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Giantess Story About Overwatch. Giantess: Lena Oxton, Emily
Tracer raced across the streets of her hometown in England. Anyone who could see her before she blinked could see her giant smile upon her face. She was excited, not only to return to her home, but to her love Emily. Due to Overwatch’s missions she rarely had time alone with her girlfriend, but she wouldn't say it hurt their relationship, if anything it made it better.

“Beep!” A car said, surprised to see her blink by. Just as she was there, she was also gone. Turning around and saying “Sorry! Have a good night!”

She would of stopped, but she needed to go home. She had something fun planned for Emily and herself, and she was gonna make this a night she was never gonna forget.

After a while she arrived at her home. Walking up she moved and got the keys hidden under a potted plant. Most people have digital locks these days, but Emily wanted to make sure it was like this. Most people don't even have keys anymore so in a way it was more safe.

Lena opened the door and got inside, looking around she tried to see where Emily was. She was defiantly there. She wanted to put the bag down that she was carrying but she feared it would hurt the equipment. After walking around some more she spotted where Emily was. On the couch, listening onto the Tv as it played news that Tracer was quite familiar.

“And so, the day was saved” A female voice spoke “The Terroist organization known as Talon has been taken down and debunked. In a battle that many on the scene would refer to as a ‘War’. The newly formed Overwatch has emerged victories”

Lena smiled, remembering it all. A lot of back and forth happened, Talon would sometimes win, Overwatch would some times win. But now... now its over. That was the final battle and Overwatch did what they did the best, secure the peace.

“Soldier employed under Talon’s army are being given War Crimes. And will remain in prison until the end of their days. The government, although a bit reluctant has given Overwatch permission to deal with Talon’s top operatives on their turn. If i were to hazard a guess, i would imagine a more secure prison is in their future. Now to go with Joe with the weather”

“Wow Lov” Tracer said revealing herself, Emily looking over and seeing her girlfriend “They really under sold the danger”

Emily smiled “Lena! Your still alive” She said getting from the couch and running over, hugging Lena. She then planted a massive kiss on her girlfriend “Im so glad your still alive!”

“Well i couldn't leave you by yourself, that wouldn't be fair” She joked back. Emily pulled away and...


“Ow” Lena said rubbing her cheek.

“Why didn't you tell me you were going to attack Talon Headquarters! What if you died, oh I'm so glad your still alive. Mad... but glad”

She kept hugging her as Lena felt sorry “I... i didn't want you to worry, i wanted you to stay happy. Im sorry that was kind of selfish from me”

“Its fine... Your alive... I love Lena” Emily said looking at her Girlfriends face.

“I love you too Emily” Lena replied giving a kiss. “But now... I've got us a present!” Lena said showing the bag to Emily. They both wakled to the couch and sat down, turning off the TV and facing each other.

“Okay, what is it?” Emily asked, knowing that Lena has a habit of buying her weird stuff.

“Ok well first backstory” Lena said placing the bag on her lap “You know how i just went to war with Talon”

“I do... and I'm still not happy about it” Emily said back.

“Well Talon had an assassin. And oh boy... what an assassin!”

“Was she skilled?” Emily said laughing at her girlfriend

“Yep, and hot!” Lena said “Like... oh my god, perfect ten”

“Pictures?” Emily said. Since they had the same attraction, they both could talk about this. Not to mention they both know the other won't do anything stupid. Thats what love is.

“No i don't have pictures, i have something better. Wait I'm jumping ahead.” Lena said correcting herself “Okay so we were in charge of doing something with them. Winston suggested putting them in a high tech prison so they couldn't get out. But... well Angela had another thing in mind. She was testing something and thought they would make perfect test subjects”

“Geez, i feel sorry for them. What was it?” Emily said leaning back.

Lena who couldn't hold back her giggles reached into the bag, opening a box in their and grabbing something. Lena looked over and smiled ‘Ok... one... two... three!”

On three Lena pulled something out of the bag, it took a while for Emily to see what it was, but eventually she did. It was a doll?

This doll had violet hair, blue skin? Not to mention a body that matched a barbie doll with levels of curviness. It was completely naked in her hand so her naked breast was being revealed. It had it’s lower part covered by Lena’s hand.

The doll was cool, but not anything to really get exci... wait was it moving! yes it was Moving! Struggling to get out of Lena’s grip.

“Holy shit!” Emily said, mouth open and looking at the girl. She leaned forward as the small blue woman took notice and covered her breasts with her arm.

“Emily, meet Widowmaker! Widowmaker, Meet Emily!”

“No way!” Emily said “thats the assassin?” Emily said to Lena.

Turning around Widowmaker could see Lena holding her and decided to mouth off “Tu es un idiot sans cervelle!”

“Oi, i told you english love!” Lena said with a smile.

“I called you a brainless idiot!” Widowmaker said still fighting her way out “Let me go!”

“Pretty cool huh” Lena said scooting over to the redhead “Plus what did i say, Perfect Ten ain’t she?” She holds her hand out, letting Widowmaker get a good view of both of the two girls that had her. Emily was shocked, but at the same time she’s excited. Looking over to Lena, she asked her.

“So what exactly are we going to do to her?”

“As a pet! Or little lover! Or something along those lines Em!” She said excitedly “I mean look at her, don’t you want her as your little pet. With those little boobs and that little-“

“va te faire foutre!” Widowmaker spat with salt. Lena didn’t exactly know how to speak that much french, but she can figure out what it was.

But Emily could, and didn't like how she was speaking to Lena. Leaning forward she had her face close to Widowmaker, before saying to her “Listen, you can be rude, but you better understand who's big and who's not.”

Widowmaker didn't like listening to this other woman. She knew who she was, Sombra did some research on Emily. Just in case some leverage needed to be used on Tracer.

“Hey Lena, do you think you have something she can wear?” Emily asked.

Lena lighted up as she reached into the bag, dropping Amelie onto the table. When Lena was looking in the bag, Emily decided she wanted to mess with her a bit. A little bit of revenge for what she said to Lena.

Widowmaker was looking for ways to escape this fresh hell when Emily brought her finger down onto her. Pinning her naked body under her thumb as she laughed. Amelie struggled around, trying to get out from under the redhead’s thumb. But Emily didn't let up the pressure, not at all.

“Okay here it-” Lena stopped when she saw her girlfriend holding down her pet “Emily, what are you doing?”

“Just making sure our little french woman know who's in change” Emily said pulling her thumb back. “So what did you get her?”

“Look its a dress!” Tracer said holding it out in front of Amelie. The former ballerina has been in a lot of dresses. But what’s being held in front of her was a joke.

It was puffy, disgusting and looked like it was made from the cheapest fabric. It was obviously meant for a doll, but she was sure a doll would even hate it.

“Something else” She said crossing her arms and looking away. However Lena Oxton just laughed.

“There no something else love. Its either this dress, or naked.” Lena said giving her quite the ultimatum.

“And i can sure assure you, we are okay with naked” Emily teased form the other side.

Very reluctantly she reached for the dress and put it on. Very embarrassing for her, considering there was two giant ladies watching her as she changes. Eventually she had it on, and she hated it more then ever before.

“Aw... she looks so cute!” Lena said clapping her hands together “She looks so cute, its making me want to grab a dollhouse and go back to when i was 7 years old!”

“I don't think she would like that, but at the same time. her compliance really isn't a factor anymore. Come here” Emily said ordering Amelie right to her. Tapping on the table right in front of her.

Angrily Widowmaker followed them, arriving in front of the two girls.

“Ok” Emily said getting quite the fun idea “Bow”

Amelie put on the dress... but she was not bowing “No”

“Bow” Emily said wanting to add something to it as well “Or ill make you bow”

“No, i am not!-” She didn't finishes as Emily had her finger on her back. Pushing down with such amazing weight that Amelie couldn't stand up, and she ended up bowing.

“Oi Em, don't hurt her” Lena said with a bit of concern “I mean we don't want to break her this quick”

“Its fine, she was a part of Talon, if she does die then its not really a big loss. Literally” Emily replied back.

She understood what her girlfriend meant, but still she didn't want anyone to die, especially if it can be avoided. “Just... just be careful”

Emily rolled her eyes as she went and grabbed Amelie. Getting her fingers around her as she pulled up the french woman up to her eyes. She does look ridiculous in that dolls dress. No doubt humiliating.

“Hey Lena” Emily said not taking her eyes off of Amelie “How about a foot rub?”

Amelie saw the redhead grow a huge smile upon saying that. She knew exactly who that was directed at, while Lena was still a bit confused

“Is... is this really at the right time?” Lena asked “I mean don't you want to have more fun with her?”

“No thats exactly what I'm talking about. She's caused you to run around in so many circles chasing you, i think its only right for her to pay you back by rubbing your feet”

“Oh thats! thats a great deal! Em I'm so excited” Lena said very playfully. She wasted no time as she reached for her shoes and yanked them off. Pulling off the socks as well and dropping them all onto the ground.

“Put it right on my lap” Emily said moving to one side of the couch while her girlfriend moved over to the other side. Lena smiled as she dropped her feet down onto Emily’s lap. Emily had her legs closed so it was firmly on her thigh. Her jeans making a good ground for not only Lena’s sexy feet, but for the sexy woman who will be working on them. Amelie sees the feet and dreads even going near, they were wet and slimey! The only problem she had was that she didn't have a choice. Emily put Widowmaker on one of her thighs, right in front of the feet.

This was perfect, Lena was on the other side meaning she can't see what Emily can do to her, and will do to her if she doesn't get to work.

Amelie looked up at Emily smirking, frowning she really didn't want to do it. But she knows she is in no position to deny these two giant woman. This is possibly the most humiliating part of her entire career. Glaring at Emily she just smirked back. Of course Emily would feel bad if she was doing this to a normal person, but this is possibly the first time terrorist has been a plus. She doesn't feel bad at all.

Amelie started moving, right next to the giant foot of her nemesis. It was sticking up and the toes were out of reach for her, but the sole was free game.

“Has she started Em, Is she doing it and i can't feel it?” Lena asked excited.

“Nah she hasn't started, but she will soon. Or else...” Emily said placing her hand cautiously behind Amelie. Not being able to prolong this anymore she got to work. Walking up and starting to massage Tracer.

As soon as she put her hands on Lena’s feet she reacted. Lena who was a bit ticklish kicked forward. Her foot ramming into Amelie as she was sent back onto Emily’s fingers. Laying back and stunned after the hit.

“Oh whoops! Sorry about that, i didn't mean to kick you” Lena said feeling bad “Is she okay?”

“Oh she's fine, she's getting back up to finish the job” Emily said with a smile. Pushing Amelie back to her feet. Amelie was finishing this, whether she wants to or not.

“Oh thats good” Lena said believing her girlfriend.

Amelie was fuming, wishing she still had her gun. Hell any gun at this point. Moving forward she started putting her hands on Lena’s foot again. This time she didn't get kicked so she could actually work. Pushing into Lena’s giant sole as she didn't want to do a bad job. Knowing that the redhead wouldn't be okay with a half done job.

“I can feel her! Em, I can feel her!” Lena said holding back from kicking her. A big smile on her face as she loved this.

Emily loved this too, seeing her girl happy and seeing the french woman working. Not to mention she was still in the cute dress.
Amelie worked around where she could. Only getting a part of her sole. This was fine she was sure, after all this seemed more like a task to see if she can do this.

It was for Lena, but for Emily it was more. Seeing her only work on a part of Lena’s foot she was a little disappointed. She was putting in effort but she couldn't reach all parts of her feet.

Deciding to be a bit more playful with her girlfriends feet and her new little pet. Her hand wrapped around Widowmaker’s midriff as she gets lifted up. Amelie giving off a surprised scream as she was grabbed by Emily.

“Hm... whats happening?” Lena asked feeling the work stop.

“Just helping her, Relax Lena” Emily said comforting her girlfriend. Lena who trust Emily just laid back down. Amelie struggled to get out of the grip as she had no idea what Emily was doing.

Emily did though and she didn't want to waste a second. Moving her fingers so Amelie’s front side was complete exposed. Amelie then saw as she gets pushed up to the top of Lena’s sole. Her entire body getting pushed into the flesh of Tracer as her head got a good hit of it. She couldn't tell from before, but Lena’s feet was kind of sweaty. Due to running through the streets to get to here. She feels her whole body shift around as Emily moves Amelie around. Treating her like a loofa as she gets pushed up and down the foot.

Lena holding her lips as she felt the feeling. It felt so good, and seeing her girlfriend smiling lovingly from the other side of the couch made her happy. Emily was happy, doing this for her girlfriend and the love she was getting back. In fact the only one that didn't love this was Amelie. And she hated it even more when Emily brought her up to Lena’s toes. Moving her around and making Amelie treat the toes. Pushing her into the toes and sliding her in between the toes. Her dress was getting dirty and covered in sweat, but she suppose its better then it going over her naked body.

Eventually Emily had her fun, pulling her back and rest into her palm. “There, how was it Lena?”

“It was great Luv! She did a great job” Lena said shifting around right next to her girlfriend. Looking down at the resting Widowmaker as she brings her finger to Amelie. Swinging it around a bit in a taunting situation “Hear that, you did a great job! Good for you”

Widowmaker wanted to shout back, but Emily was taunting from the other side. Once Emily saw no argument she handed the small french woman over. Landing down into the other hand Emily got up. Putting her hand on Lena’s knee as she gets up.

“Well have fun with her, I'm gonna cook us a little something, and no. Im not talking about her” Emily said as Lena laughed.

“Oh, remember you got to cook for three” Lena added, raising her hand to remind her that Widowmaker still needs to eat.

“Not true, i got to cook for two. She can just have a couple of our scraps. After all she won't need much” She explained, before heading to the kitchen. Leaving Lena alone with Amelie. The latter at least happy she was done being rubbed against the foot.

Lena looking down at Amelie, excited about what is happening... excited about everything really.


During the whole time Emily was cooking the food, Lena has been playing with Amelie. Treating her like a pet and demeaning her. No orders, just cute talk and playing around with her like a doll. Amelie didn't say anything during the whole situation not wanting to partake in this. She's getting played with but she wanted to make this as unpleasant for her captor at this point. Which didn't stop Lena from having fun with her. Lena is trying to ignore the terrorisy part of her future, not liking to acknowledge and rather slip it underneath.

Right now she was grabbing her arms and making her bounce up and down dancing on the table. Lena laughing at this as Amelie wasn't amused.

“Lena, its ready” Emily shouted from the
kitchen. She saw Emily come back in holding two dinner plates. Placing them down onto the table she rested.

“Hey Em, look what i can make her do” Lena said making the french woman do the little dance just from before. Which did get a good laugh from Emily.

“Ok Lena, put her down. Lets eat” Emily said handing her a fork and a knife. Putting Amelie on the table she reached for her plate. Grabbing them and putting it on her lap. Emily doing the same as Lena complained.

“Really... Roasted potatoes? Peas? Corn? This is my welcome back meal?” Lena said to her

“Hey i thought you loved corn?” Emily said, grabbing one of the potato and taking a bite from it.

“No i love corn on a cob, not just corn?” Lena said back to her.

“Whats the difference?” Emily asked with a mouth full. Etiquette Widowmaker found slightly disgusting.

“There just is, okay” Lena said grabbing a fork and scattering the corn from the rest.

“Well maybe she likes it?” Emily said pointing her fork to Amelie.

“Good point” Lena said, scooping some up with her fork. Bringing them over to Amelie she hovered it in front of her “Well love, do you like corn?”

There was a moment of silence, before she answered “I don't dislike them”

Lena didn't need to hear anymore dropping them down onto the table in front of her as she goes back to her own food. Both of the girls not talking, instead watched Amelie as she walked up and picked up a corn. Holding it like a burger she looked over it. She doesn't want to eat their food, but she knows going hungry will solve nothing in this situation. Opening her mouth in a very unladylike manner she took a bite. A big bite as she only ate part of it.

“Well, how is it?” The British girl asked, curious.

“...Its fine” Amelie replied, turning around so she wasn't facing them.

“Ignore her while were eating Lena” Emily scolded while playfully nudging her. Lena laughed back as they continued their food. Not until Lena dropped the rest of her corn down in front of Amelie in the table. Just in case she wants it.

The three girls ate their individual meals. Emily and Lena ate all their food, however Amelie didnt. There was still a few piece of corn not touched. Which Emily scooped up and ate herself not liking there to be leftovers.

Since Emily cooked the food, Lena felt like it was right for her to return it. Getting up she grabbed the plates and headed into the kitchen. Leaving Amelie alone with Emily.

As soon as Lena left Emily sprung, grabbing Amelie and lifting her up to her face “So, you enjoying yourself in my home? Lena seems to really like you, do you know why?”

Amelie looked into the redhead eyes before responding “Because she's an Imbecile”

“Cause she sees the best in people. Even People like you. She's giving you a second chance you know that. Granted its a second chance small and as our pet, but a second chance none the less”

“A second chance as a prisoner and a toy” Amelie replied. Thinking thats how it is going to be.

“Well if you want it that way” Emily retorted “Or it could be second chance with two girls who find you irresistible.” Emily then leaned and did something Widowmaker didn't expect. She kissed her. Her plush lips driving into Amelie’s face as she was shocked. It lasted for a little bit as Emily pulled her away.

“Oh look at that, my two girls” Lena said from the other side of the room. Moving to the couch as she landed down next to her lover “You mind if i give it a try”

“Be my guest” Emily said holding Amelie in front of Lena’s face. Lena smiled as she puckered her lips and leaned in. Amelie found herself once again kissed by another giant woman. This time it lasted longer and Lena was more passionate about it. When she pulled it away she winked at Amelie.

“Well, i can tell you enjoyed that” Emily said “Should i be jealous?”

“No way Em, your the only one for me, but that doesn't mean i can't have fun with our little girl” Lena replied, looking at her girlfriend and coming. Wrapping her arm around she went to kiss Emily. Emily though reacted quickly and pulled Amelie in front. Taking the kiss for her. Lena tried not to giggle at this as Lena was kissing her right on the face.

Emily from behind acted as well, kissing the back of Amelie. Amelie was being kissed from both sides as she was feeling overwhelmed. It took some pushing, but Emily and Lena did end up kissing through the small frenchwoman. Amelie being trapped completely as all she could see and feel was lips. Wanting to be a bit more playful, Lena pulled out her tongue, hitting Amelie in the face. She shuttered at the touch as it washed over her face.

It ended for her when Emily pulled her down so she was no longer between the two lesbian lips. Now kissing fully Amelie could just watch as the two engage in a passionate kiss. Amelie was getting the saliva from out of her face as the two above kissed. Something about that was unique to her. Unlike her entire experience with these two, Amelie didn't... she didn't hate it.

Lena was kissing Emily as she got up onto her, pushing Emily down onto the couch as she laid down, Lena on top of her and Amelie in her hand.

Amelie looked as the kiss got more and more passionate. Turning into a real makeout session between these two as she moved in the hand. Emily spotted her and stopped the kiss for a second. Lena went to look as well but Emily was pulling her head back into the kiss. Then with Lena not knowing Emily moved her hand in. Right around Lena’s stomach as she hooked her arm. Then with a smile she opened her hand. Amelie found herself dropped right onto Emily’s chest. Landing down as she bounces a couple times on top of her breast. She turned around to see Lena’s midriff hovering over herself as the two heads behind her was kissing.

Emily feeling the small girl land on her breast put her plan into action. Grabbing Lena with her hands and pulling her two her. Amelie before she could react got squished between the two pairs of the girls. Right on top she got squished between boobs.

Lena didn't notice, her attention wass entirely on the kiss. Emily though, knew it, felt it and loved it. She even started moving up and down with Lena. Smashing Amelie between the boobs every time. Amelie down below wasn't getting hurt, Moira’s injections made sure to that. But she wasn't comfortable, and she wasn't in the most pleasent situation. So why didn't she hate it?

As both of the girls bounced, Lena pulled Emily out to kiss her. This little change was enough to make Amelie fall down off the breast. Emily tried to pull Lena back into the position where the boobs were meeting, but with Amelie gone there wasn't much point.

No Amelie was right on top of Emily’s abdomen. Looking as Lena hovered over her. Her legs spreading out as she got on top with spread legs. Her crotch hovering over her girlfriends

Now out of the situation she just had to wait awkwardly as both of the girls finished they're makeup session. The fact that Amelie was out didn't deter Emily, cause she was still adoring her girlfriend.

Pulling herself off in about five more minutes, Lena looked at Emily’s hand and was surprised.

“Hey, where did she go?” She asked her girlfriend. Emily smiling as she averted her eyes to the stomach area. Amalie watched as Lena pulled back and got up. Towering over Amelie as she smiled down at her.

“Well look at you” Lena said with a big giggle “How did you get there, did Emily move you?”

“Yes” Amelie replied simply. It wasn't much, but at least she talked “Well hope you didn't feel uncomfortable when we made out”

“She was uncomfortable between her boobs smashing, ill tell you that”

“Wait, she was in between them” Lena said getting off and getting a hold of Widowmaker. Grabbing her and holding her close “Im so sorry, i didn't know!”

“...Its fine...” Amelie responded, not looking the giant brit in the face. But still she smiled big.

“Since when did you sleep in those?” Emily asked, looking over her girlfriend who was in nothing but a bra and panties. Sure she loved the sight but it was a bit weird. Lena usually slept in her own pyjamas.

“Well i got to put on a good sight for our newest bed resident” Lena said down to Amalie, who's currently on the bed. Standing on one of the pillows as both of the girls looked down. Lena walked ahead and turned around, showing her butt to the shrunken woman.

Emily who was also dressed in bra and panties ignored her girlfriend’s showboating. Mainly cause she knows her assets are bigger then Lena’s and if she wanted to, she could blow her out of the park.

Rolling her eyes she told her “Get in the bed already” Amalie watched as Emily moved into bed. Her head coming dangerously close to her. Lena walked around to the other side and slid into bed. Both of them got comfortable as Amelie felt really puny between the two. both of them got comfortable as they said good night to each other.

“Good night Em” Lena said.

“Good night Lena” Emily replied. Which they set with a big kiss

“Good night our little pet” Emily added.

“Good night Luv”

Amelie sat down onto the pillow Lena was on and expected for the lights to come off. However that didn't happen, as both of the girls were looking down at the one in the middle. 

Amelie knew they weren't gonna turn off the light until she said it “Good night”

“Good night who? Lena said wanting her to continue.

Giving a big sigh she fixed it “Good night Lena. Good night Emily”

“Thats more like it” Emily said reaching for the light and turning it off. Now in darkness it was time for all three of them to go to bed.

Amelie knew this was her one chance for an escape, but it was stunted to fast as Emily and Lena put their hands down onto her. Holding each other with the fingers as the palm acted like a bit of a blanket. She couldn't bust out of it even if she wanted to. She's stuck.

Amelie sighed, figuring this was her life now. Unable to do anything else, she closed her eyes and got a good rest. Joining the other girls as she went off to sleep.

However Lena and Emily haven't gone to sleep yet, for they were staying awake to watch her sleep. It took a while but she dosed off.

“Hey Em?” Lena said


“She doesn't love us yet, does she?”

“No, but she will in time. I don't know anyone on this planet who you can't break down into happiness”

Lena giggled at her girlfriend before replying with “Cheers Love”
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