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A short story about a boy who's been told all his life that he's allergic to bees


- Harsh Rajiv

Another being on this planet, another mouth to be fed and another human searching for his purpose - those were things I was not. And how I wished for this nightmare to end. It could've been peanuts or kiwis or some boring allergy but no, my 'fate' was an eternal obsession with something I couldn't normally care less about - a bee. To the rest, they were just insects with delicious vomit (yes, honey is vomit). To me, just a foe I never wished for - a Moriarty to Sherlock, a Negan to Rick Grimes, a Batman to a Joker. (yes, Batman was the villian. Bite me.)
I lived this nightmare for what felt like an eternity - until one fine day, where boundaries were crossed. One little fella 'slipped' through a supposedly safe home my parents had promised me - and nothing could've meant more than for them to be wrong about that. Little did I anticipate what this 'accident' would lead to..
Hoping for the worst, I couldn't fathom what would unfold immediately after - the little guy actually talks to me! "Your majesty, what are your orders?" emerge from miniscule lips, but slowly, my amazement transcends to disbelief and anger. "Is my life a lie?", I think to myself, somehow wishing it was. "Have my parents fed me propaganda for breakfast, lunch and dinner?", again hoping to be right. For this was the moment when my nightmare became a dream - or so I thought.
"Get me some honey" came the order, and so it did, in 2 minutes. What was this power I possessed? What am I? Superheroes didn't exist - or did they? I was Antman, but cooler, because ants are basic.
But then it dawned on me - if all these people who claimed to be my 'protectors' were lying about this allergy, then they'd have a reason to do so. I could never live a life of peace and solace with the world knowing a real-life superhero existed.
This is the hand I was dealt, the destiny I had to fulfill. I had the power to change what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. But that, would be my ultimate downfall. In the 5 minutes in which I had thought of ALL THIS, I also realized that my parents would be home soon and the hundred odd bees that occupied my room would have to go. And my wish, was their command.
That night was the biggest of my life - and confronting my own blood about this was what made it exactly that. I dreaded it, and rightfully so. They knew I knew, just from the look I gave them when I said "let's have a talk.." .
They told me all about it - this 'curse', as they liked to call it. "Son, this is no joke. What you have, others want. And want always, ALWAYS leads to need. Leave - we can all leave together - but we can never stay."
"Run Forrest, run, and never stop. Until they find you. " (I'm Forrest by the way. Convenient name.)
And that's what we did - we packed our bags and left for the unknown. Bees helped us pack faster, and we were gone by sunrise. We drove, for hours and hours, until we decided to stop for the night. My body and mind gave up on me, and I drifted away instantaneously as I landed on the bed.
Waking up next morning was - terrible. Why? I was in my bed at home, again. Nobody around, again. Inside the same safe enclosure, AGAIN.
What happens next? A bee slips through and lands on my shoulder. His words? "Your majesty, what are your orders?". Ever wondered why I called it a nightmare? Wondered why this was a curse? (It wasn't stuff you could skip over while reading this.) This, is no superpower. I am forever stuck in this one singular day, stuck in this endless cycle, because I was NEVER MEANT TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE BEES.

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