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This is a sample sales page for a fictitious pat treat product.

Are You Ready To Start Feeling Good About The Treats You're Giving Your Pet?

Is Your Pet Ready To Have Treats That Smell, Feel, And Taste Good?

You are a new pet owner or an existing pet owner looking for a new treat for your pet.
You want a treat you can use just as a snack or maybe as a training aid.
Now you know your pet will eat anything so you want something that will not upset his regular meal, and contains all-natural ingredients.
And, a treat that your pet will enjoy and look forward to receiving.
Introducing Puptastic Natural Pet Treats

We know you'll feel good about these treats because:
Our treats are completely natural "kitchen made."
Our treats are made from farm-fresh ingredients.
Our treats don't contain corn and other non-nutrient fillers.
Our treats contain Vitamin E as a natural perservative and skin emollient.
We know your pet will enjoy these treats because:
The texture is chewable.
They come in a convenient bite size.
The flavor and aroma is very attrictive to your pet.
Our treats are made from farm-fresh ingredients including
Eggs, lean poultry, lamb, liver and beef for protein.
Brown rice and potatoes for starch.
Carrots, green beans, pumpkin and sweet potato for healthy nutrients and fiber.
Here's Our Promise You And Your Pet

You can trust Puptastic Naturals treats for your beloved dog. We make these treats in our kitchen here in Grayslake, and use fresh, hand-selected ingredients from local farms that follow chemical-free practices.
Each of our 5 Puptastic Naturals flavors is baked with loving care in a "people food"-quality kitchen that exceeds the standards of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).
Our treats are available at finer boutique pet retailers through the U.S., or you can order them directly from our website for shipping anywhere.
Just Who Are We?

Puptastic Naturals as created as a product of Furry Friends Natural Products. Furry Friends Natural Products was started in 1990 in Grayslake, Illinois, and sells many different pet-health products.
We own several dogs and we work hard to find local farms that follow organic and healthy practices for raising poultry, cattle, etc.; and also for growing produce.
We represent all the pet parents who want to provide safe and tasty dog treats that support good health.
Get A Free Trial Of Puptastic Naturals On Us

We're so sure you will be pleased providing our treats to your pet and your pet will enjoy receiving our treats, we are making a special offer.
We will send our 6-flavor Puptastic Natural sampler at no cost to you. Included in our offer is a coupon for 10% off a box of the treat flavor of your choice.
Choose Your Flavor

Review the ingredients in each flavor to see the premium products used and see the texture and aroma.
Let your pet show you which flavor she prefers.
When you have chosen a flavor, use the coupon to purchase your first box of Puptastic Naturals.
Our Guarantee To You

Here is how sure we are you will be completely satisfied with Puptastic Naturals treats.
If you or your pet are not satisfied with Puptastic Naturals for any reason, or for no reason at all, contact us at www.puptasticnaturals.com and we will refund the purchase price of your box of Puptastic Naturals.

You have nothing to lose

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