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A chance at a new life. What could go wrong?
Outside the kitchen window, snowbirds perched on a railing. Shayla blew on her morning coffee, surfing the Web. "Hmm, sounds interesting." She read:

Life Rebooted. 3 selections.

"Eureka," she said. "No husband. No kid. Perfect body." She clicked the link.

Guaranteed outcome.

"Perfection," Shayla shouted.

Her husband, Cliff weaved from the living room, whisky in hand. "What?"

Mylar, Shayla's daughter shuffled down the stairs. "What?"

Free at last from the mess, Shayla thought. "Read this," she pointed to the next line.

Groundbreaking discovery. New Life.

"A scam," Mylar said, taking another toke on her joint and rolling her eyes.

Cliff, kicking back another slug, said, "Yeah."

Shayla grabbed her coat, forsaking her boots, despite the snow. "I'm going."

Cliff shrugged. Mylar cussed, but both followed Shayla out to the car and climbed in.

"You use the GPS?" Cliff asked as they eyed the trailer home.

A teenager greeted them. "Right this way."

"Thought this would look more professional," Cliff said, noting the sketchy computer monitors wired together. All crammed into the back of the trailer.

The screen blinked. Select first option.

"Begin again." Shayla rejoiced.

The light from the console blinded her as she was sucked into the screen. She popped out in an alternate universe. Some sort of being approached and ushered her into an operating room. A body of armor lay on a table. Her consciousness was transferred into it. Terrified, she looked up.

Instructions blinked overhead.

Second option. New Partner?

"Yes," Shayla smirked.

Third option. Family?

"Negative." Visions of Mylar slipped away.

Choose your partner.

Shayla stood up, blinked, and looked at the others. "Him."

"Hi, Shayla," her husband Cliff slurred, walking her way.

A computerized voice announced. Software malfunction. Rebooting to Guarantee. Life Eternal in your indestructible body.

"Where's the back button?" Shayla screamed.

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written for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
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