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An Acrostic
Intelligent observation with the audacious nerve to print the words,
negotiating the intricate codes and conditions with clearly stated terms;
systematically laid out to all peoples, so that our voices will be heard.
Perfectly imperfect, as the human race innately knows how to do
Idealistic, without fervor of the extreme zealot of the few.
Remembering our histories when we let tyranny continue.
Education without stealing inalienable human rights;
demarcation of expectations, continually executed in the light.

Mediocrity ceased without ordering an unwarranted fight
Excellence in keeping the code sacred that no one will rise above
Delicately written in all tongues as perfect trust and perfect love
Idioms of our entire species considered simply because
Together we unconditionally forgive and care for each other
Animated in essence as we share this planet, great Earth Mother
Temperance in the true definition, softening our angry demeanor
Intrepid to explore the future without the acidity in our hearts
Obviate our worst expectations as each of us can and will do our part
Natant as we float on the pure energy of the divine to end and start

Thoughts evolving telepathically as they once were; no lies can be told
Oscillating between our differences as greatness arrives and unfolds

Sedulous in our goals with the end in mind for us to behold
Anticipation of our deeds for the right and good of all
Visionary and efficient, not repeating the fall
Exorcizing the need for greed, listening to the ka

Training our minds to work miracles instead of chaos
Harkening to the global consciousness without a loss
Enlightened by the energy with our essence embossed

With freedom, liberty, literacy, prosperity and wealth
Organized by we the people, of this blue planet in mean stealth
Recognizing our worthiness and a willingness to expel
Liege for participating in vile bigotry
Diligent efforts to erase all hypocrisy

Inspired Meditation to Save the World
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