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I was asked to write a lore for an Ark Survival Evolved Roleplay Server.....
Come! Gather round and listen to the word of the Gods and Goddesses. To the word of your creators. You are each individually special. Made so that you had a purpose. Gather round to hear the legends of how we all came to be.....

In the beginning there were Humans. Their creator, Ania, Goddess of Sorrow, made them to mark the beginning of a new world. As Ania looked out across the island she felt a pang of something familiar. Loneliness. She took up a handful of water and a handful of sand and declared it to be a nomad. However, it wasn't long before Ania saw that one was not enough so she took the individuals essence and then mixed it with a glass of Ale and a cup of gold. The outcome became the first race to exist and was deemed The Pirates. But this was only the beginning. She continued to create. So she ripped the metal from the ground and mixed it with fire and created her second race: The Spartans. She ordered them to be brave in the face of death and fear no man. But she also ordered for them to have loyalty amongst themselves. Then she placed them down with the Pirates to fend for themselves. By this time she felt the loneliness ebbing away, however it was not completely gone. She decided that she would create one more race and then, should that still not be enough to vanquish the feeling, she would call upon the other Gods and Goddesses for help. So she took some berries and mixed them with a Spartan warriors blade. Afterwards, she molded a human form and cut it in half. She breathed the life into the creature and named it a Dwarve. She then bestowed a kiss upon each dwarve so that they may be passionately loyal to their loved ones. And so, the final Human race was complete. Ania looked out over the island once more. The loneliness had vanished. For now, and so she sat over the edge of the Sky Island and began to count every sorrow felt in this new world. And as she did so her eyes filled will tears and spilled over the edges creating the Falls of Anguish.

As the days passed the sorrow became Ania's joy, but one day her loneliness filled her so much that she couldn't bear it. So she dried her eyes and called upon Seline, Goddess of Displacement, to aid her in creating something to fill this hole.Seline agreed and followed Ania to the edge. She saw all that had been created and decided to create her own to attempt to help Ania. So she wandered off to look for her own place to create the races know as the Aquatics. She started by creating the first race: The Cecealia. She mixed some seaweed with the gas from the underwater vents. She then took the mixture and used it to bring a Squids heart back to life. The creature that formed from that revived heart came to be known as "The Witch of The Sea." She returned to Ania and questioned her about her loneliness. But Ania only looked back with a sadness in her eyes. Now for the Goddess of Sorrow this is normal. But the depth of the sadness was much more than what Ania would be able to handle, and Seline knew this. So she created the second race of the Aquatics. She took the colored scales that were scattered on the ocean floor and mixed them with an ocean breeze. Thus, giving birth to the race known as the Sirens. She realized how evil her first two creations were and decided to create something to cancel them out. As her hands kept moving so did her thoughts. She couldn't get the thought of Ania's eyes out of her head. So instead she embraced it. She continued to think and finally recognized what it was that she saw. Ania had been marked. There was a darkness in her eyes that if not helped would turn her mad. So Seline decided to entertain the idea until she found a way to help her friend. She set to work on her third and final Aquatic race. She mixed a gem from the sea with the blood of an Ichthyosaurus and a handful of metal. She ordered them to keep peace amongst all sea creatures and called them the Tritons. Now normally Seline would have assumed that this would be enough. However, she remembered the look in Ania's eyes and returned to the Sky Island. She called upon her close friend, Zeus Cronos, God of Catastrophe, and asked for him to spread the word about this task. She said, "Zeus, please inform the others that Ania has a darkness about her. I fear that she will soon betray us. I would like for us to entertain her for now and each of us create a race. I would not ask this of you if I did not think she could be helped." Zeus stepped back and thought about what had been asked of him. He then looked at Seline, knowing she was right, and nodded then set off to find the others.

Zeus reached out to every God and Goddess left and told them of Selines plan. They all agreed. They knew that if there was anyone that could help Ania it was Seline. Zeus returned to his own part of the Sky Island and set to work on his race. He only saw fit with him being God of Catastrophe that he should make a demonic race. And so he did. The first to come to life from his hand was the Feral Tieflings. He had only heard of them from his readings and decided to put his own twist on them. So he took the bones of a long passed wyvern and mixed them with the bones of a human. He then brought them to life with the still beating heart of a Velonasaur. He set them down and they instantly scattered. The next creature he began to work on was one of his most prized creations. He gathered the fur and strength of a Sabertooth, and then he mixed the metal in with the two. From this the race of Minotaurs was born. He ordered them to follow their own will but to beware making enemies. He then began to work on his last creation. He mixed a wyverns scales that he had saved up with the blood of a Hyaenodon. Afterwards he breathed fire into them. Thus, giving birth to the Kobolds. Upon finishing this final race he sat down to enjoy the chaos they had caused.

The first to receive the news from Zeus was Dracul Ahriman, God of Death. He decided that when these races started dying he wanted to see it firsthand. So he created the Sky People. He took the Heart of a Wyvern which he had obviously preserved, and mixed it with some of his own flesh. Therefore, creating the Draconians. Then he began to string the light from the sky with the feathers he had gathered and created the Avians. They were a master race according to Dracul. But after a few years they began to fall. They began killing each other and so the murderers were made into examples. They were disfigured and ripped of their light. Then to separate them further from the their "perfect" counterparts, they were named Gargoyles. By this time, Ania had already began to turn. She had been visiting some of her creations and had slowly started falling into what she called love. She knew she could not confide in any of the other Gods and Goddesses or they would ban her from the realm. So she snuck down in a disguise to visit with a man called Jaakobah Liht. Seline had made sure to keep an eye on her. And knew what she was doing so she sent a raven urging the Gods and Goddesses to hurry with their remaining creations in order to distract Ania and prevent her from falling any further.

Tyr, God of War, Justice, and Law, was having a problem thinking of what to create. He was walking through a snow covered land when he discovered what he would make. He would create the Tundra Striders. He took ice and a bit of metal in one hand and in the other he breathed pride and ignorance. Once he had mixed the four ingredients he created his first race: The Goliaths. He placed them down and began to think. He wanted to know what the fuss was about Ania. So he reached into his mind and pulled the image of Ania from Selines mind. It shocked him at how scarred she was. In turn, he set out to continue the creation of the Tundra Striders. He gathered up as many different colors as he could find and then breathed into the mixture as much greediness as he could muster. He stepped back and began to mold a new race. When he had finished he called them Goblins. It was then that the raven came warning him to proceed with urgency. And then, the Khajiit were born. He took the heart of a Sabertooth and the heart of a Goblin and molded them into one. He then took some bones that were scattered around the land and forged a claw. He stuck it into the fingers of his newest creation and then breathed them to life.

The last to create their race was Thor Odinson, God of Lightning. He created the Elves. Of course he believed that every creature that was not Godlike should have a superior. He had always been intrigued by the Humans and how they were so accustomed to that theory. But he knew he could not simply add on to the human race. Therefore, his first creation was the Celestial Elves. He ripped a handful of stars from the sky and mixed them with the bark of a redwood. He took a strand of his own hair and threaded their essence together with it. The next to be born from his hand were the High Elves. He took the metal from the ground and the mushrooms and mixed them together. He then took a blade of grass to sew their essence with. And ordered them to never harm a single being unless provoked. The next and last race to come were the Dark Elves. These were made of the darkness from the underground and the volcanic ash. Their essence was sewn by the silk from a spider. Once he had finished he sent the raven to find Seline and let her know.

However, by now it was too late. Ania had fallen so far that there was no going back. She had given birth to two girls. One was named Khalia Amora and had the gift of life. The other was Daciana Lilly and she had been blessed with the gift of nature. Seline met with the others and they decided that if they didn't act now then there wouldn't be a chance later. So they confronted Ania and banished her from the realm. They then executed the Human that she had mated with. However they left the spawns. In fact they even took them in as their own. Khalila was offered the role as ruler of all Humans, however, the demigoddess of life was more interested in her opposite counterpart; The God of Death. Most would say she even had feelings for him. So she turned down the offer and passed it on to her sister. Eventually, Dracul grew more accustomed to having a shadow and even began to feel sorry for her. Of course, he felt sorry for both of the demigoddesses, but Daciania seemed to stay in her garden of tranquility with her Sabertooth guardians. As Dracul and Khalila spent more time together, he made the decision to gift her her own race. He remembered Khalila talking about what it would be like to fly. And so he gifted her his "perfect" creation and its counterpart; the Avians and the Gargoyles. Daciana was the next to be offered the Humans. She turned it down because she still despised her mother for betraying the Gods and Goddesses. While Daciania stayed to herself her sister was one of the few souls who actually understood her. And so sometimes she would spend time with Dracul as well. Especially when Khalila would be gone for days on end visiting all of the races that were created due to her mother. Daciania thought that Khalila was a gentle soul, sometimes too gentle. She had already forgiven their mother but Daciania couldn't seem to let it go no matter how many times Khalila would try to persuade her otherwise. Every God and Goddess knew of Thor's fascination with the Humans. So naturally he jumped at the chance to become their ruler. He knew of Daciana's love of nature and so when he took over the humans he offered her the Elves. He felt it was only right seeing as how Khalila had control of the Avians and Gargoyles. Daciana being the Mother Nature type, accepted the offer and became the ruler of the Elves.

In the end all was put to rest. However, some races still debate on whether Ania was really banished. Or was she given mercy and stripped of her goddess title and powers due to being marked? There are many out there including Khalila who search for every clue to point them to the latter.

So now you know of how and why we all came to be. My sister would see me sitting here and be disappointed. But I visit all of you in hopes of finding some kind of meaning to life. So please spread the word of your creators. And don't forget, they are always watching.
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