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by JDog
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2191738
Ryan a young man was working as a night guard for Circus Baby's Pizza World.
*Ryan was working for his second night as a nightguard is Circus Baby's Pizza World*

Ryan: Boy this job is easy although I wonder who was the first person to work here?

*the system came on as Ryan was told that something was going on in the breaker room and he had to repair it manually*

Ryan: Ok breaker room got it but where is it?

*the system opened the door to Ballora's Gallery then Ryan was told he had to get to the breaker room without getting caught by Ballora*

Ryan: B-Ballora? But she dances on the stage right?

*Ryan started to crawl through Ballora's Gallery he then started to hear music in the distance as he tried to get to the breaker room then heard a voice*

Ballora: 🎶Who is walking in my room? When I catch you i'll seals your doom🎶

Ryan: *whispered* That must be Ballora I gotta get there quickly. *he started to move faster*

Ballora: *heard the movement and grabbed his legs* 🎶Now I have you in my grips soon you'll be on my hips🎶

Ryan: Ahhh Ballora please don't hurt me!

*Ballora opened her mouth as she started to eat Ryan's legs first*

Ryan: Oh no she's eating me!

*Ballora soon swallowed Ryan completely*

Ryan: Ballora are you going to kill me...?

*Ballora went into protection mode*

Ballora: No Ryan I'm here to protect you. Just relax ok.

Ryan: Ok Ballora.
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