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Going back in time
I am thrown into the past but everything is different. I grew up in a small town, but now evrything is diffrent. In realty, we lost that house when I was 10 years old. Now, it does not get foreclosed and I am able to grow up there. My father does not become an alcoholic because he was laid off from his job. He contiues to supportmy mother and us 6 children.
I love it there because there are woods and farms and places to explore. i grow up in a good school system and growconfident because I am very smart. My brothers and sisters do not pick on me because our lives are more stable.I have many friends and boyfriends when I am a teenager. I choose to go to college after high school and become a writer.I do meet my first husband and have a baby daughter.
My husband is a musician and very talented. I become successful as a writer. We have a comfortable life and my daughter also isgood in school. She becomes a geologist and rises quickly in her career. I meet many spiritual people and experence a higher purpose to life. Because I liketo travel, Imake friends with people all over the US. In the 1990's, I move to New Orleans where one of my sisters live. I love New Orleans-theculture, the people, the music.
         In 2005, hurricane Katrina hits and we all must evacuate. I don't go back for 9 months and everything has .changed. I don't recognize my old neighborhood and the townhouse I lived in is destroyed. All the street signs are down and the streets are covered in mud. It is easy to get lost because nothing looks the same. Still, I want to stay and help rebuild New Orleans. I volunteer at the Botanical Gardens where I get to plant roses-so lovely.
         Many people don't return but gradually New Orleans is renewed. I stay and I am happy there. I live my life around musicians and Art and good people.

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