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When a man's hand gets stuck down the drain,his family tries to help him pull it out!
Thirty-five year old Mark Robinson was in his kitchen doing the dishes and was put the used water down the drain when his wedding ring slipped off his finger and down the drain but he could it just in time.

He then tried to pull his hand but was absolutely shocked to discover that it wouldn't budge no matter how he pulled and pulled and pulled and said to his wife, "Rosie,could you please come in here,I need your help?"

Rosie ran into the kitchen and burst into laughter when she saw her husband's predicament and after the situation was explained to her said, "This could literally only to you but don't worry,I'll give you a hand," as she then grabbed onto his waist and the two pulled and pulled unsuccessfully with all their strength.

The curvaceous middle-aged blond said, "Wow,your hand certainly is stuck in there tight," and called the two's son Peter to come help as he then grabbed onto his mom's short dark blue skirt as the trio pulled and pulled with all their strength but the middle-aged man's hand still refused to move.

Peter then called his sister Suzy and his girlfriend Alice,who both burst into laughter when they saw the situation but were more than happy to pull.

Alice pulled the belt of Suzy's skirt as Suzy pulled her brother's t-shirt as everyone pulled,tugged and heaved with all their strength.

Alice joked, "This is just like the enormous turnip story," as everyone laughed and the family dog Baxter noticed the epic tug of war and began pulling the hem of Alice's skirt and with a single tug,Peter's hand was pulled from the drain at last,sending everyone tumbling backwards into a heap on the kitchen floor as the dog looked on.

"Thank goodness for that,I'm finally free," said Peter as he hugged and kissed his wife before hugging his children,Alice and Baxter,who licked his face before thanking everyone for helping him.

He then gave Baxter a treat as Roise joked, "I think I'll do the dishes from now on," as everyone laughed and they went into the living room to relax after all their efforts.
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