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The recipe for a military coup in America
Brigadier General Charles J. Dunlap Jr suggested in a paper he wrote in the early 90's that it wasn't an unrealistic scenario that the US military would launch a coup against our government under the right conditions.

Those conditions include:

*Our representative form of government starts to break down when Congressmen disregard the wishes of the electorate.
*The government forsakes Capitalism for Socialism
*We put a president and Congress in power, intent on bankrupting the nation.
*We place a Commander in Chief in office who is indecisive about military decisions or who makes bad decision relating to a war
*All three branches of the government ignore the intent of the Constitution
*Open borders - Illegal Immigration

Dunlap concluded at the time he wrote his assessment that America might already be on the fringe of a military coup because most of the above were already taking place. During the Obama presidency he was interviewed by CBS and asked if he still predicted a coup could happen under the present leadership. He predicted that on the road the government was taking, a coup could take place as early as 2016. In a follow-up interview after the election of Donald Trump, Dunlap said he believed a coup was still in the forecast, but maybe delayed for awhile.

Most Americans are unaware that we actually have four branches of government. The military is number four, even though some claim it falls under the Executive Branch. In fact, the military falls mostly under the electorate than anywhere else because it is composed entirely of "We the People". All members are sworn to protect the people and the Constitution from all harm. "All harm", could also mean bad government.

The idea of a military coup in the US is nothing new. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was not convinced he would get away with his "Once in, always in" speech just before declaring war on the Confederacy. He authorized the creation of a sub-group under the Secret Service whose main purpose was to spy on his own military. That group still thrives today. They keep a close watch on our military leaders and report directly to the president.

In 1876, after Congress allowed the final southern state (Texas) to have representation again, the Senate created a similar spy agency that reports to what is now the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Though southern officers swore an oath of allegiance before being allowed back into the Union military, Congress was worried some might instigate a military coup. That agency is still operational and was very active during the Obama presidency.

All six of Dunlap's conditions for a coup were in full swing during the Obama presidency. Poll after poll indicated that the electorate were convinced their elected officials did not represent their wishes, yet the same folks got re-elected time after time. Today, Capitalists and entrepreneurs are being vilified by our media as blood suckers getting rich off the backs of the poor. One entitlement program after another is slowly bankrupting the economy with no end in sight. Illegal Immigration is at an all time high while elected officials do next to nothing to put a stop to it. The Supreme Court hasn't ruled on a Constitutional issue correctly in many years. Declaring that Intimate Domain was created by our forefathers to allow government to take private property away from one citizen and give to another, was an eye-opener for sure.

A good indication that we were getting close to a coup was to watch the reaction of the West Point cadets as president Obama announced his plan for the war against terrorism. Unlike other presidents speaking before the Academy, these future officers never gave Obama a standing ovation. They clapped once at the beginning, once in the middle because the Commandant did, and at the end because they were happy he was finished. Many commentators were baffled by this lack of support and disrespect for their Commander in Chief.


Obvious groups in America are working at record speeds to destroy the very fabric of Capitalism; the fabric that has kept this economy the best in the world for the last couple of centuries. It is next to impossible to stop them because a good portion of the electorate have been propagandized by the biased media. Too many are eating out of the public feeding trough and are happy with the scraps handed to them by liberals in power. Educated folks like myself and the people agreeing with my assessment here, are just too small in numbers to stop the destruction before it is too late. I expect to see a military coup in my lifetime that will be instigated by patriots attempting to restore sanity to a misinformed electorate.

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