might struggle with a rat at that size”

“Don't remind me” Ed repeated swatting her finger away, smiling playfully she brought her finger to Ed’s front. Then with pressure that he couldn't take pinned him down to the table effortlessly. He struggled around but her one finger was stronger then his whole body. “Rose, Come on!”

“Oh I'm sorry Edward, couldn't resist” Rose said as she was smiling mischievously “While this technique was created to deal with Bison, the reason i made it shrink instead of immobilise was the simple idea of him being small. Him being powerless and unable to do anything actually got me excited, since he's deceased however, that vision is gone. So please forgive me for the fun i will have with you in his place”

“Oh you have got to be kidding me” Ed said as he felt Rose’s finger grip his legs, he was risked into the air and upside down. He really should be irate right now, but after what she says he's surpassingly not angry about her. Ed cant explain it but he feels like he just bonded with her a bit.

“Im only going to do this Edward, as i don't want to tamper the relation we just made” Rose said with a huge smile “And since your a young growing boy, i figure this won't be the worst for you” Ed was confused at what she meant, until he saw her free hand reach towards her chest.

“Wait your not gonna!” Ed said, not being able to get more words out as she reached to the side of her underclothes. Since it covered her neck she's gonna have to bring Ed to the side in order to get him in there. She pulled it away as she brought Ed inside. He was thrown right onto her left breast, Stopping just in time for Rose to close and snap Ed still. He was pinned near her mound, thankfully nowhere near her nipple but still.

“Like i said before Edward forgive me, but if its any consolation. At least you won't be in the sight of anyone to see you this small.” Rose said as she smiled. She closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying the situation. “You know, i was thinking about doing this to a local man. He's visited several times, and its become painfully clear that he's just visiting just to see me. not that I'm angry about that, business is business. I just figured that if he liked seeing me so much, maybe he would like serving me too. Not to mention Menatwill have some fun with him, although i must say it would seem she would rather you that small” Rose could feel Ed try to yell something, however it didn't accomplish anything as he just simply yelled into her skin “Don't worry, this should wear off in a couple of hours, and i don't intend to keep you here for long. After all you have a person in this village. She will visit soon, so when she comes i will hand you over to her. She will be able to watch over you for the remainder.”

Ed stopped moving as he didn't really want to deal with Falke this size. She already sees herself as his bigger sister of sorts, he doesn't need this. Not much he can do about it though.


“Yes!” Menat said opening the door quickly, it would seem she was waiting for her chance “Wait, where did he go?”

“Don't worry about that” Rose told her “go outside, find a woman called Falke. She has an appearance much like Edward, she will be taking care of his departure”

“Uh sure” Menat said as she left, little disappointed as it would seem she wouldn't have anymore fun with him


“Uhh... Master, the woman is here” Menat said from the other room.

“Fantastic, bring her in please” Rose said as she was really done. She leaned back and very quickly pulled Ed out, holding him in her hand as he gets held by his grip.

Rose watched as Menat let Falke inside her room, Falke looked paranoid which makes sense.

“I see she was much more cooperative then Edward was” Rose said as Falke looked at her, Menat going to the side.

Fake was getting ready for a fight. “Where is Ed, your girl over there told me you were holding him! I swear if you did anything ill-”

“I put no harm upon him, we simply had a chat”

Falke crossed her arms “Yeah, then where is he?”

Rose smiled as she brought her hand up, showing the small boy to the bigger girl. Falke saw him and suddenly her cool aura went away. She leaned in on the hand as Ed saw his friends face grow bigger and bigger.

“Ed, is that you!” Falke said, not caring about hiding her voice. Menat at the end of the room leaned forward, seeing the small blonde.

“Yep its me!” Ed said “Don't worry, this will wear off soon.”

“Thats right” Rose added “All we did was talk, he was shrunken as a way to get him to cooperate“

“That makes sense” Falke said as she understood that instantly “I mean Ed can be quite... rude sometimes”

“Regardless we've finished our business. Take him”

Falke looked at Rose then looked at Ed, smiling she reached down and grabbed the small Ed. He gets plucked from Rose’s hand as he gets raised up to Falke’s eye. She was now wearing a smile, something that annoyed Ed.

“Ed, i know your not gonna like my words. But your just beyond cute at that size” Falke teased, something Ed just rolled his eyes at.

“Just lets go, were done here” Ed said.

“He is cute, too bad his attitude is in the way” Menat added, getting a glare from Ed. Something that didn't scare her a bit. He's too small to actually do anything

“Done here? Are you saying the woman here is the one we were looking for?” Falke asked.

“My name is Rose” Rose explained “And i did have ties with M Bison as of sorts. Ed and I talked about this”

“Well, what did she say?” Falke said getting interested.

“Its not important, ill tell you later. lets just go” Ed said wanting to leave

Rose herself smiled “Edward, its fair that she gets to know. Come. Sit.” Falke followed orders and sat down on the chair opposite of Rose, usually reserved for customers “Menat will take care of Edward in the mean time”

“What!” Ed shouted in surprise.

“Yes!” Menat said under her breath. She walked up to Falke’s side and held out her hand. Ed gave Falke a look pretty much saying ‘if you give me to her, i will never forgive you’

Falke grabbed Ed and gave her to Menat.

“Have fun with her Ed” Falke teased as Ed was ready to jump at Falke, only for Menat’shand to curl up, stopping him from moving.

“We will be out soon enough Menat, but until then you can take your leave” Rose ordered, Menat smiled as she left the room, thanking her master she left the room, going to one adjacent to have her one sided fun with Ed

“She's... she's not gonna hurt him right” Falke asked with a smile.

“Hurt, i wouldn't imagine. Play though is very likely” Rose said as she gave the other woman a smile.

“Thats fine, if its between you and me Ed needs to have fun everyone and then. Its nothat his moppy, he's just-”

“He’s enjoyment comes from the heart of the fight” Rose interrupted “Trust me, i know the type”

“So, what are you going to tell me? Are you going to show me a fortune or something” Falke asked.

“Not quite, I'm here to inform. Inform you about Bison” Rose said as she began her story.


“Goodbye Rose! Goodbye Menat!” Falke yelled, walking away from the two girls. She's finished her business here and theres no reason for them to stay. Ed in her hand was sitting cross.

“Goodbye Falke dear, Goodbye Edward” Rose said with a kind smile, seeing that those will be alright.

“By Ed! Come visit anytime” Menat yelled as Ed just shuddered, he didn't respond.

Once they were far away Falke started talking “So, did you and Menat have fun?” Falke teased, Ed looked up at her.

“I cant believe you just left me alone with her! You have no idea what she did!” Ed berated her.

“Ohh, tell me. Maybe we can do some when we get back.” Falke teased anymore, she was loving every second of this.

“Yeah fat chance, this is gonna wear out soon. Hopefully before we even get back” Ed said as Falke laughed.

“Yeah, oh well. We might have to visit them again then, get you to that size”

“Thats not even funny..”

“Ed lighten up, your too grumpy” Falke said as she brought her fingers to Ed’s cheek, lightly pinching it. He swatted it away, only to get the same finger to pin him down. Laying on his stomach he didn't fight this time, knowing it would be pointless.

Falke above was smiling “Still, I'm very glad i met her. She told us so much, She really gave us a new perspective didn't she. Literally for you”

She really did, Even if Ed doesn't like how he got there. He cant deny that he was glad he went. He might even visit her again.... you know when he's not small enough for Menat to play.
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