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by JDog
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2191741
Ryan has a picnic with Nina Cortex from Crash Bandicoot
Ryan and Nina were walking to a park to have a picnic.

Ryan: It's a perfect day to have a picnic right Nina?

Nina: Yes my lovely Ryan it's a beautiful day.

Ryan and Nina have been dating for a few months ever since Nina's uncle Neo Cortex allowed her to date others.

Ryan: Hmmm i think up on this hill is a nice spot.

Nina lies out the picnic blanket as Ryan started pulls out the food from picnic basket alot of different food was being placed around from sandwiches to pies to all kinds of other sweets.

Ryan: Nina dear I think you packed more desserts then anything else.

Nina: Oh I see hmm maybe a certain boyfriend want to feed her gothic girlfriend~

Ryan didn't waste any time as he grabbed a few sandwiches and started to force a few into Nina's mouth.

Nina: Mmmpfh Ryan~

Nina soon felt her belly starting to expand from the food as she moaned a bit Ryan blushed as he force fed her the sandwiches. Nina continuously ate the food Ryan force fed into her mouth.


Ryan: Wow great burp babe~!

Nina: *blushes red* Thanks babe but I'm hungry for dessert.

Ryan: *started feeding her all pies and cookies*

Nina: Ohhh that was delicious but I see one more treat to eat~

Ryan: Huh what is it?

Nina quickly grabs Ryan as she started to eat him whole.

Nina: Phew... such a delicious picnic~
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