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by Paul
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She wants him to teach her the art of faceting.
“Hi, I’m Connie, Can I watch?”

“Sure, Connie, I’m Ian. See that thing in the corner? There, on the floor.”

“The rock?”

“Actually it’s a jelly opal from Mexico. It’s covered in calcite. Hand it here.”

“Looks like a rock.”

“When I’m finished you’ll want it.”

“What are you doing now?”

“Cutting the flat side flatter so I can mount it on a dop.”

“A what?”

“A dop. This little metal peg. It allows me to hold it in a the caliper so I can control angles and sections. If I take it out to work on another stone it’ll remount exactly and I won’t lose precision. The stone needs a flat side to glue to the first dop. That’ll become the table.”


“The flat surface you see on many cut stones. The other pointy side is the pavilion.”

“Way complex.”

“Not really, it’s all by the numbers. I can teach you the basics in a couple hours. You’ll need the patience of ‘Job’ to get good.”

“Would you?”

“Teach you? Sure. There are few women that cut and I think it’s a problem.”


“Because I don’t like hanging around with a lot of old farts like me.”

“So it’s a sex thing?”

“What? God, no, it’s the view. You’ll notice my windows don’t show blank concrete walls either.”

“So you’re not interested in sex?”

“What? What’re you . . . You’re screwing with me.”

“Yeah, I am. Peggy said you’re fun. I’ll buy dinner, when can we start?”

“Now, grab that chair. Next time wear a different shirt.”

“Safety problems?”

“No, I can see down your top, it’s distracting.”

“Got me. Now you’re screwing with me.”

“No, I’m serious.”

“I like that. At my age I don’t draw a lot of attention.”

“You draw mine.”

“Good. What’s next?”

“Patience, grasshopper.”

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