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-- a guy sets out to meet a girl -- can't tell to much it's micro flash fiction!

         Laughing she left the store as she chatted on her phone. Unaware of the guy trailing behind, she continued on to the corner. The street was busy, a group of pedestrians stood like lemmings waiting for permission to cross. He listened in…

         “At five? Sure…no, he can’t make it, but….right. Yeah P.F. Changs at five. Kay love you, byee.”

         He allowed her to cross the street without following. He had no need. Going home he showered leisurely until all the hot water was gone. Hastily turning off the water he shivered deliciously in anticipation…he had a hot date and could hardly wait.

         He loved summer evenings. The slacks he chose were light weight and well cut. They hung from his hips with casual style; folded in neat pleats which opened gradually, the feel of the fabric caressed as he walked to his closet to choose a shirt. She did not seem the type to go for a business look so he chose a grey fitted wife beater and a pale blue and white plaid button shirt left unbuttoned.

         He left his hair casually care free. No gel, just a light mousse - to give it that extra ‘fresh out of bed’ look.

         4:30 he didn’t want to be late.

         He arrived before she did. His table already reserved. He watched as she entered looking about for her friend. His heart raced as he watched her. Dang, she was beautiful!

         Her cell rang. She answered. The look of dejection on her face made him smile anxiously, he waited…

         She stamped her foot cutely and then looked about the room, locking her eyes on him. She’d been set up. A blind date arranged by her friend. Blushing she made her way to him. Smoothly he stood to greet her.

         “Hi, I’m Matt.”
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2192311