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Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2192107
Short scary story about sleep paralysis. leave some gp if you enjoyed
"Well, I guess it's time." I say to my psychology teacher Mr. Williams. "Okay then Alice, I'm going to warn you now that whatever happens during this, it's not real. No matter how real it looks or even feels, it can't hurt you." I lay down in such a way that makes me highly likely to experience sleep paralysis, as I have had it happen to me on multiple occasions and have even forced it to happen before on accident. I had wanted to do a test to see if someone under the influence of hypnosis would be able to relay what was happening during sleep paralysis. Mr. Williams pulls out a small pendulum like object and begins swinging it back and forth in front of my face. "I'm going to count down from ten and when I reach zero you will fall asleep and describe what is happening." Mr. Williams said in a calm voice. I relaxed my body and stared at the pendulum, it swinging back and forth, lulling me to sleep as he counted down. "Ten. Nine. Eight...", My mind was going blank, "Seven. Six. Five...", My eyelids felt heavy, "Four. Three. Two...", My eyes began to close and my mind became foggy, "One. And zero...", After a moment I jolted up, realizing that it had failed, and looked down towards my lap, tears starting to form in my eyes. "What's the matter Alice?" I look at Mr. Williams to respond, only to see a horribly mutilated face, staring back at me. "Isn't this what you wanted? The full body, mind, and soul experience. Welcome to your personal hell scape." I freaked out and flailed my arms, not understanding how I can move, but using this new knowledge to escape this thing. I tried to hit it in the face and run away afterwards, but as soon as my fist connected, it started sinking into it's horrendous flesh. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Such a bad girl. I guess you'll be staying in here for a while."

Three weeks later...
"How much longer is it going to take you incompetent doctors to wake my daughter up!? Its already been three weeks since I heard my baby girls voice." Alice's mother, Cassandra, asked the doctors. "Well we're not sure how long it will be until she wakes up, if she ever does," The doctor says in a monotone voice. "This is something completely different from the normal coma that happens, as her brain activity has skyrocketed ever since she went under, almost like she's in a state of absolute panic. Which takes away almost half of the most effective medication we use, as the sudden increase in brain activity has caused coma patients to wake up, saying it gave them clarity in the darkness of their mind. But with how much activity is going on in her head it is risky to even try to use anything to make it rise higher, as the increase could be enough to put her body in shock and kill her." Cassandra just looked at her daughter with a look that only a parent of a dying child could. "So you're telling me our best option is to wait for her to wake up on her own?" "I'm afraid so." As Cassandra walked into the hallway to cry, the doctor's face twists and contorts into a horrific, malice filled smile as he looked at Alice.
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