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by Logan
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When insomnia strikes on a hot summer's night
Dream Catcher

Lying in the darkness,
as Magpie thoughts, they swirl
A peace I cannot harness,
a storm that twists and twirls

With wind chimes in a tangle,
strangled are the bells
Light cast from every angle,
refracted where I fell

The prisms where I faltered,
the prisons where I've stayed
Things dreamt, I might have altered,
if I'd caught them in the day

A day of dry heat rising,
ascending to a burn
A night spent lost, comprising,
of the daytime's brightest turns

Amidst a mass of feathers,
… a circle's string, wound taut,
with worry dolls unweathered,
not knowing why they're sought

Talismans untethered,
severed from their cause
Scarecrows set together
to prompt a moments pause

Trinkets lost for purpose,
in the closeness of the night
With shiny thoughts in surplus,
burning with a darker light

Blending with the darkness,
as an endless black unfurls
weaving thoughts I just can't harness
… as the magpies dance and twirl
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