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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2191633
What can happen when a hiker decides to go off the beaten trail...
Word Count- 486
Genre- Horror-Scary
Promp- item-2190582

         The girl looked ethereal in such bright light after his long, dark trek through that tunnel. At first, it seemed huge enough of a mistake going on any off-trail hike up an unknown mountain. Then, to discover some man-sized hole set right in topmost rock face, so analogous of it's wide-open mouth ready to consume him.
         Five whole hours spent going deeper and deeper into it's mighty gullet, with nothing but the clothes on his back as well as smartphone's built-in flashlight. Just about dead on arrival, even though in wonder of how the dying charge's dim beam of light miraculously grew in size at each new step. The young man's blessed realization there had to be one heck of a cavern up ahead, if not entry into Middle Earth itself.
         So swept away by terrific height and depth of it. Such a grand space measured by car-length stalactites the source of blinding white energy that pulsed down into a great valley, he at first did not see the fair-haired nymph as she bathed. Nubile and voluptuous, no mere mortal whose fair skin sparkled like those glistening deposits, which dripped down from an unseen cave-top. Her reflection in what he surmised as centuries of collected rainwater, presently the vast lake that mirrored enough incandescence to make his eyes blink.
         Whether a single minute or within an hour's befuddled estimation, the temptress acknowledged his alien presence. Not nearly as startled as he, with a come-hither nod of her off-turned head all the invitation needed to quickly disrobe and swim out to accept whatever she offered him. Unsure when slick rush of water became amphibious skin just as cold, smooth and unsubstantial. Anxious to see if countenance matched body's unworldly perfection, once head emerged from tinsel-like swells.
         Trembling fingers parted strands of the blondest hair he ever saw not from a bottle. One moment of joyous expectation there would be much of the same natural beauty beneath, until quite suddenly tresses the consistency of ocean seaweed exposed something surely out of it's most deepest regions. Lidless eyes with no rings of color but pure black, so reminiscent of a shark. Absence of any real nose to speak of except for two small slits. An open maw full of forked, savage looking teeth.
         The swim to shore took forever. Fear that every stroke taken his last, with those jaws out of blockbuster book and films he enjoyed as a boy no longer merely fictionalized, but about to tear him apart. Barely of the right mindset to stop upon rocky surface and redress, or otherwise leave anything else able to slow a body down. Who knew how much time had elapsed before feet still at a nifty pace began to feel like rubber, each breath a whooshing sound while chest heaved for air, but the cavern's whitish glow remained as big as ever?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191633