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"I'm scared." That is the last thing that I remember before he put the cloth over my face, and why did he call me princess.
I opened my eyes to a strange room, on a bed that had blue and pink silk sheets. It also had blue and red drapes on the windows. Plus, a painting of a mother and father, and a baby girl. The father looked like? Father? The mother looked like me, the baby had the same blue eyes that I have. Is that me? I asked myself. No. I couldn't be me, father died seven years ago. To add, they looked like royalty and I am not royal, plus I don't have a mother. Well, I do but she died giving birth to me, so I never knew what she looked like. She looks like me I told myself repeatedly. I don't understand? I have so many questions, but who could answer them?
The strange thing is that I felt like I have been in this room before, but a long time ago. It seemed familiar in a sense. Although, I don't know how? I noticed a door to the right of the room. It looked like it was made of redwood, plus had a symbol on it. It looked like a circle cut in half. Strange? I got off the bed and walked to the door, it wasn't locked? That's strange, I would think that the people who kidnaped me was at least trying to lock me up?
I looked out into a long hall, the hall was ginormous. It had paintings of men in red velvet chairs with crowns on their heads? Kings? I wondered. Instead of pondering on the subject, I started to walk down the hall to find an exit, so I could get out of this odd place. I turned a corner and there was a door? There were voices coming from the door, I walked up to it, it was slightly open. I peeked inside, there were the guys that kidnaped me! I just watched them, I thought that I am like a stalker. Funny. Me a stalker. Never.
"Did you hear something?" one said. "No," they all said. The boy who asked if they heard something, walked up to the door and opened it, walked out and looked both ways and saw me running in the direction away from him. "Wait!" He yelled. They all asked "what?" "It's the Princesses she is running away" after he said this, they all started to run after me.
There are three guys running after me, and I don't know how to feel about this because on one hand I am very pleased and on the other I am terrified. I turn a corner and I see a glass door, I open the door, and run through it. There are no doors, where are all the doors. This is starting to creep me out, so I just run back through the glass door again. Know I am back playing the game cat and mouse again.
I would think that they would have come up with a strategy to slow me down by know, but I don't think that they have. Of course, know they are going to come up with a strategy because I jinxed myself with thinking that. I am about to turn a corner and I have noticed that there is only one left behind me. I wonder were the other two of them went?
The two guys that were gone just turned from the upcoming corner. They are blocking me so I can't get through the front or back. Smart. I am blocker off, I can't escape, this time. One asked, "how did you get out of the room." "The door was not locked." They all looked at one boy in particular "we told you to lock the door so she wouldn't get out. Theo." "Ha. Sorry” Theo said with a huge smile. He has green hair with silver eyes, plus a huge smile. Theo walks up to me and says, "sorry if we scared you, we didn't mean to." "Ha. Sure, you didn't want to scare me. First I was kidnapped. Second, you tried to lock me up in a room. Third I was just running for my life from a creepy guy who has kidnapped me. So! NO! You didn't scare me at all."
They all start to laugh, but why? Theo stopped laughing then said,” your father wanted to see you, and he needs you to be the heir to his throne."
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