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just poured out my entangled thoughts..please review your opinion.
As i sat there wondering
about all the words his mouth ever said
about all the promises that he ever made
is it really that easy i wondered
leaving someone with tons of unanswered questions
and pointless hope
why do people do that
leave!when all they ever said was that they'll stay
throughout our entire lives
we meet different people
but isn't it crazy
our heart always gets stuck towards the wrong soul
and here we are
fighting our own demons everyday
losing ourselves in process
that fighting them is just making them more powerful
they shouldn't be fought
because sometimes their defeat is in leaving them all alone
as i sat there wondering
where did it all went wrong
and i finally reached to an answer
it didn't !
because sometimes you meet someone only to realize
how better life is without them!
forever is a myth they say
and indeed it is
until its proved by actions that it isn't
rather than quaking it with words
life is short for those who live
and long for those
who wonder
why are they even alive?
when things get messy
and eyes are filled with tears
close your eyes and feel
because that's what makes you a human
a pure soul
we always seek answers but never find any
so just relax and think
are you actually asking the right questions
because that's more important than finding all the answers
life is a mystery to be solved by you
but some mysteries are better when they are kept
as a mystery
not every question needs to be answered
and not every answer you get is right
so enjoy it for what it is
because if you knew everything
there wouldn't be any point in living
would there be?
As i sat there wondering
will it ever get easier?
and yes i found my answer
the one i never knew i was looking for
sometimes you seek the answers you want
when you stop looking for them
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191267