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This is a poem I wrote. Hope you'll enjoy it.
We'll let the whole world know, as we're swaying with the flow, that all of us together, are putting on a show, La La La La La, a singing we will go. As the world is turning around, it's time to make a brand new sound. In a world of love without disgrace, lifting our hearts to a better place, is a time to thank, a time to be frank, and a time for a word well spoken.

For some good advice, it would be so very nice to open up your ears, to remember the fun times in your heart forever. By getting a pen and writing a list, of all the loved ones that you've missed, get a gist of what's right today, whether they're alive or have gone away, give them thank-yous and hugs for what they've done, and for all the smiles that they have given.

The first kiss is a life of bliss. Onward we'll go by letting it flow, when we feel that certain glow. Oh my goodness, what a show!

Feel the charm on the farm, by getting in the groove to feel the move. Because you are so neat, get the confidence you need, by getting the beat to feel the heat. Don't be mad, just be glad, and remember the great times with your dad.

Do what you can for your man, by taking a drive to come alive. To do your jiggle by finding a wiggle, create a jingle and then let's mingle. By taking a chance to do the dance, find love, then romance, by doing the lift by taking my drift.

You'll have the right devotion with a real emotion, and with the right vibe, you'll find the jive. Because you're a real winner in my book, you're not a loser, you're a real doozer. You won't see the end, cause we're going to mend.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, May 3, 2017
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