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Jade is waiting
She sat at the edge of the curb which made its way towards the woods. Only she could imagine what it was like out living in the woods, searching and looking for things that even people have not known existed. She always wondered what it was like to meet someone from another dimension, but with her only being seventeen, she didn't have the knowledge to grasp an idea like that. She called it stupid. She got up from where she was and realized this was the same park that she was dragged towards after she was kidnapped, but that was a long time ago. Her nickname was Jade, no need to call her a child even if she wasn't eighteen; she chose to be an orphan. Jade wandered among the trees that brushed past her and that she had not acknowledged. Her only thought was on the "unknown".
While she scoped out the panorama, she couldn't help but notice that there was a divet in the dirt. She stepped over it; jumping was only a risk. She turned, focused on the hole, and looked around like there was something missing. She stopped in front of the hole staring north and thought, who are the unknown? A minute ticked by on her watch and for a second her whole world disappeared. Then, suddenly a young figure had awakened from the flying object; it was a person from Mars. Men was her first clue, but what about Mars itself? That was just something people thought that was true. Was it true? To separate male and female species?
The boy walked towards her, and she walked two feet behind a tree. Then, the male stretched out a hand and gestured for hers. Jade stared, then respected his request. He kissed the top of her hand and let go and looked her in the eyes as if he had never seen her. She responded in english, "What brought you here?" the boy looked at her and raised his right eyebrow. He laughed and said "Weird." He responded in a squeamish voice, but his tone was slightly deep. "Well, I guess you don't mind...um a." She paused and thought, i'm so stupid! How could he not understand me? I'm an orphan, a russian, and a human! Jade slightly extended her leg, pointing toward the divet. He understood and they both gestured towards the hole. "Ai k-aw-nt," he stopped, he just couldn't. Jade fingered through her hair as he stood there, she was well aware he wasn't capable of pure pronunciation, in the american language. She didn't have a phone, but she had a watch. He had a black suit darker than the night sky that would appear in 2 hours. She was wearing a magenta shirt with tight, denim jeans. All she could find. She blinked her eyes and unexpectedly he was gone. In her mind he had faded, but this was real. He will come back, hopefully. Then, she will be here. Waiting.

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