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I love you mom.
You ... you are a free soul. You are one of the most the most righteous people I know. You like to talk fairly
You are the happiest psycho I know. Sometimes we do not mention the love we have inside. Sometimes we don't appreciate what you do for us(we are a bit crazy kids).
You are one of the strongest people I know. Sometimes we have no strength to get up but you're there (you never miss it).
You are the one who cares more about us. A kid has at least once fallen into his life (I've been down 1000000 times for example) and you were there to make sure that the blood will rest.
You deserve a lot of thanks. You deserve to laugh every day, every morning, every lunch and every dark. I belive that there are angels and I know they exist because one of them is you.*InLove**InLove**InLove**InLove**InLove**InLove*
So enjoy the day and happy birthday Mother
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