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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2192023
Steven has a run in with someone that maybe able to help him grow larger.
While Steven was searching for more food to see if he could it would cause him to grow again, Connie Maheswaran, another first year student was just arriving. She had overslept her alarm clock and had missed bus, was just now arriving. She was terrified of going into middle school. She had trouble making friends in elementary due to being quiet and shy. She had eventually made a couple friends during elementary school, bonding in part over their shared love of cartoons and drawing. But she ended up moving during the summer and now she was going to a different school and didn’t know anyone here.

Juggling her books, a sketchbook, and a lunchbox, Connie was running through the halls trying to get to her locker and class. Being as shy is, Connie looked down most of the time walking around. This caused her to run straight into another student as she turned the corner. Everything she was carrying dropped out of her hand and onto the ground. Connie had barely managed to keep her glasses from flying off her face the impact was that hard. She pushed them back up her face and gazed up at the person she had ran into. Instead of being able to see a face, all she could see was a round gut peeking out from under a strained black t-shirt.

"I'm really sorry," Connie managed to mumble. Steven didn't hear her apology nor did he care. He bent over and looked down to see what had run into him. Connie could now see his pudgy face, but what she really perceived was his toothy, menacing grin. Connie, realizing that she had dropped her belongings, began scrambling to try and recollect her stuff.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Steven snickered as eyes immediately locked onto her lunchbox. He quickly snatched it up before she could stop him from grabbing it and eagerly pulled it open. Inside the lunchbox was, her breakfast, since she was running late and her lunch. He was going to get two meals for the price of one, which was not bad deal at all. Steven didn't know what kind of person Connie was, or whether she would wield any kind of influence with the teachers. So he decided to play it safe and make this a demonstration of his gluttony instead of power. Steven positioned himself so that she could see him make quick work of her food.

Steven started by ripping open a bag of cereal and poured it into his mouth. Next he opened her thermos of milk and used it to wash down the cereal. He didn't even bother chewing the cereal he just let the milk wash the cereal down his throat. Next, he tore into her banana, ferociously chomping it to pieces. He then moved onto her lunch, he all but downed her ham sandwich, guzzled down her can of soda, and made a mess of her small bag of chips. The last thing Steven pulled out was an apple. As he pulled it out he remembered swallowing an apple he stole years ago. While he had difficulties when he was shorter, now that he was taller it should make it easier for him to swallow the apple whole. Steven placed the apple in his mouth and took a hard swallow and felt the apple enter his throat. He felt the apple bulge out his throat as it slid down. It hurt a bit, not as bad as when he had did it before, but now he particularly enjoyed feeling it plop into his food packed belly. Having devoured both of the girls meals in just a few minute, Steven burped and patted his full gut. He smirked maliciously and glared down at the girl, who had not paid attention to him as she was still scraping together her papers and books.

"My name's Steven," he told her, "And I'm going to rule this school. You're going to let me do whatever I want to you and not say a peep to anyone, because nobody here will be able to stop me." As if to drive the point home, his belly groaned and gurgled signaling the beginning of the digestion process of his meal he had just consumed and hopefully warning of another growth to come.

As Steven gazed down at Connie, he saw that she was blushing. This was unusual, sure she knew she should be scared of the boy and that was normal for most students that had to deal with Steven. Steven was not someone use to people blushing at the sight of him, he was use to when they terrorized. Now that he had eaten her food, he took time to examine the rest of her belongings she dropped and saw something that might begin to explain why she was blushing.

Starting at a young age, Connie had an unusual interest in bellies in cartoons. Cartoons always interested her above all else because every now and then they would have characters that would consume huge amounts of food, water or air, which resulted in their bellies bloating outwards to ridiculous and impossible proportions. There was one cartoon she liked where an orange cat was put on a diet and wore a girdle to trick a pet advocate to force its owner to feed him more food and the cat eat till the cat it grew big enough that it ate the solar system. Then there was another episode were the same cat had a dream were he ate so much that he kept growing bigger and bigger, soon he was eating buildings, swimming pools, and if she remembered correctly, even a TV news camera crew. As previously mentioned, Connie bond with the friends she did have over drawing and cartoons. What she and her friends usually what they drew varied greatly, from Anime to zoo creatures. One of Connie's outlets for these fantasy was her drawings. She had always liked drawing characters with big bellies, whether they were ones that already existed or ones she made up. She knew it was silly, of course, and she knew there was nobody she could talk to anyone about it. She never shared any of these drawings with her family and friends.

And now someone had found out her secret, it was in the worst possible way. As everything spilled out of her hands when she collided with Steven, her sketchbook had dropped to the floor and some of her drawings she had hidden between the pages, now laid scattered across the floor. She tried to pick up the drawings as fast as she could before he saw them, which made it easy for Steven to snatch her lunch. She only looked back up when she heard him speak to her. Since she was distracted by the sights and sounds of Steven’s burp and the gurgling from his belly, she wasn’t able to collect all of her drawings in time.

Steven caught a glimpse of a few of her drawings on the floor and snatched it as Connie tried to grab them. He was caught off guard by what was on the ones that he had grabbed, they were of male cartoon, that were some that very fat and some that were fat and giant. The drawings were exactly Van Gogh’s, as Connie wasn't bursting with natural artistic talent, but he could still clearly make out who and what it was supposed to be. Steven flipped through the other drawings in his hand, and then looked back at Connie. She couldn't even meet his gaze because of how ashamed she was

. Then Steven's body began to rumble as it had before and he knew that this meant another growth spurt would soon be happening. Steven glanced at Connie over the top of the stolen drawings. All Connie could see was his eyes and his belly. Steven let go of Connie's drawings and letting them drift to the floor. Now when she looked up at him, his expression was one of condescending, instead of menacing. "So, I guess you like big bellies?" he asked. Connie was still blushing and frightened, but she managed to give a very slight nod as her answer. "Interesting, interesting," Steven mused. "Guess that means we-" was all he could get out before clutching his roaring middle.

Steven started to shake all over as his stomach rumbled again. His pained expression was soon replaced with that of one of a gleeful smile as he felt his clothes get tighter. Connie watched as the t-shirt slid higher again, revealing more of Steven's belly and his jeans lifted exposing more of his ankles. The seams of his jeans began to strain, exposing both some of the stitching and his some of the flesh underneath. The zipper of Steven's jeans became a little more strained from a more than ordinary sort of growth. Connie jumped to her feet and backed against the wall as he grew. Steven height changed only a few inches, but it was still a big enough change neither he nor Connie could ignore it. By the time he was done growing, his clothes were still intact, but he knew they were not going stay that way for long. Steven now stood at an impressive 6' 7" and his stomach stuck out a couple inches further. Steven felt another wave of excitement flow through him seeing how much he had grown, but he also felt a bit of disappointment because he realized each growth left his belly not only feeling completely empty and also left him with a greater hunger that he needed to satisfy.

Steven patted his newly expanded stomach with love and pride, while Connie stood there staring unable to take her eyes off of it. "I told you I was going to dominate this school and no one can stop me. But since you like boys with bellies, I don’t think you would want to stop me. You've seen what my body can do I bet you’re thinking of wanting to see me get even larger?" He smiled, rubbing his stomach in a hypnotic way. Connie couldn't even manage a nod this time, but deep down she had to admit she was amazed by his growth and she did want to see it happen again. Her desire to get to her class was gradually fading as her need to fulfill her fantasies rose.
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