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by Paul
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He just has to be himself.
“Hi, Mr. Engle? This is agent Paulson, you know who I’m with. This is a courtesy call, do you have a few moments?”

“Yes, agent, what can I do for you?”

“It’s actually for you Mr. Engle. For your well being. We see you booked a flight to LA and I’d like to recommend you don’t leave town. Cancel that trip, Mr. Engle.”

“In heavens name, why? It’s business I have to take care of.”

“We know, sir. You are being looked at very hard by some very bad people. You own a small, but very private airline. You have a good, long standing reputation with the people who check you flying in and out of the country. They want you to become a mule.”

“If I refuse?”

“You have family, sir. These people are not nice.”

“What do you suggest?”

“I’m just down the hall from you. I’ll be there in 2 minutes.”

“Mr. Engle? Agent Paulson, let’s move inside, good, how are you, sir?l


“They’ll call and offer you a lot of money for ‘Special Handling’ a package from Singapore to LA for them. Smuggling. Argue the terms a bit, demand more for you reputation. There’ll be 3 of the rackets top bosses on the maiden flight. We‘ll have a dog smell something to warrant a search. We will have to hold your plane as evidence for a time. I’ll try to shorten that.”

“Okay, and after?”

“You’ll have been tainted in their eyes. You’ve been looked at by the cops. The cops will pull you apart so I hope no hidden skeletons.”

“None. No girlfriend, no ex-wife, nothing. I don’t kick dogs either.”

“Okay. Contact will be limited. Good night, Mr. Engle. Just be you.”

“I don’t know any other way.”
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