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An event four people would not forget
Jane was always careful not to misplace things; she learned from her father as a young girl to “always put things put once you have used them.”

But, it was a warm July day and Jane had been hurrying around all day, getting things ready for the 4th. She would be meeting with some old college friends at a local restaurant and celebrating the 4th and remembering old times.

She checked her purse; it looked like she had everything in it that she needed for the day’s activities. It looked like she had everything she needed for the day. She recalled Brenda, one of her closest friends saying, “Don’t forget to bring with you the information I gave you on Ted Chesterfield. You will need that information when you see him today.

The night before she laid out that information concerning Ted; so she was ready to do. As she made her rounds making sure that all the lights were off and everything intact, she grabbed her purse, walked out the door and was on her way. Once she arrived at the celebration area, she immediately found Brenda. Brenda looked nice, her brown hair flowing in the wind and wearing a great looking outfit, she replied, “Jane, you came! So happy you are here! Did you bring the info on Ted?”

“Yes, I did. Let me get it out of my purse.” She opened her purse and looked in the area where it was placed. She couldn’t find it. She searched again…Nothing.

“Brenda, I don’t see it. I thought I put the envelope in my purse but it’s not here.”

“Oh dear, this could be a huge problem. Look! Ted is walking in our direction. What should we do?”

“I don’t know. You are the one who knows what is inside the envelope.”

“Too late; he’s almost here. Besides, Jim Ogglebee gave me the envelope. I don’t know what is inside. Just wanted to pass it on.”
“Hi Brenda. Hi Jane. Good to see you both. How have you been?”

Brenda replied, “Fine. Just fine. How about you?”

“I feel good. Looks like a beautiful day.”

Jane looked at Brenda and gave a quizzical look.

About 30 seconds later, Jim Ogglebee walked toward them and before anyone could catch their breath, Jim opened a sack he was carrying and without saying a word, brought out a huge cream pit and smacked Ted square in the face.

“What? Why did you do this?”

“That is for when you stole Nancy from me in the 11 grade! Let’s see how you feel about being humiliated!”

That being said, the entire event took on a different meaning but it was an event the four would never forget.

As they walked away, stunned by what happened, the envelope fell to the ground. Inside were the words, "Pay back is a bitch, isn't it?"

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