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Rated: E · Short Story · Melodrama · #2191379
This is a short story I created when doing a GTA RP whitelist application(because why not)
(note beforehand. I wrote this in an GTA RP whitelist application as a response to how my character would react to regular police stop... I just realized it went away from being regular police stop but since I already sent it in. no going back now. Anyways hope you enjoy)

Blue and red lights suddenly flash in Duane's rearview mirror. He is startled but he quickly looks to his speedometer and sees he is going a little under 45mph, which was the speed limit. Confused but careful, Duane pulls over to the side of the road, turned off the car's engine, and rolled down his window. The cool night Alabama air hits his face while he struggled to quickly pull out his wallet from his back pocket just in case. Once he got it, he put it on the driver's side seat and waited for the officer to come to his car. It takes a few minutes but the officer, clad in both the black of the night and that of his suit comes to over to his driver's side door. There is a moment of silence as Duane looks at the officer nervously and as the police man stairs at Duane who illuminated by the street light streaming in from the sunroof of his car. "Sir, do you know why I stopped you today?" asks the police officer. "I'm sorry sir, I don't have any idea?" Duane responds. "Really? what about your speed, do you know how fast you were going?" as the officer surveys the inside of the car. "Once I noticed your flashing lights I checked and my speedometer said that I was going between 40 and 45." "Well that rules out one possibility doesn't it?" "I guess it does sir, but other than that I don't know." "Mind handing me your license and registration?" "One second I have to get my registration from the glove compartment," Duane says cautiously as he reaches slowly over to the passenger side. The officer watches him carefully as Duane gets the car registration and gives both that and his license to the officer. "We had a report of a stolen car" the officer mused when he received them. "And look here, this registration is under a different name for the car's owner on the registration." Duane knew that and replied "Of course sir, it's my friend's car. I was barrowing it today to get to and from the bus garage." "Did your FRIEND know you were taking his car?" the officer asks studying Duane's face. " yeah I asked him before I left. It was my only option as my car wasn't starting this morning and I had to get to my job." "uhhhuh. you stay here I'll be right back" the officer comments and goes back to his car. Duane nervously tapped his fingers on his knees while he waited for the officer to get back to him. Five minutes went by. then ten. finally, the officer came back and said to Duane, "I'm sorry for taking up your time tonight sir, turns out the car we are looking for is the same color and make as your car but the license plate was off for two numbers. I thank you for your time, I hope you continue to drive safely and have a good night." "Thank you officer" Duane said as immediately felt a wave of relief. "I hope you have a wonderful night too." he added starting up his car again.

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