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attraction or love?
Teenage.The most confusing age to be honest.We are growing mentally and physically and in this process we undergo some changes we don't even want. But the most basic problem faced by teenagers is they confuse "love" with "attraction".This is basically the age of making mistakes,falling down and encountering a completely different side of life.But one thing that happen is some get over the trauma,the pain and finally understand life for what it really is while some get stuck and are never really able to figure things out and goes into depression. I think that's the worst part where you just sit numb and you have no idea why you are dealing with something like this but eventually you find answers and it all goes back to how it's meant to be. This is the age where we meet people some good ones some bad ones but always remember both are equally important to learn and grow.We meet people and we enjoy their company we promise them forevers forgetting the fact that forever is just a myth. In time you lose the same people you once thought would be there for you. But the same people that you regret meeting are the ones who teach the greatest lessons of life.Be thankful and never regret anything in life.Because your mistakes turns you into a person you were always meant to be and sometimes even better than that. Every incident that happens shape you for the future.You meet someone and you feel like this is who i was waiting for this whole time. You both enjoy each other's company and everything feels like a fairy tale but not ever tale is suppose to have a beautiful ending. Even most of them end on a sad note but are you really going to stuck to that page of the book of your life where everything ended or you are simply gonna rejoice the good moments and go on living your life.Attraction! this one word or feeling ruins most of the lives, Have you ever been at a stage where you liked someone so much and when you came to realise they don;t like you the same way your feelings eventually got much more ! If yes then you are not the only one because sometimes you like someone and confuse it with love on,y because they don't like you that way. How many times have you ended up being with someone like that and realized it wasn't really love? Most of the time this is what happens when things do work out the way you always wanted them to.Because when it comes down to love it's unconditional. You don't want the other person to be there for loving them or hate them for doing something that hurt you. You can love someone without wanting them back into your life just because you love yourself more.Teenage is going to be full of fun,emotions,pain,lessons and life. You come out of it more wiser and smarter than ever and nothing is more tempting than that.
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