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A mysterious love blossoms between two tenants living in the same apartment building.
Chapter 1

It was a hot summer morning in the busy city of New York. The sun was shining bright and birds were chirping. A moving van pulls up, and parks in front of the Tree Pines apartment complex across the street from the famous Central Park.
An older short man with gray hair and eye glasses walks out of the building in a navy blue jump suit. He smiled, and waved while a young woman with blond hair and green eyes stepped out of the vans passenger side. She smiled and waved back. She turned to the driver.
“I’ll be a minute” she said.
He nodded and she walked over to meet the man. He greeted her graciously holding his hand out to shake hers. He pointed at his name tag.
“I’m maintenance. Joe” he said.
She introduced herself.
“Jacintha Drake”.
Joe pulls out a ring with over a hundred keys on it.
“I’m here to show you to your apartment” he said jingling the keys.
“Manager is never really here” he admitted walking into the building.
Jacintha follows Joe inside looking around at the chic décor.
“The manager that’s Mr. Ardsley right” she asked?
A voice shouted out at her.
“Yeah. Too rich and smug worrying about how fast his piggy bank is growing than about us living in this tin can”.
Jacintha looks over at a young man with light brown hair and blue eyes standing in the archway smirking at her. Curiosity struck her and couldn’t help but to stare. He winked at her and Joe interrupted her gaze. “Yeah, Mr. Ardsley. He is a busy man” he mentioned.
The young man laughed “give me a break”.
“Come on let me show you to your room” Joe said walking up the stairs.
Jacintha followed Joe to apartment 5A and he pulled out a separate set of keys for her room.
“Would you like to do the honors” he asked?
Jacintha smiled grabbing the keys. She excitedly jiggled the key into the keyhole. She turns the nob slowly opening the door to a blank empty room. She spun around a couple times in the middle of the room and walked over to the window. Looking out she noticed the movers down stairs by the van waiting for her. She opened up the window letting a gust of fresh air blow through. She took a big whiff and exhaled calmly.
“It’s perfect” she said.
Joe smiled and nodded.
“If you ever need me Ms. Drake let me know” he ensured her before he left.
Once he was gone she jumped for joy excited about her first space all on her own.

Chapter 2

About an hour later Jacintha was almost finished moving in. The young man from earlier decided to walk by to check in with her. She was kneeling in the middle of the room unpacking a box that was labeled personal. He took a mental note of the box.
“You all moved in”.
When she noticed him she slid the box out of sight and stood up to greet him.
“Not quite” she said.
He looks over at the mover struggling with her furniture up the steps and she looks ashamed.
“I feel so bad. What kind of apartment complex doesn’t have an elevator” she asked rhetorically?
“So, I’m guessing your not going to have any help unpacking tonight. But with my help you could be all moved in by the morning”.
She looked surprised “you want to help me unpack”?
“That’s the neighborly thing to do” he said.
More curiosity tickled Jacintha. The mover interrupted by bringing in her couch.
“You promise” she asked?
He smirked “I do”.
The mover places her furniture down.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize how big of a job this was going to be” she apologized as she handed him a bottle of water and a big tip.
He snatched the money out of her hand.
“I’m sorry again” she said while he left.
She looked over and her neighbor was gone. She didn’t even notice him leave. Jacintha pondered about how the night was going to go. She nervously opened a bottle of wine and waited for him to come back. It was close to midnight and she got as much done as she could but he never showed. She curled up on her sofa drinking the last glass of wine upset and confused on why?
She didn’t even know his name.

Chapter 3

The next morning after she had breakfast she walked downstairs to the maintenance office and knocked on the door. Joe answered with a donut in his mouth. She giggled.
“Hey, Joe. I’m sorry to bother you but I forgot to ask about the mail”.
He took a sip of coffee to wash down his donut to gather his thoughts. His eyes got wide.
“Oh” he shouted. “I’m so sorry dear” he walked into his office and dug into his desk.
He came out with a card “here this opens up your box. Just insert and open.”
She smiles “thanks Joe”.
Jacintha walks to the mail room and opens up her mailbox but it’s empty.
“No mail yet huh 5A”?
She looks over at him and he is standing there with the same cute smirk he always has on his face. She all of a sudden got angry and slammed the mailbox shut ignoring him and walking out the mail room. He chased after her.
“Look” he tried to explain.
She stopped and yelled in his face “don’t. All you guys are all the same. I don’t know what your trying to pull but…”
An elderly lady is walking by them while they argue. Her chihuahua continuously barked at him while the lady gave Jacintha a dirty look.
He laughed. “Making friends already”.
She rolled her eyes and continued to walk away from him.
He follows her “hey, hey 5A wait”.
She takes one step up the staircase and he places his hand on her shoulder. A shock like electricity moves throughout her body. He pulls his hand away quickly and she faces him to hear him out.
“Look, I’m not trying to pull nothing. I didn’t mean to be an assho--” he stops clearing his throat. “Let’s start over I’m Mason. Mason Sweet” he reaches his hand out.
Joe watches Jacintha on the stairs he walks by sipping on his coffee shaking his head.
“Come on 5A. Don’t leave me hanging” Mason joked.
She looked at him up and down deciding to walk away. Mason pulls his hand away in embarrassment while Joe takes another sip of coffee and mutters "mm-hmm" under his breath before closing his office door.

Chapter 4

A week later Jacintha runs into the building out of breath and sweaty from a run through the park. As she’s catching her breath she notices Mason walking down the hall.
“Mason” she screamed out.
“Oh, hey 5A” he said.
She walks over “Jacintha Drake” she finally told him.
“What” he asked confused?
“My name. You know instead of calling me 5A. You can call me Jacintha”.
He begins to laugh.
“Why are you laughing” she asked with a smile?
“Jacintha” he replied.
“What? How? Who?”
She laughs with him.
“Yeah, I know It's uncommon. It’s a mix of my parents names. My dad is Jason and my mom is Cintha.” Mason nods “creative” he said.
Jacintha smile fell into a frown.
“Hey. So, what happened that night. You never came back” she asked concerned?
“I’m sorry I stood you up. I haven’t been in a very good place lately but I shouldn't have promised something and not follow through” he apologized endearingly.
“Don’t worry about it.”
They awkwardly stare at each other for a moment.
“I should probably go” he said.
“Okay” she agreed sounding disappointed.
While she was watching him walk away she mustered up the courage to call out to him.
He turned around.
“Would you like some coffee” she offered.
He smiled.

Chapter 5

Up stairs in apartment 5A Mason is walking around Jacintha’s apartment looking at old family photos. As he looks at one with Jacintha hugging a man in one he instantaneously got a throbbing headache. He winced in pain grabbing the back of his head.
“Are you alright” she asked?
She walked over to the table with two mugs in her hand.
“I’m fine” he ensured her.
He took another look at the picture and the sound of the mugs hitting the table grabbed his attention. “So, Jacintha”.
She interrupts him. “Please, call me Jace.”
“Okay, Jace. So, what is it that you do”?
She blows on the coffee before taking a sip.
“Well, I am a kindergarten teacher” she answered.
“Oh, shit summer vacations” he responded in a funny tone getting her to laugh.
“Technically, this will be my first legit teaching job. I just finished my degree and my professor helped me land a job at a school fifteen minutes from here”.
He was listening intently.
“So, why teaching” he asked?
She looked passed him at the photo of her and the guy “my ex actually”.
She walked over to the photo.
“The man in this picture with me. We met in kindergarten and became best friends. Elijah use to joke that our teacher was his wing man because she assigned our seats together. It made me believe that I can help shape my students lives. I was so in love with him”.
Mason felt her heart ache.
“What happened” he asked?
“It ended. About two years ago” she said sitting on the couch.
He can tell it was hard for her to talk about. “You don’t have to tell me”.
She shook her head “no it’s fine”.
She took a minute to find the right words.
“When we got to college he began to change. He started drinking a lot which led him to lie and cheat. We got into the hugest argument we had our entire lives things were said and he went out drinking one night. Got himself in some real trouble.”
While listening to her Mason realized he was standing over the box labeled personal on it and he peaked in. He saw a pile of letters addressed to her from a county jail. Mason became a little uncomfortable and he clears his throat. Jace looked up and caught him looking in the box.
“I should go” he said.
She stands up “go but you didn’t finish your coffee”.
“To be honest. I don’t even like coffee but thank you” he said backing up slowly toward the door.
Jace sat back on the couch disappointed worried that she might of scared him off.

Chapter 6

After their conversation Jace has been going out of her way the last few days looking for Mason dying to clear the air. She knocks on the Maintenance office door “Joe” she cried. He answered “is there a problem Ms. Drake”? “Joe is there anyway you can tell me how to find what apartment Mas” he interrupted her “I’m sorry Ms. Drake I’m not allowed to disclose that kind of information”. She bats her green eyes “Joe come on. For me”. He shakes his head “I’m sorry”. She is upset but understanding “thanks anyway Joe” she said. Once she gave up looking for him she had to rush out to do some errands. When she opened her door she was startled by him standing in the hallway “Mason” she screamed holding her chest “what are you doing out here” she asked? “I locked myself out of my apartment” he answered? “Oh, why don’t you just get Joe” she asked? “He wasn’t there”. Jace looked confused “that’s weird. He’s always there”. She grabbed his hand “come on” she said pulling him into her apartment. “You can stay here for now but I do have to run out real quick. But before I leave can I ask? Are we okay?” He turns around and looks at her puzzled “Yeah, of course we are okay”. She smiled “you promise”. He grabbed her hands and smiled back “I do”. She knew it right there she was falling for Mason. “I was just checking I thought maybe I threw too much on you and scared you off” she started ranting. “Hey” he said forcefully getting her to stop talking. “I’m still here”. She could not stop smiling “yeah, okay well I really need to go. How about I pick up some food on the way back and we can talk some more” she said. “Sounds perfect” he agreed. About an hour later Jace came rushing back excited walking in the door only to find an empty apartment. “Mason” she called out hoping he would respond from another room but he didn’t. She put the bags down in the kitchen and sauntered over to the sofa. She exhaled sadly as she sat down looking out her window.

Chapter 7

It has been a month since Jace has seen Mason and she decided to move on. She has been living her summer up and going on different dates. Jace met a guy while running in the park one day and has been steadily going out with him numerous times. What started as a good night kiss after there fifth date quickly escalated into more. They rushed into the building running up the steps and once they reached her floor her date slams his body against hers pressing her against the wall. He vigorously begins rubbing his hands all over her body while they kissed. They slowly made there way down the hall to her door. He grabbed her arms throwing them up over her head as his fingers slowly graze down her arms continuing to trace the frame of her body. He continued to kiss her neck while she dug in her pockets for her keys. She began to moan with pleasure until she opened her eyes and there he was. Mason was walking down the hallway giving her a disgruntled look. She dropped her keys stopping her date from kissing her neck “what” he asked? He looks over his shoulder to see what she was looking at. “Jacintha” he screamed to get her attention “what” he asked again while going in for another kiss but she stops him. “I’m actually really tired. I think maybe you should go.” He’s upset but reluctantly agrees “if that’s what you want”. “It is” she said quickly “I’ll call you” she claimed while picking her keys up off the floor. She goes in leaning up against her door holding her chest. Her heart is beating so fast and it feels like she can hardly breathe. She felt strange making it hard for her to fall asleep. She tossed and turned all night.

Chapter 8

The next day she received a call from her date from last night wondering if she was interested in going for a run. She accepted his invitation and was ready to walk out the door. Outside of her apartment was Mason “so, how was the rest of your night” he asked bitterly. She was offended by his tone “it was great actually” she said to irritate him before walking off. He followed her down the hall “yeah, I bet you made him a very happy man last night”. She turned around to face him “excuse me” she said. He continued to lecture her “How long have you even known that guy” he asked? She speaks up defending herself “what I do is none of your business” she explains walking away again. “So, that’s it. Your just going to walk away from this. Like there is nothing between us” he pours his heart out. Once again she stops and turns around “how can there be Mason” she says while walking closer and closer to him. “You are always MI.A. Every time we begin to grow closer you literally disappear.” Her tone changes and she leans up against the wall “you have no right to be angry at me” she said somberly. Mason puts both hands on the wall trapping Jace between his arms leaning in touching her forehead with his. “Looks like I’m not the only one angry here” he whispered. She scoffed rubbing his arm lovingly. They look into each others eyes and this glare in Mason’s eye makes Jace’s heart beat fast. He licks his lips and on impulse Jace pulls him forward and kisses him aggressively. They bust through her apartment door erotically kissing and grabbing one another walking over to the bed. She playfully pushes him onto the bed and she sat on his lap wrapping her legs around him. She stops for a second to gaze into his blue eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was feeling this happy again. They starting laughing aloud continuing to have fun. On the other side of the wall her neighbor an over weight red haired woman with freckles was trying to watch TV in her living room and she over hears them through the walls. She furiously bangs on the wall to shut them up.

Chapter 9

A couple hours later Jace is laying in Mason’s arms. They are both lying there in silence and she is watching him looking peaceful. “You know this the longest amount of time we’ve spent together since I moved in” she said breaking the silence. Mason smiles and kisses her forehead “I know and it feels amazing”. The room goes silent again and she lays her head on his chest. “You know what I just realized. Why are we always at my apartment”. Jokingly he answered “because yours is nicer than mine”. She laughs “no I’m serious. You do live in this building right” she asked? “No” he answered. She sat up staring at him in disbelief. He tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t “come on. I’m kidding”. She smacks his stomach “of course I live here”. “That wasn’t funny Mason. So, then when do I get to see your apartment”? He gets up and begins getting dressed “whenever you want. I live in 3B”. “Wait, where are you going”? “Trust me I don’t want to go but I have to”. She kneels up on the bed and crawls over to him “I got something I need to take care of but I’ll see you tomorrow” he said wrapping his arms around her. She gives him a soft kiss on the lips “you promise”. He smiled “I do” he answered walking out of the room. She fell back on to the bed grabbing her chest. She had this over whelming feeling over take her body. She knew right then and there that she was in love.

Chapter 10

In the morning Jace walks down stairs to check her mail. “Ms. Drake” she hears. “Oh, hi Joe.” He smiled “morning Ms. Drake. Your boyfriend was looking for you this morning”. She got excited “Mason” she asked. He shook his head “no ma’am. A young man in running shoes who talked my ear off about how to eat healthy.” She shakes her head “oh, god. Sorry Joe that’s not my boyfriend”. “Thank god” Joe admitted. Jace was looking through her mail “I actually been seeing Mason. Tell him I was looking for him okay”. She started to walk out “I have some paper work to fill out. School starts in a few weeks.” Joe nods his head but looks confused. As excited as she is about being a teacher she was more excited to see Mason and she rushed home to see him. On her way she bought a bottle of wine and walked up to apartment 3B. She was slightly nervous and knocked on the door lightly. A woman with dark brown eyes and long curly brown hair with highlights answered in men boxers and wearing a white t-shirt with no bra. “Yeah, what”?Jace’s blood ran cold “Um, does Mason live here” she asked anxiously? “What the hell do you want with Mason” she asked defensively? Jace’s heart sunk and she dropped the bottle walking away heart broken. The wine spilled everywhere “yo, bitch what the fuck. Are you kidding me right now? Your just going to walk away” she screamed. The woman grabbed her phone to call maintenance “Joe some crazy lady just dropped a bottle of red wine right in front of my door. It’s every where. Can you come clean it up” she asked? “Cause I’m not” she said while slamming her door. Jace went right to bed and didn’t come out of her apartment for over a week.

Chapter 11

Joe noticed there was something wrong and he went to check on her. He knocked on the door a few times. She yelled “go away”. He knocked a couple more times “Ms. Drake I am not leaving until I see your face”. She huffed but opened the door. Joe smiled and handed her all her mail. She yanked the mail out of his hand throwing it on the kitchen table and curling back up on the couch. Joe walks in looking around at the mess “Ms. Drake please. Look at this place. This is not healthy for you”. She covered her head with a blanket “Joe, I know your concerned but I’m fine. Really” she tried to assure him. He sat down on the couch and pulled the blanket off “who are you trying to fool me or you” he asked? Her eyes filled up with tears and she finally let out a good cry on Joe’s shoulder. “Come on Ms. Drake you can pull it together. Do it for your students. You don’t want to start the new school year off like this.”. She pulls away “Your right” she agreed wiping her tears away. “Get out. Enjoy the sun. Go for a run. Get some ice cream. The summer is coming to an end.” He made her laugh “thanks Joe”. He smiled patting her knee before he left. She got up and folded the blanket. Looking around the apartment she realized Joe was right and she began cleaning. She was done feeling sorry for herself.

Chapter 12

It was orientation day at school and she walked down the stair case and Mason was waiting for her at the bottom. When she got closer he called her “5A”. She brushed him off “don’t” she said walking by him. Joe over heard heard voice and quickly stepped out of his office. “I don’t understand. what happened? What did I do ? When I left we were good”. Him being clueless angered her and she couldn’t keep calm anymore “yeah, we were fine. We were great actually until I stopped by and a naked woman answered your door” she yelled. Mason looked confused “Jacintha what are you talking about?” She rolls her eyes “please, don’t play dumb. I’m tired of being played. We were always at my apartment because your in a relationship.” She turns her back on him “Jace, I swear I do not have a girlfriend. Are you even sure you knocked on the right door” he asked? At he same time they both said “3B”. Mason looks frustrated and Jace looks up set. Mason puts his hands on her shoulder to comfort her “listen, I’m only seeing you” he assured her. She looks up at him “you promise” she said. “I do” he answered. The old lady with the chihuahua comes out of her apartment and starts walking down the steps. “Look I’m going to figure this out okay” he said walking up the steps. The dog began barking at him as they walked by. With all the commotion going on Joe finally decides to walk over “Ms. Drake are you alright” he asked? Mason finally gets to the third floor . “Yeah, it was just a misunderstanding”. The woman with the dog is trying to get through but Jace and Joe are blocking her way. “What was” he asked? Jace looks at him confused “the argument that Mason and I had”. Mason reaches his door and fishes around his pocket for his keys. The dog continuously barked as they waited for them to move. “Mason who” Joe continued to ask? Mason gets mad he is always losing his keys. “Mason my boyfriend. He lives up stairs. You literally just saw us arguing” she was trying to convince him. The old woman finally pushing her way through says “Joe dear, I think crazy here is referring to the Sweet boy”. Jace nods her head “yes. Mason Sweet. Room 3B.” Joe looks puzzled while Mason reaches for the door knob but his hand goes right through it. “Ms. Drake” he paused for a moment. “Mason Sweet died two years ago”.

Chapter 13

Mason looks baffled staring at his hands. He touches the door and his arm goes through. He pulls back quickly looking confused. He decides to fully step through the door and he notices that his apartment is completely different. The walls are pink and there are roses on the curtains. The toilet seat is down and there is make up all over the sink. He sees woman underwear hanging up over the tub. “What is going on here” he thought? He walked into the living room and saw a half naked woman sitting on the couch filing her nails on the phone while watching re runs of saved by the bell. “Oh my god this show is so old but Zack would still get it though” he over heard her say. Mason was still wrapping his head around things while Jace was still down stairs “that is impossible Joe. I’ve seen him. I’ve talked to him. For god sake I’ve touched him” she replied. “Follow me” Joe said and they walked into his office. He opened up a cabinet and pulled out a file. When he handed her a file there was a picture of Mason clipped on the front. “I don’t know who you have been talking to Ms. Drake but it is not Mason Sweet” he said. She opened the file and there was a copy of his death certificate in there written in black and white born February 19th 1994 and died August 4th 2017 “that’s today” she mentioned. Joe nodded his head and began to explain “it was a tragic accident. He was such a good kid” . She turned the next page and there was a police report. She began to tune out Joe and then she suddenly dropped the file shutting Joe up. “No, No. It can’t be” she said running up to her apartment. When she got there she rummaged through that box labeled personal on it. Mean while Mason is still looking around his own apartment when the woman stood up and walked right through him.

Chapter 14

“April” he said aloud. When she walked through him he felt her. Her anger, her guilt, her pain and it triggered his memory. Two years ago he was rudely awaken to a constant bang on his door. When he opened the door it was April his best friend since high school. She stumbled into his apartment “whoa, are you drunk” he asked catching her? “No. Your drunk” she answered sliding her finger down his face. “Okay” he said helping her over to the couch. “Do you have any alcohol in this bitch” she asked slurring her words? He arched his eye brow “don’t you think you had enough”? She shook her head and he gasped going into the kitchen. He watched her as she struggled to take off her purse. He walked back of with a glass. “Wine. What kind of man are you? Be a man and break out the gin”. “I don’t have any gin” he replied. “Wine it is then” she said has she took the glass and he sat down next to her. “I got stood up tonight” she admitted taking big gulps of the wine. “I was really trying to get some tonight” she said. Mason shakes his head in disappointment and she caught him “what” she asked? “Nothing” he said. “Oh I’m sorry did I offend you. I’m not home alone pining away for the love of my life. It’s no wonder your not getting any ass” she said aggressively spilling the wine on his lap. “Dammit April”. In her intoxicated mind she uses it as a come on. She leans in closer “you know you always wanted my ass” she said as she was toying with brim of his shorts. Mason stands up “I think you should go”. April scoffs at his rejection “what a pussy” she said getting up. “That’s exactly why you could never be with me” she continues to bash him as he walks her out and he stops being nice. “You know what April I admit it, I had feelings for you in high school and secretly wished that you would finally see that maybe I was the guy for you. But look at what you become you’re a mess. And not to mention a total bitch I don’t know what I ever saw in you but you are right about one thing. I could never be with you but not because I’m not man enough for you but because your not woman enough for me” he hollered just before slamming his door. Even though she deserved being told off she was his best friend and he watched as she got into a cab safely out the window. He felt guilty to what he said to her and tossed and turned all night. In the morning he got a “sorry. Can we talk” text from April. He got dressed and raced out the building forgetting his keys “bye Joe” he screamed on the way out. He walked out in the street not paying attention as he was replying to April when a guy sped around the corner and smacked Mason so hard he flipped over the car. The last thing he remembers is the sound of the tires screech. He came back to his reality and watched April walk around the apartment. She stopped at a picture glanced at it but not for too long. “I’m sorry” she whispered as she peered out the window. Mason walked over to the picture and it was of them at their senior prom. He stood in front of her staring at her grief stricken face. He tried to brush her hair behind her ear but he couldn’t touch her. “It’s not your fault” he said to her before disappearing.

Chapter 15

Upstairs in 5A Jace was sitting at her kitchen table looking over all these papers. There was news clipping about a man being slain by a drunk driver. She could not believe what she was reading. She got angry and threw all the papers off the table. Smashed a couple plates against the wall and threw pictures of her and Elijah across the room “god damn you” she screamed. Jacintha looked at the clock and she was late for orientation. She crept down the hallway looking out for Mason she was not able to face him yet. She snuck out the building and was distracted all the way to school. She met her class and got to know her students. She went over the curriculum for the year with the parents and passed out snacks. When it was over she was so exhausted by what kind of day she had and stopped to get some wine to unwind and relax. When she got up to her apartment she tiredly took her shoes off and ran herself a bubble bath. She poured a glass of wine leaving the bottle by the tub and she got in. After a few minutes she sees Mason walk into the bathroom from the corner of her eye. It was hard to look at him “is it true” she asked? He put his head down “yeah. It’s true”. She laughs “this has to be a joke”. “But it’s not” he said kneeling at the tub. He took her hand and she finally looked at him “so, your dead”. He nodded his head. She nodded too “I’m talking to a ghost”. She turned to him “so I know that your telling me the truth. You promise”. “I do”. She pulls her hand away “how can that be. We… you know”. “Twice” he added. “Mason stop. It’s not the time” He apologizes. “How could you not remember you died this whole time”. He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know why I couldn’t remember but you helped me Jace”. Her eyes began to tear. “Your love helped me to remember”. His words were so beautiful she had to turn away. She got out of the tub wrapped herself in a towel and sat on the bed “I have to tell you something”. He looks at her puzzled “it was Elijah. My ex. He was driving the car that hit you.” He looked shocked by the news “Oh, my god Mason I’m so sorry” she stood up fast grabbing him. She continued to apologize “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”. He peeled her off of him “hey listen” he wiped a stream of tears from her face. “It’s not your fault” he remembered April. “Do you love me” she asked? He was surprised by the question “of course, I do. I loved you since the first moment you said “you promise to me”. She smiled and tears kept falling from her eyes. “I’m sorry that we never got a chance to be together and I’m sorry for all the people who are grieving for me but I’m not sorry for dying. It brought me to you regardless of the connection.” She hugged him tightly not wanting to let him go. He can feel himself beginning to slip away and he lets go “real quick before I go.” She looks confused “go. Go where?” she asked? “The woman in my apartment is my best friend and she blames herself for my death”. His voice became faint “Mason” she cried. “Go to her for me tell her I was here. Tell her I forgive her”. She grabs him again and shuts her eyes “Mason wait. Please stay with me”. He didn’t answer and she didn’t want to open her eyes yet. “Promise me your gonna stay”. No I do’s were said and when she finally got the courage to open her eyes he was gone. She fell back on the bed holding her chest feeling like she was going to die of a broken heart and she cried herself to sleep.

Chapter 16

It has been about two weeks since Jacintha lost Mason. He has not returned since. She has become closer with Joe and opened up to him about her experience with Mason. They are sitting in the maintenance office drinking coffee and eating donuts; Joe’s favorite thing in the world shooting the shit. “So, when are you going to talk to April” he asked? She exhaled annoyingly “all I’m saying is you both deserve a peace of mind and you should do it before the school year starts. Leaving all of this behind you.” She thinks about his advice “maybe your right Joe. Maybe what am I saying your always right” she said smiling. “Maybe you can tell my wife that” he added and she laughed on the way out. She walked right by the third floor but stopped halfway up and thought about it. Deciding to walk right back down she slowly strolled over to 3B and hesitated but knocked. April answered the door actually clothed this time. “Yeah, what do you want? Wait your that bitch that spilled wine all over my floor”. Jacintha nods her head “yeah, we need to talk” she pushed April in the apartment and shut the door behind her. She told her everything accept about their love affair. “Wait, wait, wait. Your telling me that for two years Mason’s ghost has been walking around this building and no one could see him but you”. Jace nodded her head “pretty much”. April laughs condescendingly “what makes you so special. You a medium and what not”? “Not so much special. My ex boyfriend was the driver”. April’s eyes widen “what”? Jace can see that April was looking for a better explanation “I guess seeing me when I moved in the connection I have sparked some kind of rip in the ghostly plane” Jace didn’t even convince herself “look I don’t know why, all I know is I seen him and talked to him and he wanted me to tell you that it wasn’t your fault and that he forgives you”. April looks at her suspiciously “how do I know your telling the truth”. Jacintha gets up to leave “I guess you’ll just have to trust me”. She is getting ready to leave “So, where is Mason now” April asked? Jace shrugged her shoulders “he’s crossed over somewhere nicer than this place I hope” she looks around disgusted. “I know Mr. Ardsley is an asshole”. They both laughed having a bonding moment and Jace leaves. April walks over to the picture of them at prom and she grabs it able to stare at it longer now after relieving some guilt.

Chapter 17

A couple days after her talk with April Jacintha was ready to focus on her students and it was the first day. It was early morning and a blue jay flew onto the window sill getting her attention. “Some people believe that loved ones come to check on us after they pass away”. Her concentration was interrupted “what” she asked? One of her students a little blue eyed, light brown haired kid who was giving her an apple repeated himself. “My mommy told me that our loved ones like to visit us” he said pointing at the bird. She smiles “well, aren’t you a bright young man”. “And kind too” she added as she took the apple. Her student replied “you promise Ms. Drake”. She was caught off guard but smiled and said “I do” as the blue jay flew away.
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