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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2192001
Peter should leave to Japan but before that he has to do an important visit.

Peter is both excited and nervous at the idea that he should leave tomorrow yet. He knew about such departure one month ago though. An astronomic company in Japan offers him a position. A big space galaxies project is in progress. Professor Hitachi Toshiba is the leader of the project. He knew about Peter when he saw the USA pictures of NASA. Indeed during an exploration led by professor Thomas Greed in 2130, pictures had been recorded and Peter still possesses such NASA exclusive pictures. One picture has notified a halo around a galaxy which could emanate from another star which may be another sun. This may be a sign of life.

It is Sunday 01st July 2135 at 02 AM when Peter's smartphone rings. Hello: says a woman. "Hello": Peter says. The woman continues to talk:"I am Hitachi Toshiba's secretary. The professor told me to remind you that there would be someone at TOKYO airport to meet you. You should be there at 5 PM on Tuesday 2135: says Yamaha".
"OK!How about my appointment with the professor?" He asks.Yamaha: "OH! He cannot meet you this week because he has a symposium in Roma. He will meet you next Monday at 9 AM".
"OK! It is perfect":He says. Yamaha:" You will be led to the Town Tokyo hotel and will find all the needed accommodations". " OK! Thank you! Bye!":He says. Yamaha: "You are welcome! Have the best stay in Tokyo".

He is somehow nostalgic. He decides to do an important visit to his best friend before leaving Chicago. He has always considered him like his father. Claude Hubert is the master of Peter. Since his birth until the age of thirty he found himself with him. Claude Hubert died ten years ago.

The cemetery is far from the center of Chicago about one hundred miles.On Sunday the road traffic is immense especially in the electric road. Peter takes the conventional human highway which is empty. Today there is a pouring rain. The sky is fully cloudy. It seems that the sky is weeping and its tears are released afloat because of his departure.

In the path a huge amount of memories are released. Claude Hubert hides a great secret. One day Peter heard his discussion on phone with a woman. Claude Hubert: "Rosetta you know that I love you. You remain my ultimate love and after our separation I do not want to get married. You know why I have left. It is because of our son Peter. You know what did happen to him after the car accident".

She seemed to be his loved one or wife. He was crying when he told her that he really loved her and he left because of his son Peter. Peter did not understand anything and he became flabbergasted. As when he asked Claude Hubert about such discussion heard accidentally, he told him that his son had the same name that him.

At the cemetery, he recognizes the tomb easily. He is used to come here. It is his sanctuary. Tears are released spontaneously and he starts to pray for his best friend Mr. Claude Hubert. He starts to talk with him: "I will leave to Japan. I am happy because it is the unique career opportunity for me. I am sad to leave you and my friends. I am grateful to you . Indeed even though being a robot you have successfully made of me a real gray matter coveted by many firms. I will always think about you. You are all for me. You remain in my heart forever. Bye for now!" . After such visit he regains a certain relief.

When he returns to the Chicago robotic research center he decides to enter Mr. Claude Hubert's office which has been closed ten years ago. It is a harsh moment. All the memories remain there as if it was yesterday. On the desk there is a boy's picture with his parents Mr. Claude Hubert and his wife Mrs. Rosetta. The picture remains a live joy. What did happen to them? He asks himself when watching it. A nice object is on the desk too. It resembles a multicolored galaxy. He knows this object very well. Mr. Claude Hubert earned it because of his last research about artificial intelligence. An awkward Peter's gesture lets the object be broken. When he tries to get its fallen pieces, he notices a letter thrown under the desk. It is entitled "To you Peter" but it is closed. He leaves the office with an immense pain.

He knows that he is a robot made by Mr. Claude Hubert. He is registered in the nation robot municipality of Chicago under the number of RC: 000125689XY.USA.Chicago. He possesses an entire electronic left hemisphere. His brain functions most by such artificial intelligence. The capability of the memory is super high and equals two human being brain gray matter. He belongs to an android genre last generation. The free memory is constantly renewed. This latter allows him to acquire a super high storage capability. He possesses three cameras in his right eye with microprocessors. He can see in three dimensions. He is able to listen and responds because he possesses a language descriptor. He knows ten languages. His artificial limbs function very well because of the sophisticated robotic parts linked to the left artificial hemisphere.
In his brain there is an important storage of the full NASA pictures with interpretation. The last famous picture has been well coded by Claude Hubert who was about to lead the project instead of Professor Thomas Greed.

He has a human appearance. He is a smart gentleman of 1.80. His brown eyes possess a particular charm. Because of being a robot he does not want to found a serious relationship and to get married. Nevertheless he possesses feelings like any human and is entirely involved in the human being social projects. Chicago is his preferred town because it is here that he was born and knew Claude Hubert. Also Chicago is the nation state of robots. Indeed there, a robot is recognized as a citizen. Both human and robots communities live in full peace and harmony.

It is Monday 06Am. He is at the airport. At the age of forty he looks thirty. In his eyes tears make a flood. His melancholic glance catches the eyes. He cannot believe he will leave USA, Chicago his cradle. A shy smile on his lips suddenly appears when they announce that the plane for Tokyo is about to leave. He is in a real ambivalence. His and Claude Hubert's dream is about to come true because of such collaborative USA NASA and Japan Space Company research project. Many human researchers are leaving with him.

In the plane he takes a seat close to an old Japanese man. Since the death of Claude Hubert ten years ago, he did not travel. The trip to Tokyo is long. He decides to open the precious letter. He let it to him just before his death. When opening it his hands tremble and his heart beats fast.

         The letter says:
""Dear Peter, I am Claude Hubert.
Today I would like to tell you a secret that I bear for years. When I finished my academic studies at Michigan I got married with my classmate Rosetta. She was a beautiful and wonderful woman that I cannot forget. She gave birth to our son Peter. When he was five we had a terrible car accident.So he lost his left leg, his right arm and his left brain hemisphere. I had started robotic researches in Chicago before the birth of Peter. So in collaboration with surgeons he received robot parts in order to replace the damaged human ones. However the human safe parts, which remained after the accident, had been preserved. He is not a complete robot but a cyborg. His mother got depressed and died later. My departure to Chicago was agreed by both of us. We lost our own love life in order that our son will live. Indeed I consecrated all my life taking care of him. I love you my son Peter"

Peter is completely numb. He screams high and strongly and all the plane crew thinks that he has become crazy. He gets a dystonia. He is quickly taken by a physician who takes care of him".
When he wakes up he finds the old Japanese man. He tells him that he has never seen his father. As he says him: "you are lucky because you had been with your father during all such years".
Peter is more than before convinced to continue the project and to realize his both own and his father's dream.

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