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I am inspirational to an extent
I say I'm inspirational to an extent not because I talk a lot publicly or sound like a speaker; but because there is a small backstory to me, I wrote music in my spare time, I saw myself as a tree, I grew and grew and my friends where my fruits. But I soon changed my mind, it took time, effort and a lot of dedication not to realize... but to grow and see things with more maturity. I was a very dedicated writer and person I worked my regular 9-5 job and found comfort in the arms of my past.....lover.

I lost her...well she lost me, you see a good man will never forgive the woman if she did the man horrible... However we still wish the best for her. We as a "good person" find no harm to others no matter how bad you treat us and that creates the giant gap between good and bad, after all...How much better are you if you seek to do the wrong that has been done to you?

let us not forget one thing however, A good person isn't good because they try to look good, they are good out of the sheer pureness of their heart and that is the secret to being the good person....Now it's interesting but...how does it connect to me??

I changed. I found myself being different, less social and definitely creating distance all over a Heartbreak, which stands for the "H" in my Pen.
I spend time searching and trying so many things to create a better or me or at least regain the good I was separated from, I tried many things until I found the Remedy, The R in my pen.
and finally my solution I finally found exactly what helped me move on from the person I was greatly connected to. finally defining the S in my Pen.
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