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Cleaning bedrooms and finding things you don't recognize...
Of all the things that could happen to you during your summer break, cleaning your room is the worst. You are mad at your mom for making you clean it when the sun is bright and there isn't a cloud in sight. You pick up the toys around your bed, straighten the books on the bookshelf, and make up your bed all nice. As you are finishing your task, you notice something black sticking out from under your bed. When you pull it out, it is a shoe box. Why is there a shoe box under your bed?

Carefully, you peel off the tape that is sealing it shut and slowly open the lid. It's empty, but why does it feel so heavy? You lean down closer to examine it closer, putting your hand inside to feel around. Suddenly, a bright light shines out from the box and blinds you. When your vision clears, you can tell that something is definitely wrong.

What in the world happened? Everything looks so strange. You are not in your bedroom anymore, that's for sure. Are those trees over there to your left? Is that a lake in front of you? Could this be a dream? You walk towards the lake and sit down on the edge. You begin to wish for your mother. Will you ever see her again?

As the tears begin to fill your eyes, you don't notice the ripples in the water. Something in the lake is coming towards you. With a splash, something shoots out of the water and pulls you under. You struggle against its strong grip on your arm, but your attempts meet no avail. The water is too dark for you to see what has you. You are scared that it is a monster that will eat you.

To your surprise, you realize that you can breathe. Soon, a light appears in front of you. You can see the creature that is pulling you. It isn't a creature at all. It is your mother. She turns back to you and stops pulling you. She begins shaking you and calling out your name.

You blink open your eyes and stare up at your frustrated mother. She tells you to stop daydreaming and get back to work. You nod, and she leaves your bedroom. You set aside the black shoe box with a smile and finish cleaning your room.

401 words in the piece
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191577