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Sorry, I had to shorten the title.
Chapter 1

Today’s the day. The day I will confess my love for Riko… Just kidding lol! But today Riko and I are going to the park today.

OMG. I just realized that our AUTHOR didn’t tell you what we look like! “STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!!” “ I’ll do what I want.”

ANYWAYS, Kumiko is a 5’4 girl, with mid-length black hair and black eyes. She also wears glasses and is usually wearing an oversized jacket and a long skirt, and she sometimes wears basketball shorts.(Outside of school, ofc). Her school uniform is blue and black, which she wears with a long navy blue skirt. Now Riko is a 5’0 girl, with long (down to her back) brown hair. She has goldish eyes and wears the same uniform as Kumiko, but her skirt is shorter. Outside of school, she usually wears, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc…

“Are you happy now, Kumiko?” “I’m satisfied.” Now, let’s get on with the story!

“Today is as hot as it should be in summer.” Riko gushed. I got annoyed,“Why are you so happy?” “Ahh~ I love summer!” She sighed, with the dreamiest face, I’ve ever seen. “I hate summer. It’s wayyyyyy too hot” I sobbed. The truth is, that I like winter or fall way more than summer. But, spring’s okay… It’s my birthday season! “Hmm~ Kumiko? Are you okay?” Riko asked, stopping in front of me. “Ahh! I’m fine!” “Don’t just stop in front of someone like that!” I yelled. Jeez.. What’s with this girl? Ugh… Why did I even agree to become her friend?

A girl with brown hair came my up desk. “Hello!” The girl with brown hair said to… me? Huh? Why is this pretty girl talking to me of all people? Did her pencil roll under my chair? Or… What? “Hello~ Can you hear me~?” I stuttered “Uhhh.. um.. Y-y-yeah?” Ugh she probably thinks I’m and idiot now! “Ahhh~ I was wondering if you would like to be friends with me ?” She exclaimed. “Whaaaa..!” Her… friends… with me? “Um, is this a prank?” “Why would I prank you?” “People don’t usually want to my friend.” I explained, “So….” I started to get up, but she stopped me. “Wha” “Listen here, I don’t care if other don’t want to be your friend. But I will, whether you like it or not!” She declared. *gasp* What’s wrong with this girl! I… honestly don’t know what to do… What do I say? “Um-” “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to upset you.” She apologised. “Gomen…” What’s happening right now? “So what do you say, do you be my friend?” She asked. “Sure” I honestly had nothing else to say. “Great! What’s your name?” She asked. “Kumiko” “Oh! That’s pretty! Mine’s Riko” She exclaimed. I thought ‘Hmm… That’s nice.’

Oh yeah that’s how…
Hello~ I decided that when I talk in the story, it will be yellow! Also gomen means sorry in japanese!
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