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by Manish
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Describes about the benefits and problems of Politics for students community.
Students are the image of our society's prosperous future which are very vital for the survival of our society; Our country in the fast changing environment. They are the assets of our nation and their family members who have great expectation from them so that they can able to attain top most position in the society which they can only achieve by fulfilling the prescribed responsibilities that are provided by their Examination center. But with only acquisition of bookish knowledge can transform a dumb man wise then there was no need social interaction, society for the students. This proposal is an ill defined. Because a student cannot prosper only with bookish knowledge. Knowledge of day to day happenings, changes in the environment are also necessary to be acquired. Likewise knowledge regarding Political matters is also an important prospect which the student should keep up to date. It provides various knowledge regarding the party in power. Their working and how they represent India in vast global village, Their ideologies, How they are helping the backward section of our country etc. It is important for all the student because conversation among these politicians are related to their behavior for the society and this conversation also unveil various shortcomings of their working that would help the students to make decision during voting season and also to shape others value for this politicians. So it is necessary for colleges to politically educate the students. But like some insects which are attached to Wholesome fruits which lessens its value; politics is also that fruit which with providing benefit have devastated life of various Leaders, politician, students who had to drop their education, their family, their parents for fulfilling the political agenda. Politics today is not the one which our forefather have used to save India from the clutches Britishers rule; It has become that chaos where people are constantly accusing one another; where millions of people are killed, burnt for the sake of dirty politics. These leaders to carry out such an strategy uses the help of the students from various colleges, schools by joining them on their party. They misuse these students immaturity to carry out various political processions, shouting of political slogans, Harassing the opposite parties followers etc. And if during the processions anything serious happens, They blame other parties. Thus this panorama instead of benefiting the students had made them addicted to it thus had resulted in mass dropout of talented youth and also reduced their academic performance. All these had inevitably interfered with this Students primary objective of getting fruitful education from various institutions and had proven injurious for their intellect and moral growth.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191748