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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2191832
What would you do if you were told your destiny is to kill a demon?
Chasing the Enemy

I was chasing a demon that had escaped from the Underworld. It had just destroyed the cathedral on tenth and vine. I hadn't believed what was happening to me until I had seen it.
A week ago, I was in an ancient shop in China Town. A singing parakeet had said it was my destiny to destroy the demon Tzuanme. When I tried to touch the bird, it had turned to ash. I thought someone was playing tricks on me. I walked out of the shop without much more thought on it.
Then I started having weird dreams of this demon chasing me. I seen it plainly, smelled its breath, felt its teeth pierce my flesh. I would wake up with bruises and scars where it had touched me in my dream.
I walked out of the inn on tenth street with no direction in mind. I was a block and a half away from the cathedral when it exploded. The demon stopped and looked at me and started to come forward. I raised my cane and it stopped. We looked eye to eye. It turned and ran.
I don't know why but I chased it. It must have looked like I was crazy; a young man running down the street waving a stick and yelling at something. I didn't know that no one else could see Tzuanme.
I was in the dream but it was all backwards. I was chasing the demon. What would I do when I caught it? Why did it not destroy me? What was it afraid of?
I lost track of it. How I could have lost a giant red dog bull type creature with gargoyle talons and teeth I have no idea. I couldn't ask any bystander.
I wandered aimlessly thinking I had somehow failed. I turned around in circles. Then I heard the roar. The whole block shook. People were running. It seemed to come from everywhere.
My cane began to glow. It had never done it before. I held it up and it pulled me towards an alley.
I entered the alley and at first saw nothing. I tentatively took step forward.
Tzuanme loomed up out of the shadows. He swiped at me and tore my shirt. I could feel the heat coming off of him. I could smell his breath. My body pulsed with adrenaline. He lunged forward and I rolled out of the way. I hit him with my cane but it just seemed to anger him. I tried to get out my lighter so that maybe I could light the cane on fire or somehow make it glow again.
Tzuname swiped at me again this time catching my leg. I had dropped the cane in the puddle I had landed in and it began to glow again. I looked at him and I knew it was my last chance. I don't know why but I shoved the cane into the wound in my leg, screaming out in pain. He charged me. I laid down flat and threw my leg up. It pierced his belly and he roared out, then covered me in ash as he disentigrated.
People came running into the alley. The crazy man who had been running down the street yelling at nothing was laying there with his cane sticking out of a deep wound in his leg. He was covered in soot and his clothes had been shredded. They called an ambulance.
I laid back as people tried to tell me I was going to be okay. I knew I wasn't. I had fulfilled my destiny and now it was time to move to my next incarnation.

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