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But they are so cute!


Joey and Mark sat in the backyard. Holes in the yard made it look like a minefield. The latest hole they dug they were now filling with rocks from the alley. Back and forth they had pulled a little red wagon filled with gray stones.

Mom looked out the kitchen window and then she raced out the back door.

"What's going on here?" she yelled.

"Hi Mom!"

"Boys! What are you doing?"

The boys stood up. They were covered from head to toe in brown mud. "We're digging holes!"

"I can see that. Why are you making such a mess in the yard? You are both in such trouble!"

"Well, we thought we'd dig up all the dandelions for you since you said how ugly they were and then we thought we'd put some stones in the holes so no more dandelions would grow back in the holes cause the stones would be so heavy they would stop the dandelions from growing so that's whats we's been doing." Joey stopped for a breath. "But we saved some for you!" He held out a bouquet of three wilted yellow blooms while Mark gave Mom a muddy hug.

Mom tried hard not to laugh.

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