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The day after my Mother's birthday twenty-five (25) years later.
Totally got pass Saturday, June 1, 2019, with fleeting thoughts every now and then about the most important person my life EVE! I kept her and her birthday out of my mind and was able to have a VERY FULL DAY. Then I got up at 4ish this morning and my daughter Niekiee had posted a remembrance of my Mother, and I just lost it. I have been fighting back the tears ever since.

What a day, and WHAT a woman. Had she still been with us, yesterday would have been her birthday, and she would have been 102 years old. She would have been celebrated by her daughter, eleven grand-grandchildren, approximately 40 great grandchildren, and about 20 great great grandchildren (Niekiee has all of the numbers in our book). Mother always wanted a big family although she only had two children - Jimmy and I. The two of us made up for what she did not have and you should see the results.

I am not sitting here bawling this morning because I am just sad, but for oh so much more. I don't believe I have ever loved anyone as much as I love and have loved Ms. Florece Williams.

I have not missed or needed anyone as much as I miss and need Florence H. B. Williams.

I have never known anyone that could get me through any situation with just her sincere smile and a very convincing talk.

I will probably never meet another person that could say more with her eyes than some people can say with words and her meaning was always very clear -- no second guessing.

I am sure that Momma was never alone in her actions or her life for she was one of the few, if not the only person that I knew could talk to God on demand, live and in living color, and you KNEW IT! When I look back and remember some of the messes I got me in and she spoke me out of, I am still amazed.

I am here today because my Mother, Florence Henrietta Brown Williams prayed and prayed for me. She gave me a choice to be the best good person I could be or the best worst person that I could be and she left my choice totally up to me. She was, is, and always will be my SHERO, and as long as I may live, I will never intentionally or otherwise dishonor her name or her memory.

If I had but one wish, I would want to tell her one more time what she meant to me when she was alive and what she means to me now as she inspires me to never quit, to never settle, and to never ever forget who I am and whose I am!

Mother rest well. You earned it, and there are times when I am glad that you are no longer here. I saw first-hand the devastation of Alzheimer's Disease. I watched your beautiful mind become clear and focused on God alone even to the point of forgetting me, your son, and your grandchildren. I am also, on some levels, glad that you are not here to see some of the hatred and ungodliness that has taken over our world, but when I think this thought, I also think that you would have been that spark of light that would have made a difference.

So, with you so present in my mind this morning, I will face another day, and I will remember to keep my eyes on the real prize, and wait my time to join you for the big prize! Much love Miss Florence and do keep smiling with that twinkle in your eye!

Peace and blessings always.
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