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A poem about hiding your true self
Transgender Woman Living in a Small Town

The right lipstick can make you look more feminine
The right matte can cover up the beard shadow
It’s cheaper than electrolysis

The right eyeshadow can give your eyes the sparkle of femininity
With practice, your voice can rise
But it’s never enough to feel whole

Don’t be afraid to buy the best razor available
Don’t just use it on the legs, but on the arms and chest
Take extra long showers to get every inch of skin smooth

Buy the sundress online because you’re too afraid to be seen in the store
Buy a pack of panties too
Get all dressed up for Saturday night

Paint yourself up like a new toy
Paint your nails every beautiful color you can imagine
Practice wearing high heels

Then stay home
There is no where you can go like this without fear
Pet your cat, smoke a cigarette, then look at yourself in the mirror

Skip dinner so you can fit into that dress
Tuck it between your legs
Then take everything off

Wash your face
Take acetone to your nails
Put on some jeans and a tshirt

Now hit the bar scene as a man
Incomplete, but unafraid
Keep the cute panties on
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