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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2191772
AU, were Steven is a bully, love being fat, soon finds out that he has a strange power.
**Note: This takes place in an alternate universe. It closes to the universe in the show but instead of being Gems they are normal human, the teens are more around Steven’s age, Connie’s secret, Steven’s bad attitude and being a normal school kid.**

         Steven is a fat teen, who lived with his 3 Aunts on his mother side. When Steven was young, his aunts always made sure he was well fed. Due to this he was always on the heavier side and had always been picked on for this during his kindergarten years at Beach City Elementary. As Steven enter first grade, he learned to use his weight to his advantage and began to torment the other children, eager to prove that he was better than they are and help build his self esteem. Pretty soon, he stopped bullying the other students to improve his own self esteem and started bullying them because it brought him joy. Around this time, Steven also stopped caring about how much he weighed. This led to Steven actively start stuffing his face whenever he could. It didn't take long before he found a way to unite his two passions and soon he began focusing his bullying on pilfering other kids’ lunches, so he could make himself fatter and more intimidating.

         Just because he was bigger than the other students did not mean his bullying went unimpeded. Many of his sessions of terrorizing students were cut short by the interference of a teacher. As much as Steven could use his own height and weight to overpower the other students, he still was no match for a teacher who was larger than him. When a teacher would interfere between him and his victims, Steven would sit there and stare daggers at his would have been victim and the teacher who saved them for hours. He took comfort in the fact that staring at them frightens them even more.

         After awhile Steven had started taking risks and bullying other students with a teacher nearby. When he took other students food he would swallow it whole or as close to whole as he could manage. This way, if he was caught by the teacher wasn't able to make him give the student their food back since he had already eaten it. 

         There was one time were he swallowed a little girl's apple whole, with some difficulty, just seconds before a teacher pulled Steven away from her. As the teacher pulled him away, he whispered to her, "Just be glad that was not you." He chuckled as he patted his hefty belly with a wide grin drawn across his face when he saw how frightened that made her. “She's so stupid,” he thought while chuckling to himself, “She actually thinks I could fit her in my belly.”

         As the years pass, the students at Beach City Elementary had learned to fear him. He had recently reached the very beginning of puberty and he admired how he was starting to get taller. His appetite had also increased to help feed his growing body. He looked forward to testing out all the new things he could do now that he was getting larger.

         Now, at age 13, Steven was leaving Beach City Elementary and moving on to Delmarva Middle School. Steven could not wait to start using his increased height and weight he had put on during the summer to teach an all new group of students at his new school to fear him. There would be so many new victims, much more food for him to take food from. Little did Steven know that his summer growth spurt was just the beginning and soon it will start taking more and more food to fuel his ever growing body.

         Steven entered the school with a determined look on his face, wearing a black T-shirt with a white star on the front, black jeans that were fading, and a pair of sandals, all accommodating his large figure, as he was about 5’ 5” tall and 280 lbs. of walking, talking, terrorizing material. As he walked down the hallway, he passed by a variety of students who looked at him with a bit of terror, between his intimidating glare and his large figure. Some of them know who he was from Beach City Elementary, while others who had heard from the grapevine about him. Either way, it was dreadful news for all the students.

         Steven looked around and saw a group of three students with one of them holding a large Tupperware container. He guessed it had a snack inside, but there was only one way to find out. As he walked over, two of the students noticed him and slowly backed away. Steven reached out and grabbed the student holding the container by their shoulder. "Well well well, what's do we have here," Steven asked, grinning from ear to ear.

         The student turned around to see Steven, in all off his large glory. The boy stared at him with wide eyes and shaky legs. "I-I-I-I-I-I brought in some cookies from home," the boy said as he trembled with fear in his voice, "I baked them yesterday..."

         "Well isn't that lovely," Steven said with mock excitement in his tone, "Why don't you let me take them off of your hands?" "But I made them for my homeroom, not for," the boy replied uneasily. Steven's smile started to fade away, as he pushed the boy into the lockers slowly using his big belly.

         "Is that right," said Steven in a hushed yet sinister tone, "You rather risk your well being over giving me those wonderful smelling cookies? You must be a real moron." "I-I-I-I-I mean-- Uh, HERE! You can have them! All of them!" "Now, that's more like it," exclaimed Steven as he took the whole container and then walked down the hallway laughing.

         Steven pulled the lid off container to see that there was a selection of  different types of cookies. There were chocolate chip, sugar, snicker-doodles, peanut butter, butter pecan, etc, and they were all his for the taking. Wasting no time, Steven started gobbling down the cookies by the handful as he roamed around the halls. Students who passed by him were made uneasy with his eating style as he made a pig of himself, with crumbs flying all around him as he scarfed the cookies down. He didn't care, even if someone were to talk to him about how he ate, he would have knocked them on their butts.

         As he finished off the container, he found he was now in the hallways beside himself, as the bell had rung and everyone had gone to their class already. He didn't care about class cause he was too busy enjoying his treat. As he chomped down the last cookie and swallowed it, he noticed that his shirt was riding up and his belly was starting to peek out from under his shirt slightly, as his belly button was halfway visible. He patted his belly with pride, which was felling a little full but still felt like it had some room left.

         Suddenly a loud GLOOORRRRRP noise was soon coming from inside his belly and then he felt it quiver slightly. Slowly the quiver begins to spread throughout his body it felt like he had goose bumps and then it happened. Slowly, Steven's body began to expand. His fat frame slowly grew fatter, while his height slowly rose up inch by inch. His clothes were getting tighter and tighter on him. He groaned slightly, as the feeling was something that was entirely new and exciting for him. Then as soon as it came, it faded away.

         He noticed that his body looked slightly heavier, with his shirt was now riding up even further and his pants and boxers were starting to feel very tight on him. He then noticed that he was now slightly taller than the lockers around him. If he had to guess, he had to be a few inches over 6 feet and all he could do was grin like a madman.

         Over the summer, Steven had reveled in his growth spurt, both upward and outward. As he began to enter puberty and both his body and his desires gradually shifted, he realized that his enjoyment of eating and growing was more than just hunger. Now that he had this sudden growth spurt, the feeling of excitement coursed through his veins stronger than ever.

         Steven was smart enough to know this kind of sudden growth wasn't normal, but as he tingled with excitement, but he had to know if it was a one-time thing or not. As a boy with an overactive imagination, he pictured himself eating and growing, eating and growing, becoming more and more powerful, conquering everything around him.

         He then snapped himself out of this wonderful daydream as he was getting way ahead of himself. The next step was obvious, for him to keep stuffing his face. Whether it was what caused him to grow or not, he always enjoyed eating for his own sake. It would be better if he could combine it with the excitement of overpowering someone else.

         Attending his more than likely boring first period class was totally not that important to him, next to his sudden growth spurt. He strolled through the halls appreciating again how the school hallways seemed just the tiniest bit smaller than they when he arrived this morning and looked for his next source of food.

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