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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2192028
Steven sends Connie to get him more food and something unusual to eat.
Steven didn't really wait for her to give an answer he never really cared about what other people thought anyways, so why should he start giving a care now. What he wanted was all that mattered to him. He slowly walked forward, inching his belly closer and closer to Connie. Her short stature combined with Steven's growth meant that his belly button was level with her chest. He stopped just short of pinning her against the wall, but was close enough that she felt imprisoned by his mass.

"Here's the deal, shrimp. Since you were nice enough to give me your lunch, I'll let you keep giving me food. I want you to go out and find me whatever kind of food I ask you to get and bring it back to me with no questions asked," Steven began. "You will watch me eat it all and feed it to me as well, if I ask you to." Hearing him say this caused Connie's pulse quickened. "And if you don't bring gifts for my belly, I'll just have to find ways to punish you with this with it instead," he said, not really having an idea of what the punishment would be if she didn't cooperate. To drive the point home, he reached out and grabbed one of Connie's hands, making her touch the underside of his bulging stomach. With a mind of its own, his belly gave a bestial growl, as if it was dreaming up its own consequences, should she fail to bring it food.

Connie never stopped blushing, but now she began to shake as adrenaline pumped through her veins. Something about that growl and the idea of Steven dreaming up ways to punish her with his ever growing belly filled her with terror or was it excitement? Feeling she had no choice, or maybe because she truly wanted to, Connie whispered, "Okay."

"Glad you see you place," Steven said, talking a couple steps back. "Now I want to go out and get me something that is out of the ordinary to eat. While you are doing that, I am going to get food for myself, so you'll need to come find me when you're ready to feed me. This big belly of mine is going to need a lot of food before it's full," he chuckled. Steven lumbered out of sight, heading towards the cafeteria area. Connie took a moment to try to calm herself down as she collect her thoughts about everything that just happened. This was her chance to escape and go tell a teacher what just happen. And yet, she didn't do any that. Instead, Connie started thinking about how to go about feeding the growing girth of Steven. Connie wandered off into the halls of the school, peaking into each classroom she past in search of food. She had a stroke of luck with one of the science classrooms, which wasn't too far away from the cafeteria.

She opened the door and quickly entered the room so she wouldn’t get caught. This particular science classroom was deserted of any students and teacher for the moment. Some students had left their backpacks in the room, instead of putting them in their locker, and the lights had been shut off. Connie did not know where they had gone or when they would be back, but she knew she had to her before she got caught. All the unattended backpacks seemed like a prime opportunity to start gathering food without needing to assert herself directly. Connie began to scour through the unattended backpacks.

In just a few short minutes, Connie had gathered nine lunchboxes, which was about all she could carry. She had peaked inside each one to check how much food was in each of them. After a search of all the lunchboxes in the room, it seemed she would be delivering quite a good collection of food to Steven. Some had an excessive amount of food packed away inside.

Connie was about to leave the classroom when she remembered Steven's instruction, he had commanded her to find something out of the ordinary. Since he was a massive glutton, she didn't think he would complain about having an abundance of normal food, but she also didn't want to incur his wrath. He was a bully who was getting taller and fatter when he ate and who also knew what he could be capable of!

Since she was already nervous about keeping Steven waiting, Connie hastily looked around the classroom for any type of food that would be out of the ordinary. That is when she saw a large guinea pig named Cavy. She remembered upon seeing the rodent, of a class pet in her elementary school. It was a ball python and for years she had no idea what it ate, since they would always feed the snake after school. One day she stayed after to help the teacher and saw the custodian feeding the python a mouse, the python ate mice and they were still alive! She watched in horror and some fascination as the snake swallowed the body of the mouse. She could even swear she saw the outline of the mouse moving as it slid down the snake's body. It gave her the chills anytime she thought about that and she found herself thinking about it often.

Connie sat the lunchboxes she had stolen down trying to free a hand so she could reach into the guinea pigs cage. Finally with a free hand, she was able to reach into the cage and easily grab Cavy. She put it in one of the lunchboxes, so it would be easier to carry. "If you get hungry," she whispered to Cavy, "you can eat some of the food in there."

Connie began worry that she what would happen if someone came back noticed that Cavy and lunchboxes were missing, but she was more afraid thinking of what Steven might do to her if she didn't bring him any food at all. Steven couldn't deny that Cavy would be an unusual sort of food, and Connie admitted to herself that she, for one, thought Cavy would be an out of the ordinary bit of food for Steven to try.

Connie left the classroom and headed off to the cafeteria to try and find Steven. She wasn't sure if Steven would be there, but that was the most obvious place he would go. That was until she heard a belch echo down the hall coming from the direction of the cafeteria. When she entered the roomy cafeteria, her eyes grew wide at what she saw. There was Steven, sitting by one of the tables and stuffing with mouth with a food from the vending machines. He also looked like he had grown since she last, she wasn't sure how much bigger, but she if had to have guessed, he had to be over 7 feet tall. Steven choked down the rest of the food and looked over a Connie.

"Ah, my minion has returned to me," Steven exclaimed as he stood up and walked over to her. Connie found herself awestruck by his gut, as it was now more exposed and jiggly as he got to his feet. "What have you brought back to help me keep growing?"

Connie couldn't speak, out of awe and fear, but she laid the lunchboxes down on the closest table. She opened them one by one, showing Steven what was inside. He was seemed pleased with what he saw. Connie had saved the lunchbox with Cavy in it for last; she opened the latches and held the lunchbox up so the towering Steven could see inside.

Steven, who had been salivating at the mouth just from the sight of the other lunchboxes, saw Cavy and for a moment, Steven was confused as to why he was being presented with the guinea pig. He looked at his minion and for the first time he noticed that she was more excited than she was scared. Although he had said it inattentively, Steven now remembered he demand for something that was out of the ordinary and this certainly qualified as that. Seeing the creature reminded him of when he was in elementary, he had told one of his victims that she should be glad she wasn't being stuffed in his belly instead of her apple. Of course at the time he said it as more of a scare tactic, but now that he was being presented with something that was small and alive he was pretty sure he could swallow. Steven realized he actually kinda rather liked the idea, seeing how much bigger than it he was. His stomach let out a growl, that was loud enough of that even Connie could hear, in agreement to this idea.

Not even bothering to speak or look to his minion, Steven grabbed Cavy and brought it up to his face. He took in a big whiff of the small creature’s smell, which was very gamey, but unmistakably alive. Steven could picture this thing being trapped in his massive belly, struggling to find a way to escape. If he wasn’t a cruel person, he would have taken some pity on the creature. It struck him that if he was growing bigger as he ate more, then a fellow student might not be out of the question in the future. That realization was all the motivation that Steven needed as he stuffed Cavy into his mouth and swallowed.

The guinea pig was quite a mouthful, but at his now larger size, it was almost the same size as an apple to him. Cavy struggled, trying to get free, but as Steven's saliva coated Cavy, as it began to slide into Steven's mouth. He tilted his head back and the saliva covered guinea pig hit the back of his throat as he swallowed. The guinea pig immediately got stuck. Steven took a series of forceful swallows trying to dislodge it. When that didn’t finish the job, he frantically grabbed a can of soda out of one of the lunch boxes and poured it into his mouth. The wave of soda dislodged the guinea pig and sending it down into his stomach. He felt a plop as Cavy landed in his stomach causing it bounce. It was far stronger feeling than what the apple had been. Steven froze for a moment, wanting to relish in the feeling. He was filled with excitement as he felt Cavy begin to move around. His food was fighting back for the first time and his glorious, growing body was going to dominate this creature to the greatest extent possible.
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