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Flash Fiction
Rock Climbing

I decided I’d try rock climbing. It’s big with my daughter-in-law and I was trying to find more shared interests. I’m pretty physical for a crumbly, and I’d been to a rock climbing place with her before, me watching the kids that time, it looked kind of fun.

Of course, I wasn’t about to try it the first time with her. I’m not good in front of people, and I’m a terrible student. I do better when I read the material ahead myself, then ask questions. And really, rock climbing? How hard could that be? Little kids do it!

So, off I went to our local place. A week-day morning, so it would be fairly empty. The check-in person asked me questions and I told her I just needed help with the rented equipment, which was a harness and that stuff you use on your hands. The ropes are already there. I’d read how to use it so I wasn’t a total amateur.

She gave me a map of the “climbs” and number three looked about my size. Not too short, not nosebleed. Off I went.

I attached the rope to my harness as directed and started up, it was more difficult than it looked. Yes, there are “rocks” but if you don’t pick the right one for your size and “wingspan” you’re screwed. I was huffing like a locomotive about half way up. That’s when I stopped to rest and made the mistake of looking down. The floor was about a mile away. I froze.

To make a long story short, I had to be rescued. They said it happens occasionally, that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. Easy for them to say. They weren’t scheduled to go rock climbing with their daughter-in-law the next morning...
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