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A brief look into a metamorphosis I've recently gone through.
A hundred times too many,
I'd done it before.
Only thing is that :
I couldn't take any more.
I was always told that ,
"Pride comes before the fall."
I couldn't even go on .
Let alone stand tall so I could fall.

Now my destiny's linked to the stars,
But its not astronomical.
Unlike others:
I'm propelled forward by the pain and scars.
Long ago my life stopped being logical.
My outlook on life's no longer lackadaisical.

I was a child of light before,
But I got hit by wave after wave,
Of darkness !
While I stood on this shore.
That's when the idea flickered to life,
Then Died !
"It's time to join what's drowning me,"
"For sure"

I am now a fraction of what I was before.
It's not the true me...
Or so I was told
Human intuition told me,
"Make fire when it's cold"
So I enkindled dreams and ambition to drive me
To get rid of the me of old

Now I shuffle through the shadows .
I'm a shade-shrouded silhouette of my true being.
I don't know how I've pushed on this long,
As time tediously ticked on !
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