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Two new Octolings arrive in Inkopolipse. These are there stories as good friends.
Chapter 1
The Bootyful Aki makes her appearance.

Part 1: Laundry mishaps.

"Aki. Aki. AKI!!!." shouted a voice stirring the Octoling from her slumber and pleasant dreams. Waking up groggy. Sitting up was a tan skinned deep purple eyed tone octoling with cyan tentacles framing her face as she had not put them up in her classic sporty ponytail. Standing up she let her blanket fall from her fully nude form. She walked over to her mirror to check herself out "I'm up" she called back to the closed door to the roommate who woke her. Satisfied when she heard foot steps walking away down the hall. So she can start her morning routine. She did her stretches put her tentacles up in a sporty pink hair band she then went to her closet to get her outfit for the day. Looking down at herself "Man they still haven't grown"Aki thought to herself feeling her modest B cupped breasts she then moved her hands to her backside feeling her bubbly yet firm butt "At least this is still my best feature" she said to herself. Starting to grab her clothes she stopped as she noticed some missing important items. "Shit where are they?" she questioned flipping her bins over. Grabbing and putting on her black bathrobe she opened her door and stepped out into the hall she walked down the hall the shared kitchen where she guessed her roommate would be. She was right. There stood her best friend and roommate and fellow octoling Taki. To describe Taki. Well she is almost the opposite of Aki. Fit but not as tone as her. Pale to her Tan. Longer lilac tentacles with one tentacle draped over her left eye red eyes to Aki's purple. Not as plump of a butt, But most infuriating of all her DD to her B. God she could kill to have them that big. Smirking to herself and walking over with stealth and speed honed with her practice and training in turf wars. Silently reaching around and cupping those envied over breasts. "Yo Taki?" she whispered into her ear. Kneading the lilac tentacled octonling's breasts like dough."Ahh Aki stop that." Taki said slapping her friend's hands away, "So first off morning." Aki chimed with a innocent smile."Second it was your turn to do laundry this week right?" asking her friend.
"yeah. Already did it. Why?"Taki questioned. "So the thing is. I can't seem to find my underwear." Aki told her roommate. "What do you mean?" Taki asked. "I know I washed them they should be in the black bag next to your bed." "Black ba......Oh no." Aki exclaimed running upstairs.
"Shit shit shit." Aki was freaking out running around her room flipping through things. "It's not here." she said defeated. "What isn't?" her roommate asked. Stepping into the room behind her. "Also not that i'm complaining but you might want to put some pants on. There's a full moon in here." Realizing what she meant Aki quickly stood up. "Taki this is bad!" she exclaimed. "What is?" she question her roommate."Well you know how you said you put all my washed underwear in a black bag?" she asked. "Yep right next to your bed like I always do when it's my turn to do the wash." Taki reassured her. "Why?" "Well you know how it was my turn to take out the trash?" "Yea.....Oh." She caught on very quickly. "You threw out the bag right?. Taki asked. In response Aki just hung her head in defeat. "Well you could always just go without for the day. Until we can get you some new ones." Suggested her roommate.

Part 2: Turf war shenanigans

Walking down the streets of Inkopolis was Aki headed towards the turf war elevator. Aki kept fidgeting. Taki had to struggle to keep the grin off her face. "What's the matter?" Taki asked her uncomfortable friend. "You mean beside being without my underwear with this on? Do you even realize how weird it feels having cold metal pressed against your bare breasts? Responded Aki. Aki was wearing her usual turf war attire a complete new octoling set of armor which consisted of. A metal bare shouldered breast plate. Her usual Bike shorts. A pair of Steel covered Black combat boots and finally her trade mark metal rimmed goggles she kept placed on her forehead. She wore these so her ponytail could stick out the back. "Nope can't say I do." responded Taki She was wearing an outfit very similar to Akis' except instead of goggles she wore a pair of soda fin head phones so her tentacle was still covering her left eye. "Probably because I haven't thrown away my undies out before. she said mockingly. Aki blushed. "Not so loud." she hissed."I really Don't need all of Inkopolis knowing I'm going commando." Taki just grinned in response."Whatever let's get on the elevator I'm ready to splat some fools!" Aki said excitedly. The elevator doors opened. "Please select weapon load out?" Chimed the computer. Aki selected her usual a standard mini-splatling. Taki took her usual a Gal.52 "Weapons selected. Sending to turf in. 5....4......3......2.......1. Ding! The doors opened Revealing Mako Warehouse" the computer chimed. Aki was standing at the left entrance point. She looked over at her teammates. But didn't see Taki. Great she thought to herself . Guess they still don't let friends join the same team. She looked closer at her team Three boy Inklings Two were wielding. "OCTO brushes!" she exclaimed. They stared at her
Aki blushed. "Ehehe" she chuckled nervously scratching her head."Sorry just think they are super cool." she lied she hated playing with people using what she considered scrub weapons. She looked at her third teammate to her left and he was using.....A freaking Aero Spray or as she jokingly called it Silver Trashcan. "Unbelievable." she thought to herself literally the biggest noobs I've been partnered with. Well at least they can cover turf while I work on splats." the countdown Chimed in. "3.......2.........1........GO!" Aki took off to the right covering what she could as she went. When suddenly she heard from a grating above her. "You never change you're path do you?" asked the familiar voice. Aki registered too late who it was. "Ta......" she was cut off with three quick bursts from the Gal.52. It was Taki who splatted her she was sent to the re spawn point for her team. Taki looked down at where she had splatted her friend and found what she was looking for. She picked up the item and started walking back to her spawn area."This is where the fun begins." She said to herself twirling Akis' bike shorts around her finger as she walked on, Throwing them onto her teams spawn when she got there. Ten seconds later Aki re spawned at her teams point. "Damn you Taki." Aki said to herself. Pulling up her map she sees her team is pushing towards the middle she clicks on one of her team mates names and begins to charge with energy soon she was in octo form and began to take off into the air. Soon she lands in a puddle next to her team mates. When she lands she remains in octopi form and begins to swim to the side. Once behind cover she reforms into her octoling form. She could feel the ink on her lower half more than usual. "That's weird." she thought to herself. "It feels cooler than usual." she began to look down and what she saw almost made her scream out loud. She was completely bottomless. Her naked butt and pussy out for any one looking too see. "Wha- Why am I half naked?" she asked herself. Then suddenly she hears a bloop next to her. Quickly she goes into octopi form to hid in the ink. "I already saw Aki." said Taki. standing up in her octoling form. "Don't hide you look good." from her ink spot Aki could see her friend's smirk. That's when she realized this is why she is bottomless. Reforming and covering her self with her hands. She looked at her friend and roommate. "Taki why did you steal my pants?" she asked blushing. "Well why do you think?" Taki asked with what could only be described as a mischievous grin. Looking into the one eye she could. Aki saw what she new as her friend's lustful look. Oh she now knew what was happening and why it was happening. It was one of her playful games. One she was all too aware of. She could feel herself getting wet. Aki and Taki aren't just friends and roommates. Taki is so much more than to her. Not a girlfriend by usual definition, No right now in this moment she is in the role Aki loves about her. She is in mistress mode. Her mistress wants to play.

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