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by Satura
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2192039
Was snooping around YouTube, found the Titanic movie.
Inspired by the Engine Room scene from Titanic.

Bolting down the hallway, the massive bulkhead door swings open silently to reveal the Hub buzzing with activity. Walking in, the emergency lights flashing everywhere, I look up at the massive display overarching the room.

I spot one of my friends in the panic, pulling them to one side.
“What in the name of Nirvana is going on!?” I have to yell over the crowd.
“We’re about to hit land, but we can’t get through to the Engine room for reverse!”
They slip away before I can ask anything else.

“Not on my watch...” I growl under my breath.
Somehow managing to slide through the frenzied crowd, I reach the Main Terminal where the Captain is frantically yelling orders. I move right past him, much to everyone’s surprise, and with the key in my pocket, unlock a panel below the control board to reveal the one thing nobody but me knew about. An emergency brake.

As soon as I yank it up, all hell breaks loose. The massive engines shift into Fallback, enabling the bells, whistles and whatever other emergency stop alarms they had below deck. I feel a slight shudder when the steam dampers shut, followed by a tremor that I swear rocks the entire seabed. The thrusters have engaged.
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