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One thought of the tale of transition. Well, the one about childhood to adulthood anyway.
Little Boo Bear,
Lived with Munchkin Roo,
On top of Carrot Tops,
Dreaming of Crystal Chunks.

Crystal Chunks were something older and newer,
It meant they could fly away,
Far, far away,
From Strange Childhood,

Where nothing was quite right,
Or so Logic thought,
All grown up,
And far away from Strange Childhood.

One day nearby,
When the wind was laughing upside down,
Little Boo Bear found some Crystal Chunks,

Or at least they supposed,
For they haven't seen nor heard of such things before.

But it ought to do,
Munchkin Roo thought so too,
For only in the land of Strange Childhood,
Could things never seen nor heard of before,
Truly be true.

Carefully tying each feather found,
Into a jumble and mumbling mess,
Onto each and every arm,
Until all ready to go.

Then a quarrel of sorts,
Of the importance of heart,
Over that of head,
Of the comforts each provides best for each Crystal Chunk,
Did come to be.

Tying Crystal Chunks to the tops of their heads,
(Each knot a little nervous)
And tying one more over the heart,
All to be taken someplace new.

With a flutter and a titter,
Flapping each arm,
Came about an odd sight.

Two little ones,
With holes in their sagging wings,
Stumbled over the wind,
Giggling about in their strange flight.

Soon the Crystal Chunks,
All but disappeared,
Too homesick to stay,
The little ones beginning to fall.

With a tumble and a bumble,
Down they fell,
For down followed ordinary rules,
Whereas up was no longer an option.

Here in this land of no small or large grown up,
No little grown up or that of big,
How strange it is,
How quickly the little ones soon became simply grown up.

Earning unwanted difficulties,
And pushing through or not,
Who knows how the little ones grew up,
And stayed forever them?
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