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A chance encounter in the library to get the ball rolling (Clean romance!)
Chapter 1

         The sun was setting behind the building that stood in front of Kallee as she walked. She was headed to the library to start on an assignment for her English class that was due in a week. Kallee while already 20 was only just starting college. She had taken some time to work at a daycare in order to save up for school  Since she knew her father couldn’t afford to help her. Although she had received a really good scholarship when she applied she still had quite a bit to pay for by herself. She was grateful she had saved up despite the fact it put her further behind other people her age.

         As she entered the library she looked for a secluded corner where she could begin her research. When she didn’t find any on the first floor she decided to head to the 4th floor where she knew there would be a few more spots to choose from. Exiting the elevator Kallee Looked towards her favorite spot in the corner of the library finding it unoccupied. She smiled and headed over curling her feet under her in the big armchair pulling out her laptop to start working. She had just settled in for what seemed like it would be a long study session when her phone chirped alerting her to a new text message. Kallee pulled the phone out of her pocket quickly unlocking the screen to read the message.

                   Pops: Hey Kiddo, how is your week going?

                   Kallee:Hey dad, It is going well, I was just getting some homework done. How are you? How is work?

                   Pops: It's going okay, that is actually part of what I was hoping to talk to you about.

         Kallee was so busy texting with her father she didn’t notice the Blonde that came to sit next to her. The chairs they were sitting in were situated in the shape of a ‘u’ facing towards a window looking out over the campus.

                   Kallee:Sure what's up?

                   Pops:Well if I want to get that promotion I was telling you about I am going to have to work all through Christmas this year.

                   Kallee:But dad you promised this year would be different and that we’d actually get to spend it together without you having to work!

         She was whining and she knew it but didn’ matter. She was mad, this would be the 6th year her father had chosen his career over Christmas with her. Kallee was so frustrated that she let out a quiet growl that didn’t go unnoticed by the blond sitting next to her. She looked down at her phone as it chirped once more.

                   Pops:I know I know! But it is just one more year and then I will be able to have as much time off as I want! I just need to get this promotion and everything will be better I promise!

         Laughlan was a 20-year-old blond freshman who stood at 6 foot 4. He had come to the library to do some studying for an upcoming test in history class. When he arrived on the fourth floor he found that his usual spot in the corner looking out the window was currently occupied so he settled himself into one of the other 2 remaining chairs in that group. He had glanced momentarily at the girl that occupied his favorite study spot but didn’t take in much. After all, he was there to study not check out girls. Laughlan had begun reviewing his history notes when he heard a soft growl coming from the girl sitting by him. From what he could see on her face she was mad. As he watched her he saw her madness fade making way for a look of utter devastation and sadness on her face.

         She was beautiful, this sad girl that was sitting next to him. He studied her as he watched the tears start to fall from the eyes that he couldn’t quite see yet. She had short chin length hair that was a stunning deep auburn that could only be natural. No way could you get color like that from a bottle. Laughlan then noted her cheekbones they were high and predominant on her face. They were gorgeous and rivaled those of Benedict Cumberbatch, Well at least that's what he thought.

         Kallee hadn’t noticed the boy sitting next to her. In fact, she hadn’t noticed much of anything since receiving her father's text. She could feel the tears at this point and knew there was no stopping them until she had cried her eyes dry. She pulled her legs up to her chin and buried her face letting the tears fall.

         Laughlan saw Kallee curl into herself silently sobbing. It was all his tender heart could take. He was raised to be a gentleman and that meant he shouldn’t just let her cry alone. He sighed softly, he didn’t even really know this girl other than the fact that she was in all of his music classes. Sure he was studying Law but he was also minoring in music performance. Laughlan sat for a moment weighing his options, Then before he could change his mind he stood up. It didn’t even take half a step for him to be standing in front of her. He knelt down so she could see him.

         “Hey, I’m sorry this is going to sound crazy but, I can’t just sit here letting you cry alone. So, um if you wanted some comfort...” he trailed off a little hesitantly then took a breath and continue “ well, I mean I know it's totally creepy me doing this but um I just wanted you to know I would be willing to hold you while you cried.”

         Kallee had looked up when he knelt down a little surprised. That was her first mistake because there in front of her was the most alluringly good-looking guy she had ever seen. It was his eyes that caught her attention, They were nearly the color of emeralds something that she had never seen before. His eyes were gentle and caring and it seemed as if he was looking into her soul. Kallee looked into his eyes for a second longer. She really didn’t want to be alone and there was a longing for human contact inside her that she couldn’t explain.

         “That... That would be nice.” she let out in a near whisper. Laughlan didn’t need any further acknowledgment he bent down and pulled her gently into his arms. Cradling her like a little child he then turned lowering himself into the chair Kallee had just been sitting in. Kallee was impressed with how easily Laughlan had picked her up. She was now snuggled closely to the strength of this guy she had only seen a few times in class but never truly noticed. Then she remembered what had started all this. Her tears started once more falling harder and faster this time.

         Laughlan gently stroked her hair, mumbling comforting words. Despite the craziness of the situation Laughlan couldn’t help but think about how she felt against him. Her petite frame seemed to fold perfectly against him, she looked so delicate. His mind was running a thousand miles a minute, what the heck was he thinking this was insane. Crazy as it was he was enjoying it. Her hair was soft, and he just caught the slightest hint of some flowery fragrance coming from her.

         Kallee wasn’t sure how long it was that she sat curled in the arms of the stranger. As her tears began to slow she started to notice the arms holding her. They were strong and protective. She could feel him soothing her hair. There were the soft mumbled words of comfort that she could hear but not decipher, yet the effect was undeniable.  She knew she was done crying yet she couldn’t bring herself to move. It was as if a spell had been woven around them and she didn’t want to break it. Kallee shifted slightly snuggling deep into the man holding her not wanting it to ever end. Taking a deep breath she could smell his intoxicating scent. It was a gentle fragrance, nothing overpowering. The scent was that of soft mint and something woody mixing with that of her own lavender scent. Kallee found herself trying not to melt into a puddle, her mind was flittering between enjoyment, sadness, and awkwardness.

         Laughlan could have stayed like this forever, it was just so perfect he didn’t want to let go. He knew that it would have to end soon. He had time scheduled in one of the practice rooms in the music building in an hour that he needed to get to. He figured that it would take him ten minutes to walk to the music building from here. It would also take another ten to untangle himself from the web that had been spun by the situation.  So he decided that he could spend another thirty minutes comforting this girl before he needed to leave. Inside his head, he was going crazy wondering what in the world was he doing holding this girl whose name he didn’t know. Laughlan knew that if he told anyone about this they would look at him like he’d grown an extra head.

         The time passed all too quickly, neither one of them wanting to move. It was as if they had been glued together.  Kallee couldn’t believe his kindness or her lack of resistance to the idea of being held by someone she didn’t know. She kept her head close to his chest listening to the steady thump-thump of his heart. Feeling the rise and fall of his breathing she felt more at peace than she had for years.

         Laughlan looked down at his watch, letting out a sigh, Time was up and he needed to leave. Adjusting the girl in his lap he made it so he could wipe the trail left from the tears off her face. His hand cupped her cheek on one side of her face while his thumb wiped the trail of tears away. Repeating the process he did the same to the other side. After he dried her face she looked up at him with a barely-there smile of thanks. Laughlan froze for a moment looking into her stormy blue-gray eyes. He could easily find himself head over heels for this girl if he wasn’t careful.

         “I need to get going I have a practice room scheduled soon,” Laughlan spoke finally breaking the spell. He heard her sigh, matching how he felt. He stood up cradling her once more as he returned her to the chair they had been sitting in. Laughlan then picked up his notebook turning to a blank page. He pulled a pen out of his pocket and quickly jotted something down before tearing the page out. Folding it neatly he faced her once more handing her the paper. He gathered all his belongings before kneeling down once more so they were eye to eye. Her stormy eyes met his jeweled ones as he reached out to put his hand on hers.

         “You know, if you um wanted to have someone to talk to, or needed a shoulder to cry on again, that is my number. Feel free to text me anytime you want. I’m not just good for crying either I can listen pretty good too, so, please just let me know if I can help okay.” he informed her as he patted her hand. He rose than needing to get to his practice session. He walked away, not letting her reply, if he didn’t go now he wasn’t sure he’d ever let her go again. He couldn’t explain it but something about her just called to his soul.

         Kallee turned in the chair so she could watch him walk away. As he neared the elevator she returned to a normal sitting position. She unfolded the piece of paper in her hand looking it over.  On the page in flawless looking cursive was written ‘Laughlan McLure (pronounced  Loch lan)’ followed by his phone number. Taking out her phone she opened her contacts adding his number.  She followed that up by opening her messaging app. She clicked on the plus sign to create a new message. She typed in laughlan’s name in the address bar.  Then in the message section, she quickly typed out what she wanted to say before hitting send.

         Laughlan stopped at the elevator pushing the to button to call the carriage to take him back to the main floor of the library. While he waited for the elevator to arrive he turned to look once more at the girl he had just spent 2 hours with. There was a hushed ding signaling the arrival of the elevator. He turned away from her and walked into the elevator. As the doors of the elevator started to close he heard his phones text message alert. Pulling the phone out of his pocket he looked down seeing a text from a number, not in his contacts. He unlocked the phone opening the message.

                   Unknown number:Hey Laughlan, I am glad I finally know your name ;D. Mine is Kallee. I just wanted to thank you so much for what you did today, Also I was hoping I could take you up on that offer of someone to talk to when you have time! Thanks again!

         Laughlan smiled as he looked at the message for a second time. He got off of the elevator stepping to the side out of the flow of traffic so he could reply.

                   Laughlan:Your welcome Kallee. It is good to know your name too! =D I will be free tonight after 9:15 if you want to talk you could call me around that time. I am glad that I was able to be your shoulder to cry on.

         After hitting send he clicked on the number at the top of the message thread. The phone popped up a message asking if he wanted to save the number to his contacts.  He clicked yes, then waited as the phone populated a contact form. He typed in her name followed by hitting save.

                   Kallee:That sounds good! I will give you a call later tonight. Have fun with your practicing.

                   Laughlan:I will try. =D Talk to you tonight.

         With that Laughlan pocketed his phone once more continuing on his way to the music building. As he walked he let his mind wander thinking about the events that had just happened. Normally he wouldn’t have done something so bold, but for some reason, he couldn’t stand seeing Kallee suffer alone. It had been completely insane, he still couldn’t believe he had done it. Yet as he walked he noticed he could still feel the way she had fit so comfortably against him. He was looking forward to talking to her again,

         He reached the practice rooms; looking down at his watch he saw that he still had five minutes before it was his turn for the room.  Laughlan leaned his back against the wall opposite the practice room. He let out a sigh relaxing into the wall. If he was going to get any good practicing in he needed to shake Kallee out of his mind. While he waited he did his best to focus his mind on the homework he needed to get done, as well as what songs he needed to practice the most.

         A few minutes later the door to the practice room opened as the current occupant vacated the room. Laughlan never thought he would be this happy to enter a practice room. In fact, he usually didn’t enjoy the practice rooms, they were tiny with just enough room for a piano and a music stand leaving very little breathing room. There were bigger practice rooms of course but those were only for group ensembles. Laughlan set his bag down by the piano as he sat down on the bench. He adjusted everything so that he was seated properly. He knew he needed to practice the songs he had chosen for class, but first, there was something else he wanted to do. Reaching into his bag he pulled out his book of blank sheet music. Once he had everything settled he begun composing a song using it to clear his head of Kallee so he could focus on what he needed to do. He spent half his time on his own music before setting it aside for his assigned work.

         Kallee had somehow managed to focus long enough to finish the research for her English assignment. It had taken her nearly an hour to gather all the things she needed for the assignment and now that she was finished all she wanted was to go home and eat. Kallee shared a small 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other girls on the edge of campus. The two girls she shared with were friends who been renting the apartment prior to Kallee joining them. This left her as the odd man out with no one really to talk to. When she got to her apartment she wasn’t surprised to find Kathy and Julia, her roommates, weren’t home. They were nearly always out in the evenings. This left Kallee in peace to make a quick dinner and then retire to her bedroom.

         Kallee’s bedroom was her sanctuary, the one place that she felt she could be truly at peace. Well, at least that is what she had thought, remembering how she had felt in Laughlan’s arms. She quickly pushed that thought from her head. She wasn’t ready for that kind of thinking, yet. Her room was simple, in one corner was her twin bed next to that the window that looked out at the mountains. Under the window was a short bookshelf that doubled as a nightstand. In the corner a crossed from the bed was her desk, next to that was her electric piano. She had gotten the piano because as a music education major she had a lot of practicing to do and getting a practice room wasn’t easy.

         Laying down on her bed she picked up her phone looking at the time. It was 8:05 meaning she had over an hour before she could call Laughlan. She set a timer for 45 minutes on her phone, then she turned on some classical music. Once she had done all that she set her phone on the nightstand and rolled over to take a nap. It had been a long emotional day and she was tired. Closing her eyes she drifted off thinking of laughlan and his stunning eyes.

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